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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thank you Sunny. You did it again, my hero

I figured none of y'all would be able to sleep. Worrying about my camera and all...

We found it. Yeppers I said we. Sunny helped me find it! I had one of my little falls in the living room(no biggie-it happens) When I did, Sunny came right over to sniff me up and down,as she does, then she braces herself in a stand for me to help myself up. I landed by the back of the couch and while she sniffed,I told her I was ok. This is routine. When she braced for me, I saw something SHINY behind her hind foot, which was just in the space between the couch and wall. CAMERA!!! Course I hollared, which made Sunny think things had gone awry. She was very worried at this point. Sniffing commences again. (This would be an hysterical scene in a movie. Which is how I tend to envision things in my head...I know-weird) Here she is, worried this is a problem. Here I am, with her standing overme,sniffing,looking very concerned and I am laughing my head off. She must be thinking"Oh my dog. This is not good. Dare I leave her long enough to go get the phone? She is obviously concussed." Too bad I do not have video.

She is taught too well(not really-she is awesome) but it did take me a couple of minutes to chill her out -AFTER she brought me the phone, just in case. Sooo. We have the camera! Now all we have to find is the dealie you transfer them to the puter with. Think I'll look behind the couch later. Now, y'all can sleep!

Is Sunny awesome or what? I taught her myself. And no, she is not "Official" I need to find out how to make her and my next dog official. As time goes by, seems I need her more and not just in a physical sense(though I am much more nervous without her if I am out.) It is also -crap what's the word-emotional-no. I have much more confidence with her.

I had to leave her with my daughter when we went to SA. I was uncomfortable and apparntly so was she. She didn;t eat well, she ran roughshod over her whippet friend, She acted like a neurotic dog when crated. She didn't used to do that and I wonder if i have caused it. I think I have by depending on her too much. I just do not know.

Well, case y'all had not noticed, I can be rathr long winded, (Sunny is till giving me like WTF looks..hehe.) We'll go throw Mingo awhile. She'll feel much better after that.

I did find a camera I want somtime. I put a pic of it on here. Now I could take some gorgeous pic with that(and all the attachments!gulp) I am asking ALL my family for money for every occassion. (as in my burpday yeterday-hmmmbelieve I turned 30. Would you believe 38....) None of those. ;)

uh-this is NOT my camera. Tis the one I'd like(geez,words and pics just go where they want... )Goodnight Johnboy!

Boy this is fun/a survey-please take!!!

(Attn: Mom is pulling from the archives. hmm-wonder why? BOL)

I suppose I could pull pics we haven't used yet and pretend I found the camera. Not so much.

My San Antonio pics are in there and that was the first time I had been back in 10 years. ARRGGH. I like what Dewy Dewster said. "Minds are a wonderful thing. When they are working"-something to that effect. (It is in last comment section)

Sooooooo-I have a ton of stuff to do. I am still behind commenting. (You never catch up in blogworld, do you?)

I do not like my camera anyway. (But I do want my SA pics dadgumit.)

I had asked those wild heelers what kind of camera they have, and now I'd like to ask y'all. Please tell me. Some of y'all have the greatest pics. Mine has alot of lag time and not much zoom. And that zoom would have given me some fantabulous pics in SA.

So, consider this a survey. What kind of camera do you have? Do any of y'all have one with good zoom and no lag time. (I love photography anyhow)

Sunny and Scooter have washed their hands of this. "you had it, not us,you find it-long as the food and snacks are covered, we are good" Thanx guys. I think Santa starts watching more closely SOON!
Go-comment-tell me. PLEASE!!!!!
Jamie(still wandering,looking)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Where is everything?

This is what you see when you walk in our front door. The metal sign on the wall is from my grandparent's ranch. It is at least 55 yrs old. They raised Appaloosa horses. I learned to ride when I was 4. Loved horses and riding. Still do. Won several belt buckles barrel racing.

OK-here's the thing. I cannot find my camera. I also can't find alot of stuff. WHERE is everything????? *SIGH*

Sunny can barely be seen in the left side of the pic. Guess I will keep wandering around in here, looking for my STUFF!

Sunny,Scooter&Jamie(bet this will be nominated for post of the month...)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

this is for my twin, tannerer

This is Tanner's award that is exclusive to him. And this is the much respected scientific journal that proves it!

These are our ID cards

I do not know how many of you read Tanner's post about us being twinz. We have proof for all you doubtrs out there.(Uh, Gus, u don't ALWAYS listen to muzzer,do you?) Anyhow, here is some of our proof and Tanner's own award!! I also have one. We are proud to be twins. It is complicated and involves time travel. (uh and that store won't be drssin us up as gurls anymore) We is lots smarter than eferybody finks!

Oh ye of liddol faith...

Hi 5s twinny!!
pee ess the other wards to choose from are below. Fanx

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I haf a noun- anonc- sumpthin to say

Sunday afternoon Hello. Sunny here. Apparently my brother has caused a bit of confusion.(Imagine that!) It was not made clear enough apparently as to who should choose an award. As of now, 18:31 CST ANYONE who would like one of these awards should feel free to help themselves. Scooter's typer person(mom) apparently did not complete the list given to her by Scooter. Soooo-it is totally mom's fault.(as usual) That is all. Carry on.

ok, well,ok. i decidereded to do thees awrds diffrent. I wan eech dog to chooz wich won they want. hu? let dogs choos wich one thy want. Cool, hu? ok and wel ok. so i wil leeve a note to a frien an thay git to cum an chooz wich won thay lik! nver ben don, hu. ok wel an ok. thay can jus tll me th won thay lik an tak it! i m whut is cald a inno, uh inov..uh i think of new things to do. (This is mi harnes an sez bad to th bone... hahahaha-thas me)
ok an wel ok anok. I haf not effen ben to see mi frens yet cept 2. th leter punchr-mom-iz doin all uther kinda things to. hmmph.
she iz alredy all scooter i am tired. git with it leter punchr. besides thes wards, ther ar other things....hmmmph. i told her i wuzn tired an she sed blah drivin blah sum uthr stuf. scuses. well k an okwelok. gotta leeve sum notes so dogs can cum an choos.(MOM-u r gonna get all the notes typereded in tunite,rite??? MOM, MOM!!! she says maybe. she says if not tonite tumorow.) gud greef.
Hi 5s
pee ess just pick whut u want from below!-don't forget to comment and let me know which one you liked!

We are kinda speechless

Yep we are. Eight of our friends have left us awards. We didn't expect that, but we are very grateful! Now some of these have rules, and copying and pasting rules is apparently beyond mom's scope of practice at this time! (haha-little joke for my nurse friends). Soooo-nobody get upset over the rule thingy,k? Also, Mom was so smug, she thought she had links down. Uh-the last several have been the bridge to nowhere. All the doggies mentioned are in my friends list though! I guess that takes care of the disclaimers.

Before we left, Rusty had given us his "best bud" award.! Thanks Rusty! While we were gone, Mango the Maltese gave it to us too! Thanks Mango!!

Before we left, The Key West Collies gave us the "I Love Your Blog " award. We appreciate it alot, Essex,Deacon and their Dad!! Then Abby gave it to us! Thanks Abby!

Also, before we left, Georgeous George gave us the Golden Paw award.(Which doesn't sparkle for us, but we don't care!) Thank you, George!! Then while we were gone, those crazy heelers gave it to us!! Thanks, y'all!!

Our Chihuahua bud gave us the "awesome blogger friend" Rambo, thank you bunches!!! Chi power!(Scooter threw that in ;)

And Chef, our Boxer bud, gave us the "You lift my spirit" award. Yo Chef, you lift ours too. Thanks!!
So we are pretty speechless. Have to pass these on and we will tonite or tomorrow. Mom is catching up on a couple of fronts.
We were given a gift of a drawing which we are very touched by. We are going to put it on our sidebar for all to see. It was done by Snowy and Crystal's Mom, Ms Kat. We cannot thank her enough. Very Kind of you Ms Kat!! And we think it is wonderful.
Thank you everyone. I've been knowing most of you a long time before you knew I was here, back when I read about you all(and was too chicken to try it myself) I loved you guys back then, I love you more now. What a community.
Hugs& Hi 5s
Sunny, Scooter & Jamie (apparently not QUITE speechless ;)


While we were gone, Gizmo went to the bridge. We send our love to Deetzy and family. We think Tess is showing Gizmo around right now. After all, Chihuahuas tend to be partial to one another! There aren't words, so we won't write any. Just we'll be thinking of Deetz and his family.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Just home

We just got home. We hope to catch up over the next several days. Right now, we are ready to go to bed! We missed you guys.

Hugs & Hi 5s

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunny says WHAT?!

"WHAT?! , what else don't I know?!"

I really don't know what to say. Really, I'm speechless.

I may need to think about what went on here for a couple of days. Close my eyes for 15 minutes and...

Since I try to be level headed, I have decided I better think things over before I say much. I WILL say Lacie is no longer here. I don't know what she will say on her blog.

We are supposed to take gramma to San Antonio tomorrow(I know-mom still doesn't feel great, but it is a mustdo trip. We get back Thurs night. Mom is going to take the puter, but does not know if there will be access.) If not, I'll have plenty of time to think things over.


Sunny(shakin my head)

Pee ess Mom says we have some awards to post and we appreciate them very much. As soon as we get back, we will do that. Between her feeling crappy and getting things ready for the drive, she hasn't gotten to it. Thanks everyone.

Well now, Lacie's coming

OK, wel lacie iz cumin here. it iz Sat nite an I am waitin. We alwayz watch PBR. it iz bulridin. perfshional cowboyz. i dunno if lacie will lik it or not and ok,so ok.

thees cowboyz is tuff, lik me! so is the bulz!

i decidered i beter git the corneydogs reddy. (uh-mom wood u open this,plez?)

thanx. i wil start wif one eech.

luk how nic i made it. i put a littl sqweerl toy for lacie(she kin bit that if she feels lik bitin.) i tried to mak it nic. i dunno when she will git her. i hope it is gunna b ok. i am nervus. ok, and well ok i guess i wil go wate sum mor. Hi 5's Scooter pee ess i heer sumone at the door-halp!!!!! i f u doan heer from me agin, wel.....sunny sez she wood not let anyfing hapen..paws crossed

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Scooter's date with lacie postponed

well. mi mom stil feelz reel bad. i had to leev a note to lacie that i culd not go tonite. mi mom sez she is reel sorry. (acshully, she reeely wanted tu go tu this.) so i askd lacie in my note and am askin hur here if i can tak hur somwer els wen my driver(mom) iz betterer. i am reely sorry lacie. can i take u owt anothr time? i hop so. it wuld stil b a plac we culd find corney dogs.

hugs ,


pee ess u can see how upset i am in this picshur

Friday, September 19, 2008

Tess A Heart Dog

Tess with friend Sammy Whippet(also at the bridge)

Tess in hat and bandana

Today it is 3 years since my little Tess had to be helped to the bridge. It was 1 month to the day after her 9th birthday. I've had dogs all my life. All different kinds. I raised and showed Keeshonds, Pugs. Showed my Frenchie to his Championship. Along the way, I came to realize that now and then, you find a heart dog. I loved each and every dog I've ever had and always cried buckets when they left for the bridge. But a heart dog somehow is different. Tess was a little black & tan chihuahua that I bought at a place I always advised people not to go. One of those trade day places. I was walking along, looking, and saw Tess. She was 7 weeks old. This was at a very low time in my life and when we looked at each other, I cannot explain what happened. Then I held her. And against all I knew, I bought her for $150.00. (About my last 150.00 I might add) My husband of nearly 25 yrs. had left, the divorce was not final, and I wasn't getting much help with bills. Of which there were many at the time. So the 2 incomes had been reduced to one.) I only mention this because it shows that I had no business buying another dog(I had 4 at home),certainly not from a place like this. Probably a puppy mill. Or I hoped at least some people that thought they could make money with puppies. Either way, everyone that knew me could not believe I had done this.

