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Thursday, September 4, 2008

she's so decisive

Are y'all dizzy yet? We are since Mom keeps trying out different "templates". Her final decision is maybe. Bwaahaahaaahaaa



The Girl said...

We like it! And The Girl said, oh we should get a copyright thingy, too...

Brown dog kisses,
Dannan and The Girl

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

HOWLdy -

Thanks fur visiting my blog -

I'd love to have you as a friend -

I've got other Texas khanine pals already!

Thanks fur the support - Turbo and I appreciate it!


Willow the Black Dale said...

Oh get used to it always changing. My typist (mom) is always changing mine. She is never happy with here blog!!! Hoomans.


Sophie Brador said...

Hey Pups,
You should know, my mom has this thing for Standard Poodles, so she is thrilled to meet you. And I have this thing for wee doggies..... anyway, mom says to apologize for not visiting earlier. She just started a new teaching job and is totally swamped, so don't be offended if she hardly ever comments. She is popping by and checking out what's shaking. it's just that her head is spinning. If I had thumbs, I'd do it all myself, but such is life.

Nice to meet you guys ... and the mystery will be solved soon. Also the ape's fault.


Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Sunny...are bully sticks better for ya than rawhide? Mumsie gets sick on the smell of em, but we might convince her to buy us some if you say so...we eat um buckets of rawhide....

You had bloat?? Oh my...and so young too...good thing your mom was all over that...

So she was gonna be a flight nurse? Whoa...Mumsie would need her scope patch and to be sedated before she could get on the chopper!!! Did your mom get hurt at work? It happens alot...

Barkin' at ya Sunny!

Love and kissies...Laciegirl

Moco said...

Welcome to DWB. This is a great community. It is going to be fun following your life.
Your mom has sure gone all out with this blogging. She is going to be an expert very soon.
We like the picture of Scooter in the grass. Your grass looks super and great for roachin'.


Hi there. Me and the Mommy would be pleased to have you as our new friends and it's even more special becuase my cousin Tippy is also a poodle but a minature one. There are pictures of her in some of my posts...her Mom says she don't have time for a post but maybe someday.

I'm gonna add you to my favorites list.Us Texans gotta stick together.

Love Ya...Mona & the Mommy too!!

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

hey buddies,

welcome to - it is great to meet you and I am sure you will make lots of new friends here :)



Gus said...

Hi guys, love the new look. And you are gettting betterrrerrra and beterrerr at pixshures


the 4 Bs said...

hi kiddos, we like your new bloggy look. it's fun to mess around. one of these days our mom is gonna learn how to do the cool stuff herself. for now, she has the guru.

congrats on your DWB membership. as you already know, there are a lot of wonderful pups around here.


Lady Kaos said...

Making changes to your template and design never ends. Mom is thinking about doing amajor renovation to my blog which worries me. It's working fun, what if she screws soemthing up and it doesn't work anymore, how will my friends know what's going on?

Clover said...

Hi friends!
Thanks for visiting my blog - I am not around too much right now but I am working on getting back to regular blogging!
See you again soon!
Love Clover xo