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Thursday, September 18, 2008

TGIF and cool weather!!

Weekend is coming, which means Scooter's date with Lacie to go to the "Extreme Mustang Makeover" is tomorrow night. There is one tiny glitch that we hope to overcome. Mom went to Doc yesterday. She feels like,in her words,poop. That is confusing to me, didn't know poop had feelings, but I digress. He gave her a shot in her backside, and some pills. Fever 101. She says she will not miss this,she has had her ticket for 3 months.And believe me, my mom doesn't go out much!.

Scooter wants to say a word or 2: ok. i tolded lacie bout mom not feelin good an she is owr driver an she reely dosn't wanna miss it an ok. then i sed i wood by hur alll the corney dogs she wants so she will stay reel full. an she promised she woodn't bit me an wood be nice. she wantd to no how much i wayd? why? but i tol her 7 pownds all muscle. so she sed she wuz bigger than me and I sed yah, but Sunny is goin an biggr then hur . i reely dont no whut that wuz all abowt.

I hope we git to go. My mom reely wants to, an I love horses . When we stil lived at owr last home we had lots of room-mom sed it is called the country. But I wud always try to find a way to go see the horss. I luved them. Mom sed it drove hur crazy? but i thot she alredy wuz anyhow. hehheheee Scooter jok. :) We'll keep paws crosed fur Mom to feel lots better. We'll let u no. Hi 5s
That's about it. We'll be outside doing zoomies!!!!!! This weather change is great!!!!!only got up to like 82 yesterday-a little warmer today, but it feels just right.

Pee Ess we don't know why blogger says this was written Thursday...It is Friday,really!


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Hope your mom feels better so she doesn't ruin your date!


Pedro said...


Hope your mom feels better! Maybe that shot in her butt will help. You know you and I look alot alike. I weigh 7 lbs 3 oz (though my mom thinks I gained some weight while she was gone...) and I think I'm all muscle too. We are tough lookin chihuahuas! My mom says I'm a Pit Bull Chihuahua. How old are you? I'm 2.


Moco said...

Have fun on your date. We know that mom will be getting better. We still think Peanut is the one who wrecked the blinds.

The Girl said...

Blogger does strange things...

Jamie, feel better! :)

Scooter, have fun on your date and don't be too nervous!

Sunny, we want DETAILS! LOL

Brown dog kisses,
Dannan and The Girl

Lacy said...

w00f's Kiddies, scooter me shure hopes u git to keep ur dat wiff lacie...and hope u mama feels better soon...nooow me not like shots in da butt, but iffin they help, thats coolies...

b safe,

Pippa said...

Paws crossed for your mom feeling better.