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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Be sure and look for your candy!!

(Another ghost dog sighting...) BOOOOOO
Hi, Jamie here. I just got a text message fom Scooter(he and Sunny are off to the big party in England) So here it is:

hay eferbudy!!!! gues whut!! eferbudy gotteded their candeez an treetz. some of the confushun iz prolly this. we hadeded lotz of frenz that wanteded candeez all ofer the wurld!! since i wuz purdy buzy flyin an navigatin an reedin thos mapz, Tanner wuz in charge ov picshur takin. He runneded owt ov room on hiz camera so not eferbudy wil see thar picshurs on hiz bloggy. sum of thoz delivereez we madeded in personz an picshurs madeded. But we figgereded owt that we wood haf tu drop some frum that plane in the sky cuz we haddeded soo manyz. (Hiz mom will put the picshurs on their bloggy later) If u are not in thoz picshurs, go look in yur YARD!!! (or street if u liv in the city) I promis u that eferybudy gotteded thar candeez!! Thar iz a bunch of us alreddy in england or on owr way, so yur mom or dad or sumbuddy needz tu go owt an git yur treetz!! ok anok. i jus wanteded eferbudy tu no that!

also, haf ur mom or dad go vote fur mi petrapotpie today fur awesomest blog fur octoberer. this iz the last day tu vote i fink.

this iz gonna be the hugerest an besterest pardee EFER!!!

Hi 5s


Ok guys. Go look for your candy and treats. Since I am not at all smart enough to use the picture programs, Rhonda has had to do the pictures on her own. Thanks Rhonda!! Maybe I'll be able to learn how to use one of those programs by next year-lol.

Happy Halloween


Waiting for Aire Ruby

Scooter has made it home just in time to wait for Aire Ruby and we are ready to party in London!! All the deliveries have been made just in the nick of time!! Joe and Tanner will have the pictures on their bloggy. But right now we have to watch for Ruby. Scooter is kinda tired, but excited to sit next to Petra on the plane.
See y'all soon!!
pee ess Scooter said they just had a minor glitch in!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We got this picture from the cell phone we sent with Scooter.....


We are hoping it's one of his "Scooter jokes"......

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Scooter and Tanner!!



Everyone be on the lookout! The Twins are in the air!!! Watch over at to follow their route! The Halloween Express is on the way!!!
(cool pictures done by Rhonda)

Making flite planz

hay eferbudy! i gotteded the map owt to make flite planz.
firstest map i gotteded wuz the wurld map cuz dwb frenz are all ofer the wurld!!
then mom sed we cood look up sum routez on the puter.
i telleded hur pleez do that an print it owt fur me.
cuz i fink i need a snak now.
ok anok. this iz hard wurk. sumtimz u kin git a hedache frum this map reedin stuff!! besidez, i fownd canadadada. joe iz wurrieded he wil end up somwher els. hah. he of liddol faif!!
do u see the dum shurt mom putteded on me. it iz cold tuday an she makeded me wear that dum dum shurt.

gotta go fer now. see u later guyz!
Chocks up!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sharing the love

hay eferybudy!!! it haz ben a buzy day. here is petra. izn't she the cuterest fing??? she haz a gud bloggy tu. hint hint. votin iz goin on til #31 octobererer at the bone zone.........if u havent votededed u shud. the over dogz haf gud bloggyz tu, but i shur want mi liddol petrapotpie tu win this mumf-uh-munf-in Octobererer.

Petra giveded us this beeutiful ward. Sunny wantz tu tell u bowt it.
Chocks Up

Hi all. Isn't this award beautiful? It is very special too. It is from a special mom whose son had a heart transplant. She made this to help spread the word about organ donation and how her little boy was saved.
Our Mom is a donor and hopes people will consider all the good that can be done. Mom is tired, Scooter is tired and I can always nap. So as is our habit, we will pass this on tomorrow. Thank you very much Petra!
Hugs to you all
ps Sometimes Scooter just makes me shake my head...Let's hope he and Tanner pull this treat/candy delivery off smoothly...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Whut me an tannererer haf ben doin

hay eferbudy!!! mi twinnererer, Tannererer an me haf ben buzy loadin up fur holoweenrs treetz . gud fing i kin fly all kindz of planez! therz lotz tu delifer, so sum of them will b dropz stead of landingz. but doan worriez, cuz we haf plenty ov parachutz. (sophie wantz joey to parachute to hur howze!)
it iz lotz ov wurk, but it wil b wurf it! izn't Tannererer soo cool that he kin fly wifowt a plane??
Gotta git bak tu wurk.
Chocks Up!
pee ess pleez doan fergit tu vote fur Petra at bone zone fur awsomest blog!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Need a laugh?

