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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Recent experiences with local legislation to stop all breeding and sales of

pets (no matter what the species) in Texas had given us fair warning of what

to expect. RPOA has taken a beating with local "animal rights" city

ordinances because of the Texas "axis of evil" -- Texas Humane Legislation

Network (THLN), HSUS, PETA, Animal Legal Defense Fund, and ASPCA.

These are all national "animal rights" organizations (except for THLN, the

HSUS lapdog) promoting legislation

to end all use of animals for any reason - including food, clothing,

research, entertainment and pet ownership. The extremists accuse all of us

of being "exploiters" when the true animal exploiter is the Animal Rights

Industry itself that spins animal cruelty and dog/cock fighting for

fundraising purposes. HSUS is a "Fundraising Mill."

When asked if he envisioned a future without pets, "If I had my personal

view, perhaps that might take hold. In fact, I don't want to see another

dog or cat born." Wayne Pacelle, vegan HSUS president (Bloodties: Nature,

Culture and the Hunt by Ted Kerasote, 1993, p. 266).

The 1993 FBI Report to Congress states that all extremist "animal rights"

groups are believed to be associated with each other by leadership,

membership, or both. Texas has an abundance of these extremist sub-groups

deliberately calculated to make the movement appear to be larger than it

actually is. They are mostly the same people!

Today-they are at the Texas State Capital.  Yes we will be on the steps soon.  If you want to be able to have dogs/cats/birds, rescue or not...READ what the Pres of Humane Society of the US says"In fact, I don't want to see another dog or cat born"  HU?????????Over my flippin dead body.

Follows a bill that is being brought up-


>From RPOA Texas Outreach and

Responsible Pet Owners Alliance

"Animal welfare, not animal 'rights'

and, yes, there is a difference."

Permission granted to crosspost.

February 17, 2011

Texas HB 1451 Rep. Thompson's Anti-Breeder Bill Filed Today!

Rep. Senfronia Thompson has filed HB 1451, the long awaited anti-breeder

bill and has a Press Conference scheduled at 2:30 PM today.

To view the press conference go to

PLEASE???  No more Airedales? No more WFT, GSD. Oh I could cry!
at 2:30. cst

RPOA has just received a copy of the bill and will publish an analysis



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PLEASE>  IMPORTANT>>>>  And they can weasel all kinds of things in breed bans,  Like fees by wt,  There is a bill being looked at that requires no dogs over 20 lbs?!?!?!?!  Look, Wheter you adopt, whether you want to buy a specific breed., whether you are a RESPONSIBLE breeder that loves a breed has litters rarely and considers it a sort of art(and believe me, I know lots of folks don't get that part of it.  I do.  Had very few litters over the years and studied and studied.  I di pretty good.  Bred healthy, beautiful babies.  And if ever they could not keep their dog, the contract stated-bring it home to me.  RESPONSIBLE breeders. ) PLEASE GET INVOLVED!  Ticks me right off being told what to do-and in Texas too.  send what you can to help and PLEASE CROSS POST!!!!!!!!!!!


Gus, Louie and Callie said...

These people are just plane stupid. So what are they going to do with all our pets euthanize them? Humans can be so stupid..
Sure glad to see you back.. We have missed you...

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Wyatt said...

Super Extreme....
California is pushing in the same direction.

Wyatt and Stanzie

Asta said...

This is the most howwific and scaiwy thing they awe pwoposing!!!!
I can't even elieve that it is a pawsibility.
A wowld wifout all of us?
Mommi suwe doesn't live in it.
This makes me so sad , I can't stand it
smoochie kisses
pee ess I can't wait to see you at my pawty


Thankyou for the howling and prayers Scooter and Sunny, also to visit our blog making me Dollar and my mommy feeling so much better. We believe my sister Million will come back to us.

Angus said...

To put it as politely as I can. Wayne sounds like a bit of an oddity.

AFSocksScylla said...

Horrible and very scary. Thanks for getting the word out. ~Fenris

Deetz said...

Oh My.....First my mom would like to apologize for not taking the time to call. You know we have troubles next door to us and mom has been frazzled on somedays..but this year is going to be a good year, I can feel it. We are safe and doing well and you my friend are always in our thoughts and prayers. Mom has a three day weekend and would love to hear from you

Tama-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

There are some pretty sick people out there. We're glad there is an ocean between them and us!

The Poupounette Gang
in France


Dog like hoomans and hoomans like dogs. We think that we should send those people to Egypt or Libya.

Essex & Deacon

Maria Hugo said...

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