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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloweiners!

I think us dogs should change the name of this holiday. I propose that for OUR holiday the following rules apply:

No silly costumes...geeez
Our treats for trick or treat is: weiners of course!
Our trick could be a box of poop (like joey,, prefers), or, well many of is can think up the trick that will drive our humans bonkers.
We will absolutely get at least one good ride in the car! Hopefully for the purpose of obtaining the Halloweiner treat...which can also come in the form of corney dogs because SOME dogs I know *Scooter* are obsessed with them.

Sounds like a plan to me!
To the bipeds, like my kid, Happy Halloween!
Sunny, the good dog at home while Scooter is galavanting all over and having FUN!!!!
ps I'll just go wait in the car Mom.... seriously. I'm waiting......

Thursday, October 29, 2009

ok anok!

hayhayhay!!! lookz hoo iz heerz. bet u kin not efen geesss! ok anok i wil tellz u. SCOOTERER!! betz u wuz purdee suprizereded it wuz me tawkin!
ok anok. lots of fings. nummer 1 iz i, mee, scootoober, scooter butt-u gitz that ideea i iz sayin eneewaaz i iz ezcortin miss asta tu this weddin that is on whut mom sez iz calleded saterdaze!! whut iz not this daa or that next daa but that nex wun. i fink. yep MEE iz takin hur. ok anok. it iz az frenz acuz hur hart duz beelongz to stan, butz she likezez mee lotz! so i iz picken hur up in a feree speshul plane. an i gotz tu werz a tux acuz mom sez no cowboy hatz to this weddin. it iz sum ferree fancee katzez. an i iz gonna haf mi plane full ov goooodeeez fur hur she iz ferree (whut wuz that wurd u toldeded me Sunny??? oh, fanks)sofistikateded. ok anok she duz liv in nu yawk cidee. i haf alreddee plotteded mi flite paatternz. i haf nefer been tu nu yawk cidee but mom sez it iz feree buzee an uh cozmopolitinz. whutefer that duz mean

So i iz mosterest exciterereded! i godda amemberz tu gitz sum cornee dogz fur that tripz! ok anok. mom sez i don gotz timez fur enee mor nuz uh nuwz uh enee ofer fings i iz doin acuz she haz godda go gitz hur cokez. ok anok MUVVER. (I did lernz frum mom. sumtimz wen mom wud git frusterateded wif gramma shee wud callz hur muvver sted of mom. so i did lern hahahahahah i duz keepz tellin efereewun i iz smarterer then efereewun finkz!) ok anok so go git ur cokez MUVVER!

chox up!!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

For those of you who have been wondering WHERE R THEY?

Jamie here. Briefly(yeah right, hu? Me brief???) Life has been coming at us hard and fast for awhile. We are still in mom's duplex. I have to have massive oral surgery *shudder*. But it won't take place til the beginning of Dec. because the dentist has to do impressions, thanksgiving coming, yada yada. Then the surgeon dude will *shudder* do his thing.
Here's a helpful hint to all. In Texas, (and all the south) it is a custom to eat black eyed peas on Jan 1 of each year for luck. I FORGOT TO EAT MY BLACK EYED PEAS this year and just look at 2009..........(and I am not EVEN going into some of the things that have happened) Let's just say I will be scarfin down those black eyes on the first day of 2010 and every year. I'd suggest you do the same ;)
Well, whaadayaknow. I was actually brief for once. Thanks to those who have emailed wondering WTF???? Hope we can get some ducks (or dogs) in a row and blog, share pics of the wonderful kids. Sunny & Scooter are doing great and are my rock as always.
Miss you all my wonderful friends!
pee ess both Sunny & Scooter are itching to talk to y'all.