Mom said she needed a laugh. Here's 2 for you if you need one too.

Reminds me of our relentlesly huge friend, Mango....
Have a good weekend,

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Vote Fur Petra Pot Pie

Hay, hay, guss whut, guss whut!!! Mi little PetraPotPie's blog is up for blog of the month! Petra is my besterest fren to hopefully be my future gurlfren! She is the smarterest,cuterest anfunnierest she shud win cuz she iz so special. ok anok. I haf alredy voteded. doan fergit to vote at the bone zone fer petra! ok anok! doan fergit now!
Go PetraPotPie!! MMuuuaahhh!

scooter the pilot

CHOCKS UP!!! (that iz pilottawk!!)

hay eferbudy! itz scooter. ok anok. mom haz ben lukin fer mi flite suit an cannot find it!! i acshully haf won. my grandad-mom's dad- waz a pilot in the air force. So corse i no how tu fly!!! an i do not git sick or anyfing lik that. so doan wury abowt yer treetz wif me!

Mom did find my shades. lotz of timez u need these wen u r flyin cuz of the sun in yer eyez.
mom efen fownd a couple of picshurs of sum of mi flites. u cannot tel it iz me cuz of mi helmit. sum ov my pilot frens let mi fly sumtimez. Shhh tho. it iz kinda a secret tween me an them!

ok anok. mom sez time fer me tu git off this puter. jus nobudy wurry abowt mi flyin!! i can do it jus fine!!
Hi 5s

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Rainy Boring Wednesday

Hi y'all. Geez. Finally I get to post. Scooter has been hogging this blog. Just because his neck hurt and Mom felt sorry for him, yada,yada. What about me?! Hmmph. After all I am the brains around here.
Not only has it been boring around here, it has been yucky outside today. A cold front came through and brought rain with it. I don't mind the chill or the wet, but Mom hates it. She says a day without sunshine is crappy. I do agree with her on that. And this kind of weather bothers her leg, so she is kinda grouchy.
What? Uh, ok Mom...Uh, I didn't mean to say that. Better Mom?? gee out for the grouch...
Scooter is getting all excited about Halloween and helping Tanner. Personally, I wonder about all of this, but when he makes up his mind, forget it. I am just keeping my paws crossed. He also keeps bugging me about this girlfriend stuff. Like I told him, I am very smart, but I myself have never had a boyfriend, so how am I supposed to help him? I guess I am expected to know everything! hah!
It is nearly supper time. I need to go let Mom know so she doesn't forget. She forgets nearly everything. What?? Uh, well, not everything I guess. It is not a good idea to have Mom coming in and out of here while I post....
Y'all have a good night. I am off to see if I can get supper early! Oh and Moco, we finished up all our Cole Valley treats. Man were they good!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

tawkin tu lacie an petra

hay eferbudy. itz scooter. i haf tu tawk tu lacie an petra.

firstest, lacie i haded a purdy gud time wif u wen u came here tu see me. cept wen u yelleded at me an kinda snappeded at me. but it wuz not reel bad, so ok anok. u haf lotz an lotz of boyfrens. tu many fer me anywayz. so i decidereded tu luk fer me a gurlfren that jus liks me. like asta an stan. an sunny only wuz mad bowt that drink that passed her owt. (Sunny here. Lacie girl, I really do like you just fine. I was upset over you giving me the knock out drink, but I have forgiven you! Friends, ok Lacie girl?) ok anok. see lacie?

ok anok mom wuz rite. petra's mom sez she iz tu yung tu date. ( biggerest mango thinkz it is cuz hur mom thinkz i am "touched in the head". i dunno whut that iz. mom sez it meens a liddol crazy.) mango, i am not crazy, i jus dunno how tu spel az gud az sunny. i am smarterer than eferybudy finks, i keep tellin yu! ok anok. so petra is aloweded tu sit wif me on that plane. we will be jus frens but that iz ok. i wil stil bring corney dogs. an i wil haf anofer fren. ok anok. an i wil keep on lukin fer a gurlfren later after that plane ride. sumday i want won tho. like asta an stan. (if stan efer decides he wood like anofer gurlfren, i wood like asta! i no that wil nefer happen tho. mom sed so.) so it iz jus fine petra pie! we can tawk an be besterest frens,k? ok anok.

ok anok. tannerers mom sez she wil help me not fal in oshean waters or splat a wall whil i am flyin wif tannerer. i guess she finks me an tannererer won't fink of a guderest idea bi then. that iz ok cuz we wood not want tu hurt hur feelins wif our besterest idea! fank u tannererez mom.

ok anok. i gotta go now mom haz ben doin lotz of stuffs and iz buzy. an haz fingz tu take care of she sez.

by eferbudy! be shur tu tel tannererer ( )if u want treetz on holoweeners! so we can bring it tu u all!

