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Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor day

Scooter here: Not only did I take AO4's picshur101, I don't like my stoopid picshur taken. aaaannnd I am pouting. I do my best pouting on top of my old bed on the piece of hard stuff in the yard. Sunny says it's called patty or sumthin like that. I dunno-it's hard stuff. Mom & gramma get to go in the car today to see my nekked sisters-beans. They have no hair,so they over up with shirts and pants and stuff. .I get left home-ALONE. Cept for Sunny and she's no fun at all. That's all I have to say. Except it is so not fair. My supper might be late. Then I'll starve. hmmph Noone cares about Scooter. If you never see me again,I starved to death. Thanx Mom for caring. NOT.

Sunny here: Mr Drama has finished whining.(Patio Scooter,patio) I am not that happy about this either. I also don't get to go. And I was looking forward to cheering everyone up with my most excellent Whippet impression again. and I love car rides-no car ride today. (I could totally drive. That dang opposable thumb issue once again) I'm having a talk with Mom later. I have suggestions for taking better pictures. I gave her slack because I figured she was learning and I realize it takes her longer than it would for me. She's had enough time now. These need to improve... (uh,she could have PICKED up the stray Dr Pepper can in the leaves behind Scooter's bed, don't you think?!) Nice Mom.
I hope all of y'all have a nice Labor day. I'll be at home with Scooter doing zip. She usually lets me go pretty much everywhere she does. Hmmph. I am a bit miffed. (No Scooter, I am not whining like you were. I am merely stating facts. There is a difference. So hush up)While I am thinking about it, truth is,she should stay home with us and give me a haircut. She says next day or 2 she'll get to it. uh huh. Procrastinate Mom.
We are happy about one thing. Looks like Gustav isn't going to be as bad as they thought. It went from 3 to 2 awhile ago. So we are glad about that much.
I really need to get going. Those dam squirels are taunting me. One day, just you wait you rodent you!

Sunny & Scooter


Gus said...

well....It is clear your hoomans don't appreciate your contributions to the celebration. I'd suggest you honor labor day by diggning a big tunnel under the patio. So there.


Joe Stains said...

Mom finally added your blog to our subscriber thing, she is so slow! We will be keeping up on your adventures from now on!!

the 4 Bs said...

hi kiddos, that's pretty cruel that you have to stay home today. we're not sure how our day is going to go. we told mom that if we are going to go play, it's time to do it NOW. she's such a lazy blob sometimes. Brody is farting up a storm, so that might be a good strategy to make her take us outside to play.


Butchy & Snickers said...

Awwwh, too bad you two were left alone. At least our hoomans stayed home with us today. Did you say haircut??? Mama is going to be doing Snickers hair sometime this week, heheheh! I Butchy had mine done awhile back, so my turn won't be for another month or so.
Squirrels like to bug us too. Especially those darn jack squirrels. If only Mama would let us grab one, sigh....
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers