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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thank you Sunny. You did it again, my hero

I figured none of y'all would be able to sleep. Worrying about my camera and all...

We found it. Yeppers I said we. Sunny helped me find it! I had one of my little falls in the living room(no biggie-it happens) When I did, Sunny came right over to sniff me up and down,as she does, then she braces herself in a stand for me to help myself up. I landed by the back of the couch and while she sniffed,I told her I was ok. This is routine. When she braced for me, I saw something SHINY behind her hind foot, which was just in the space between the couch and wall. CAMERA!!! Course I hollared, which made Sunny think things had gone awry. She was very worried at this point. Sniffing commences again. (This would be an hysterical scene in a movie. Which is how I tend to envision things in my head...I know-weird) Here she is, worried this is a problem. Here I am, with her standing overme,sniffing,looking very concerned and I am laughing my head off. She must be thinking"Oh my dog. This is not good. Dare I leave her long enough to go get the phone? She is obviously concussed." Too bad I do not have video.

She is taught too well(not really-she is awesome) but it did take me a couple of minutes to chill her out -AFTER she brought me the phone, just in case. Sooo. We have the camera! Now all we have to find is the dealie you transfer them to the puter with. Think I'll look behind the couch later. Now, y'all can sleep!

Is Sunny awesome or what? I taught her myself. And no, she is not "Official" I need to find out how to make her and my next dog official. As time goes by, seems I need her more and not just in a physical sense(though I am much more nervous without her if I am out.) It is also -crap what's the word-emotional-no. I have much more confidence with her.

I had to leave her with my daughter when we went to SA. I was uncomfortable and apparntly so was she. She didn;t eat well, she ran roughshod over her whippet friend, She acted like a neurotic dog when crated. She didn't used to do that and I wonder if i have caused it. I think I have by depending on her too much. I just do not know.

Well, case y'all had not noticed, I can be rathr long winded, (Sunny is till giving me like WTF looks..hehe.) We'll go throw Mingo awhile. She'll feel much better after that.

I did find a camera I want somtime. I put a pic of it on here. Now I could take some gorgeous pic with that(and all the attachments!gulp) I am asking ALL my family for money for every occassion. (as in my burpday yeterday-hmmmbelieve I turned 30. Would you believe 38....) None of those. ;)

uh-this is NOT my camera. Tis the one I'd like(geez,words and pics just go where they want... )Goodnight Johnboy!


BenTheRotti said...

Hi Mum will e-mail you with the camera details you asked for tonight hopefully. She is cooking in school with the little bean this morning and on Granma duty this afternoon.. glad you found your camera,

Ben x

Noah the Airedale said...

Good stuff, you found your camera. How would we cope without photos of Scooter & Sunny!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,

I don't have a camera, but Mercury does (and I keep hoping that she'd use it more often - for clicking my pictures!)

The camera she uses is Canon's S5 IS. It's got a 12X optical zoom...and the picture quality is good. You may want to check out the details at:

(And it looks a bit like the camera you have in mind:))

BTW, there's something on my blog that may interest you...if you are keen on politics...or not keen on it - either ways!

PS: I read your post about Tess, but I couldn't find the right words to respond to it. Mercury thought about it again and again - all I want to say is that you are a very brave person and Tess was a very loving dog.

Licks n Wags,

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

What a team!

Khongrats and extra khysses for our khanine hero!!

PeeEssWoo: I'm sure you'll have some big fun with that khamera thingie!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

How about the new Leica DSLR? $45,000! To quote my father, "Well, it IS a Leica ..."

Pedro said...

Wow, Sunny is an awesome helper. One question... where was Scooter? I've been going to work with my mom alot. I don't know if I'm helping or not, but it's nice to see her all day long!


Tony said...

Glad you found your camera.

P.S. I am running a "Flat Tony World Tour" if you would like to participate see my blog for details.

I would love for my 2 dimensional self to meet Sunny & Scooter.

Agatha and Archie said...

Phew we are glad you found it and glad you were not hurt!!! Love A+A

Rambo said...

Wow....that's great you found the camera. I know G-Mom would be lost without hers. She got hers for her birthday last year...Nikon D40X. She loves it and she carries it with her everywhere...just in case me and the little Midget do something cute! he he

Georgeous said...

Core - we'd all like to find a Canon and lenses under the xmas tree!!!
Love george

Petra said...

Whew! What was lost is found, thanks to Sunny! The camera looks incredible ~~~ maybe it will be under the Christmas tree for you this year?!?!

The Girl said...

Wroooooo on finding the camera! We're glad because now we can see the pictures from SA!

Did you slip in a little word there about it having been your birthday, Jamie??? Happy bee-lated!

I am very impressed that you trained Sunny yourself! I don't know how you would go about getting her recognized officially, but it sounds like it would be a great idea. I recently got a letter from my psychiatrist prescribing Dannan as an emotional support dog (so hopefully I can find housing that will let him be with me). I think you need Sunny to be recognized as a service or assistance dog, though, because she really fits that definition better. I'll do some poking around and see what I can come up with!

Brown dog kisses,
The Girl (aka Linds) and Dannan

Lady Kaos said...

Mom keeps forgetting to email you the camera info. She looks it up and then thinks she's going to remember to email you the next day at work. She'll be 30 in a few weeks so we think her mind isn't quit working right anymore. lol It's a Nikon Di-365 - she thinks. It's about 3 years old so there's probably a newer model of it. It looks a lot like that picture of the Canon. Dad fixed a Jeep for a guy and usedthat money to buy the camera for Mom. She still has to get the book out when she wants to do something fancy because it has so many buttons and features.
That's cool Sonny helps you like that. I don't think you depend on her too much. She has a job and that makes her feel extra special.