Hi 5s


Monday, October 20, 2008

askin fer a date an flyin wif Tannererer an wards

hay eferbudy!! mom sez she haz ben buzy. hmmm. sounds like scuses tu me.

ok anok the firstest fing i need tu say iz this. i haf askeded petra tu b mi date fur the big pardy in england. an if she wood sit wif me on that plane. Will u petra? i promis tu be a gentleman. that meenz i wood be the nicerest tu u. mom sez her mom mite not let her cuz she is 1 yeerz old an maybe she cant date yet. i hope she can cuz she is the cuterest. i wood bring her corney dogs too! i luf corney dogs! so i am waitin tu see if she duz say yes.ok anok. now sunny sez she has tu tawk.

Hope everyone is having a good Monday. Mom is having some challanges with the puter still, but is working through them(she thinks)

We want to pass along the awards. The flutterby award to our good friends Asta, Gussie, crazy Lacie,Scruffy&Stan, Agatha & Archie, Butchy&Snickers, Mango &Dexter and Joey &Tanner.

The ladybug award to Rocky, Deetz,Petra,the AO4, Stanley&Stella,Khyra&Bolo the shar pei .
(You can just pick them up in the last post.)
I guess I am finally getting my haircut today(you heard me.. I still have not gotten it) Mom says one of the reasons she keeps me short is that I have a "show coat". Which means, it is very thick and needs constant brushing or I'll mat. Which would be fine if she was showing me, but she's not! Also, my coat carries leaves and dirt in it, which come with me into the house. As you know, Mom is not the most efficient housekeeper to begin with. She says this helps some! hah!
And I am prone to ear infections, so she can't keep my ears long and full. It's alot easier for me to dry offif I go swimming too. Which reminds me...Hey...Mom! It has been a long time since you
took me to swim!
Scooter got to play with me for a while yesterday and we did a few zoomies. Then Mom was a buzz kill and seperated us again... She says Scooter is better, but she wants him to take it Pure buzz kill. That's all from me for today. Hope y'all are having a good day. We have catching up to do again. Mom's language has not been G rated lately....between the puter and a few other things, well, she could be in the navy and fit in. (You know the old saying swearing like a sailor???)
hay guyz,hay guyz!!!! itz me agin. ok anok. so we hope u guyz haf a gud day. an i hope petra wil say yes. i hope her mom letz her haf a date. she is reeeely cute!!!! doan fergit that purdy soon me an tannererer r gonna FLY an bring treetz!!!!!! i am sooo excitereded. i doan fink ther iz enuff time tu lern tu fly. so i haf ben finkin up gud wayz. maybe a kite tied to Tannererer?, or sum baloons an i cood haf lik a string on me an on tennererer so he duznt lose me? i doan no yet but me an Tannererer wil figger it owt cuz we is bof smartererer than peepul finks!
Hugs &Hi5s
Sunny & scooter

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Awards & mom is disgusted

Hi and Happy Saturday! We want to thank Dennis the Viszla for this "flutterby" award. If you haven't been to read about him, you should go. He is soo funny. Go here

Thanks Dennis!!!

The ladybug award is from our new friend Coco. (Mom says she looks VERY much like Tess). She is just a baby and you can find her here . Thank you Coco.
Mom went to see a new ortho doc on Weds. She says "so called" doc. She could not believe her ears and got so mad,disgusted, you name it. His idea to help her with her bad leg and falling was, get this...Surgery to put a rod in her leg from top to bottom!!! No more bending of that leg at all!!! HBO words have been flowing. The only time she has ever seen that done was 2 times to patients who developed horrible infections in the knee and it had to be done to save the leg!!
She has been in no mood to blog or anything. She cannot believe how SOME people manage to maintain their medical license. She says enough about that. She is shaking it off. She got up and walked out of the exam room with people coming after her after she told him what she thought of him and his idea. They wanted to calm her down and said she was acting "hysterical". Which made her even madder. She told the patients in the waiting room they should get up and leave! (Mom seldom loses her temper, but after the stupid docs idea and then being called hysterical...she kinda lost her cool) Brother. Good thing she has us to calm her down!
It is beautiful weather here and we are going outside to enjoy it. Have a great weekend. Mom says we should have some new pictures tomorrow.
Hugs & Hi 5s
pee ess We will pass these awards along tomorrow. Ok? As per usual, any rules have been left out!! That's just the way we roll....
pee ess Some folks don't know our mom has a bad leg. It isn't anything new and she is ok. She just gets it checked on from time to time. No worries

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Scooter's Secrets

(Note* this is a picture of Scooter, his bean sis and niece from about 2 years ago. We found some older pics, but-ahem- the current ones are in the little pink thing still. And believe it or not-NO camera battery is charged. Someone-gee, who could it be?-left it's Scooter..)