Over the next 9 years I never slept a night without Tess. Except while in the hospital for surgeries. I got hurt while working in the ICU, trying to break the fall of a 300 lb man that had just had a CABG(Bypass surg). I weigh around 100 lbs. He was ok, another nurse came and helped me, and I didn't think I was hurt very bad. That proved to be not the case. I've had 7 knee surgeries. About the 3rd was a partial knee replacement which failed the last was a replacement to total knee. It also didn't come out right. Without all details, let's just say if my orig ortho doc had done things right I'd be running races today. Tess was always with me when I was recovering. She knew when I was sad, she knew when I hurt and where not to step on me.

This is Tess with Scooter when he was 8 weeks>

After the 1st knee surgery I had moved in with my mom and dad who were about 12 miles from my house. I needed the help and my house had stairs. My folks are great. My Dad in particular just loved dogs. Daddy was the only man Tess ever liked. I ended up staying longer than I thought I would. I was back at work. I worked nights, but had been called in early on April 23, 1998. They were telling us our hospital was shutting down. Great! In the middle of the meeting I got called out. Long story short. I was to go home. My Dad had gone out to bushhog my 2 acres(cut the grass with a tractor that had a bushhog attached. Just think big old mower bhind the tractor.) The bushhog got stuck, Daddy chained it to pull it out,the tractor flipped. It was instant. So I went home, no job and my Daddy was gone.

Tess got me through that. I thought I wouldn't be able to handle that. My Dad was my hero, mybest friend. I couldn't imagine it would be possible to live in a world without him. Poor little Tess got so soaked with my tears. I can't explain our connection at all, because I don't know the words. But Tess definitely made it possible for me to eventually learn to live with the circumstances. It will sound crazy, but I swear sometimes it was like she "talked" to me with thoughts.

The last surgery was in 2002. I have been on disability since. Sunny is my service dog. I tend to fall sometimes. And touch typing doesn't work well, as I lost the end of my L ring finger and injured the one next to it in a gate accident.

See how much Tess and I went through? Yes, I had other dogs at the time. It was Tess who just had the "knowing" of me. My Dad had gotten Scooter as a baby. My Mom decided the other 2 chihuahuas they had at the time of the accident were all she could handle,and Scooter was a rascally puppy. I never went back to my home. I stayed with my Mom. Then she decided to move to Denton about 4 yrs ago and wanted me to come. So I did. I always figure Dad would want me to take care of her.

3 years ago, in June, I noticed a little hard lump in Tess's neck. It was lymphoma. She made it about 3 months. Finally, I could tell,she told me, it was time. I held her as she left. I have included a picture of the egyptian style box that holds her remains. Heart dogs come along every now and then. Scooter missed her a long time. I still miss her. I miss her understanding of me and her wiseness. One day, when it is time, I'll see her and my Dad again. That will be a good day.

I'm grateful everyday for all the dogs I have had the priveldge of having in my life. And I wanted to remember Tess on this day that she went to the bridge.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

TGIF and cool weather!!

Weekend is coming, which means Scooter's date with Lacie to go to the "Extreme Mustang Makeover" is tomorrow night. There is one tiny glitch that we hope to overcome. Mom went to Doc yesterday. She feels like,in her words,poop. That is confusing to me, didn't know poop had feelings, but I digress. He gave her a shot in her backside, and some pills. Fever 101. She says she will not miss this,she has had her ticket for 3 months.And believe me, my mom doesn't go out much!.

Scooter wants to say a word or 2: ok. i tolded lacie bout mom not feelin good an she is owr driver an she reely dosn't wanna miss it an ok. then i sed i wood by hur alll the corney dogs she wants so she will stay reel full. an she promised she woodn't bit me an wood be nice. she wantd to no how much i wayd? why? but i tol her 7 pownds all muscle. so she sed she wuz bigger than me and I sed yah, but Sunny is goin an biggr then hur . i reely dont no whut that wuz all abowt.

I hope we git to go. My mom reely wants to, an I love horses . When we stil lived at owr last home we had lots of room-mom sed it is called the country. But I wud always try to find a way to go see the horss. I luved them. Mom sed it drove hur crazy? but i thot she alredy wuz anyhow. hehheheee Scooter jok. :) We'll keep paws crosed fur Mom to feel lots better. We'll let u no. Hi 5s
That's about it. We'll be outside doing zoomies!!!!!! This weather change is great!!!!!only got up to like 82 yesterday-a little warmer today, but it feels just right.

