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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

You got some 'splainin to do Sunny

Well,look(I don't know how to actually put the pics where I want them in the body of the post) But look
(uh,look up there. Can't get them down here)

When I got home yesterday, here was my floor by my bed. Now, I LOVE Sweet Potato Chips. You'll see a nearly empty bag down there. Also a couple of Saltine crackers in their wrapper. The other is just a plastic bag from radio shack that had a receipt for the little card reader I had bought to get these pics onto the computer.(Andokokok-in one of the pics you can see where I had a couple of stacks of books/mags under my bed.aaand part of my shoe) I am not the BEST housekeeper in the world. Not even close. (In all fairness, I had just taken off that very shoe)

My point ,and I do have one, is that Sunny got up on my bed, went under 1 pillow I had put under the cover in the middle of the king size bed, took my chips,the half full pack of Saltines. I don't know how the Radio Shack bag figured into this, except I guss it got knocked off.(It wasn't hidden like the food).

I know, I know. Shouldn't have snacks in the bed. Hey, it's me and the dogs. I sleep alone(pups have their own beds). Sooo, I do. And Sunny has never gone to find my hidden cache. Til yesterday. Guess she was miffed after all.

No, it isn't a huge mess. But dang it-I just got those sweet potato chips! Ah well. Guess she enjoyed them. Crumbs,just crumbs left. She's real bad about counter surfing. I really have to make sure nothing edible in reach(she won't do it if I'm there to see it & I've never been able to "train" her out of it.) We'll add serching the bed for snacks now.....sheesh. I'd say she's hanging her head in shame in this pic, but she was watching a bug....

Scooter stayed in his gaited area. I don't leave them loose together when I'm not here. They like to play and bless their hearts, they don't get the

size difference. Sunny can inadvertently hurt him.

No chips for me tonight...


Sunny,Scooter&Jamie(chipless in Denton)


Lorenza said...

Sounds like Sunny had a feast!
We are so sorry you are chipless now!
Kisses and hugs

The Girl said...

Sunny, I have to be gated away from the MinPins (and the cats!) when none of the people are home, too. Again, the size difference between me and the MinPins... and my desperate dream to HAVE A CAT!!!!

I have also found food that The Girl has stashed away. Good for you! I think I would enjoy those sweet potato chips...

Brown dog kisses,
Dannan and The Girl

Moco said...

That is one good mess and we are proud of Sunny for making it. Any food in the bed is fair game. We think that is a cosmic rule or something.

Joe Stains said...

Good JOB!! YUMMMMM!! what a major score!

BenTheRotti said...

Hi, sniffing on over to introduce myself cos you look like a nice friendly bunch.
uh oh.. too bad Sunny got caught out.. erm i mean too bad you lost your chips.. actually who am i kidding! Dogs 1 Hoomans 0


Ben xxx

Gus said...

Umm....c'mon. Me and Teka have improved Muzzer's housekeeping skills by about 5000000 percent. If there is food, we will find it. If there is food, we will eat it. So, while there is still a lot of clutter around here, there is almost never any food left unclosed or unlocked, and when there is, Teka gets first dibs.

She eats butter, mints, nuts, chips, olives, jam, sugar from the crystal bowl, sandwiches, major cuts of beef, bread, rolls, popcorn...and that was yesterday. We think Sunnie has been very good to you so far. With Teka around, you would have wised up sooner, you betcha!


Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

SUNNY! WE BOW TO YA!!!!'s hard to impress this group of terriers, but ya did it!

Better yet...not only did ya make a MESS...but you got a snack to go along with it!!!!!

Did we read ur mom is a nurse? Where does she work? Mumsie is a recovery room nurse...crazy place, she sez!

Barkin' at ya!!!


Abby said...


Nice mess...VERY good job Sunny...

Thanks for stopping by yesterday to wish me well while I was at the Vet...

I'm feeling much better now...Not completely myself, but much better...

Abby xxxooo

Snowy and Crystal said...

Hello Sunny -
thank you for your words in our blog. Mommy is doing much better now and she had a big smile on her face today when she saw all our dear pals and read their words. We are blessed to have caring friends from all over the world and are more than happy to make new friends with adorable and caring doggies like you guys :)
mommy would be pleased to draw you

Maltese Paws,


Deetz said...

Those are the best chips ever!!! Mum tried em and even shared with me. You know what my favorite thing is? I will tell ya. Daddy leaves Ritz Crackers on the nightstand everynight....I always sneek a few, he will never notice.

Deetz said...

Oh I almost forgotted. To move your pictures, after downloading, just copy and paste it where you want it, but remember to delete the one you copied or it will show up two times. Thats how I do it.

Lady Kaos said...

I have problems with the pictures being wehre I want them, too. I've started loading my pictures first and then putting the type in around them. It's still not easy, but it works.
I hope Sunny enjoyed the snack. You'll proabbly need to find a new hiding space now, like a safe or something stronger. lol
I just started counter surfing which is really annoying my mom. I guess there was nothing good on the counters at the old house. There's lots of yummy stuff on the counters at the new house though!

Tony said...

It's a dogs duty to make the occasional mess. I once had a Rottweilkler who destroyed abox of washing powder in the living room while no-one was home except him