Pee Ess we don't know why blogger says this was written Thursday...It is Friday,really!

Culprit revealed

I appreciate all your support in those comments. Sunny is the good one. Hurry Cane Ike, Squirrels, intruders., one alluded to Scooter "could it be the loving,licking one?" well, Dannon said Scooter was too small. Dannon's girl said I was too good(thank you Dannon's girl!) There are no actual pictures of that destuction. However, there is an eyewitness. That eyewitness took some photos yesterday. These are wooden blinds. Since the weather has gotten nicer,mom likes to open the windows , fresh air and cheaper air!!!!
Look, it's real simple. I gotta know what is going on outside! There could be intruders that would hurt Mom. There could also be cats & squirrels....
Mom says I better not ever go through one of those screens.
She didn't exactly SAY what would happen, but I inferred it might just be the worst thing EVER. I may be guilty, but there are extinuating circumstances!!!!!! Sheesh-I'm Mom's guard dog for pete sake..I'm sure all my supporters will understand.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Who? Me??????

Here is the question. Which suspect is the blind destroyer???

I ask you. Who appears to be the nosey rosey?

Anydog look guilty????


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Squirrels AGAIN

See those #@&*! squirrels, Scooter? Evil rodents!!

let me see if I can lure them down for you Sunny!

oooooh,luk at this bug! cooool
Brother. I need a real hunting partner. *sigh*

Pawlitics & a personal opinion

I love dog blogs. Been reading DWB for over a yr, maybe 2, not sure. Been talking to Brooke(Opy's mum) long enough that she emailed me when I finally started mine,"about bloody time". lol.

I am going to give a personal opinion here. I don't think human politics-esp our presidential race, have any place on a dog blog. People who wish to blog about politics are welcome to have a political blog. I know, free speech. But I'd rather limit my exposure to the negativity on the news or newspapers. And I do not want it to escalate as the election gets closer. Personally, my dogs do not give a crap who is running,why or who wins.

DWB folks are like family. In our family, we never discussed religion or politics at large extended family functions. Made for much more pleasant reunions.

I have strong political beliefs. I do not intend to discuss them or the presidential candidates here. I just do not feel that this is the place for it.

Ok, that is my personal opinion. You may not agree. That is,of course, your right. I have singled no one or no doggy out. I just want to enjoy my dog blogs!

That's all I had to say. The dog blogging will resume with next post.


Monday, September 15, 2008


The mailman came!!!!!! Look! My own package! From STANLEY! oooooooo Could it be?? Could it?? Ahem, by the way, first time I ever got a package to ME!

I got right to it. I could smell MINGO !!

I got my schnoz all the way in and VIOLA!

MINGO!!!!!!! (Sorry, I was so excited to get it out, mom totally had no chance to push the camera button.)

My mom wanted to see it up close. I said NO WAY MAN! maybe later. Sheesh!

Then I smelled more(notice my paw firmly on Mingo while I check out that jammin green envelope

Look! Stanley with his flyin Goober ears!! And a nice note on the back.(Scuse the eyebooger-I have been pretty wet and dirty last couple of days. OBVIOUSLY, mom was not prepared for this photo shoot.) .

AAANNDD a cool magnet with Stan the man on it.I put it on the fridge so I could always see STAN! Who is THE MAN! Thank you STAN!!!!! You don't know what memories this brings back. It rarely leaves my side!

Asta is one lucky lady! I'm just sayin!


Ya'll don't worry bout Scooter. Mingo is too big for him and as he has gotten older, he doesn't play with toys too much. He prefers soft treats. So he's cool.

Besides, he admires the Goob Man too! He slaps his pic a hi 5 when he goes by!

I gotta go get MINGO!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! STAN AND STAN"S GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't Mingo wonderful???
(Somedogs asked me why I call her/him Mingo.
My Bean sister's daughter,(my bean niece I guess)?used to love the plastic flamingos, she was 1 1/2 or 2 and went around kissing every plastic "mingo" as she called them. There ya go MINGO!!)
Sunny & Mingo