Hay eferbudy!!!! itz me Scooter!!! i am feelin bedder. mom sez i am "on the mend" i dunno, i thot i wuz on the cowch! hahaha scooter joke. serously, i am on the cowch tho.

ok an ok. parentlee on oct numberer 5 mi twinerer tannererer tol 3 secretz. now he sez i am spozed to do the same fing? (tannerer, r u shure????) hmmmmmm. i am such a gud boy, i hafta fink hard. me??? keep secretz???

ok anok. sunny sez i haf tu tel this won but it iz barasssing. i am ALL boy uh man an so i lik tu mark eferyfing. i haf tu. it letz eferywon no i am heer an eferyfing iz mine. wel, i kin squeez owt a drop or 2 all the time, mom sez. soooo. in the howse mom putz a belly band on me. i lik tu fink of it as a big belt. lik jon wane wood ware or sumfink... she sez az i get older i do it mor. i dunno. i ushully git it off purdy quick. drivez mom nutz she sez. i thot she wuz nutz befor i efer wuz borneded! hahaha nother scooter joke.

ok anok. hmmmm. welp, this iz not ezy cuz i doan haf secretz.......u all no that, rite? uh...i wil tri tu start fites wif sum boy dogz. mom sez napoleon complex whutefer that iz. ushully big dogz. wif mi cuzinz nex dore, i am BOSS! Speedy iz the boy chi an he iz a wimp. sory but it iz tru. Molly iz the gurl dog an efen tho she is older, i boss hur too. but we stil kin play if thay mind me!

ok anok. man this iz so hard! dang...hmmmmm.sumtimz i MITE not haf the best jugd uh jujmi uh sumtimz i doan alwaz no the bestest fing tu do. sumtimz i mite hide stuff or sumfink. (R U SHURE BOWT THIS TANNERERER???) uh, o i doan no, maybe a bone or a toy or mom'z undiez. sumfink like that... nufink els i kin fink of....hmmmmmm uh nope , i doan fink i haf hidededed anyfing els i kin fink of rite now.

ok anok so that iz 3! whew. that wuz hard cuz i am such a gud boy. rite eferybudy???? RITE! i fink i am sposed tu tel sumwon els tu do secretz, but mom sez we hav ben "owt ov the loop"? long enuff that we doan no hoo haz or haz not dun this. mi mom tawks fery funy. she iz fery hard tu unnerstan, doan u fink so???? owt ov WHUT loop??? she nefer makez sens.

ok anok i am gonna tak a nap now cuz that wuz kinda hard. an it iz tim fur sum of mi meds. that iz whut mom calz it. i cal it cheez.

ok anok see u guyz the soonerest! i git to go to the big pardy in england(i guess it iz a big howse a long wayz away. u tak a plane- miz rubys plane tu git ther. ALSO i git tu help mi twinererer Tannerer the flying dog bring candyz and treetz. COOOOL!!!!) it iz purty sooon rite mom? she sez rite.

Hi 5s

Scooter - the chi wif purdy much nufink to hide....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Good grief.

Well, see this little pink gizmo? That is where my pictures are. (Don't ask me WHY he didn't tell me, I dunno. *SIGH* ) My connection is still coming and going. AAAACCCKKKKK Whew. I have learned I can't break the puter(I guess) by fiddling with it.
Scooter wanted me to show his sad state-in jail. But he is getting better I think. Just taking time.

Also, here is the box of cookies we got from Moco. I tried to get it with the kids, but it got out of hand!!! They have had some and LOVE the Cole Valley treats.
Thank you, thank you Moco!!! And Cole Valley treats!!!!

I feel like things may get back to normal. (I still can't figure out the connection coming and going. Talking to the guru on the phone was no help except finding out about the pink dealie-in the desk drawer......) I am like Moco's mom. I don't understand what gurus say to me(specially when they can't come down to my level of understanding!)

I hope the road trip will be within the week. Fingers crossed that Scooter continues to make progress .

I better post this now before I lose my connection. We feel bad we are not visiting friends. very much. It will get better! We have 2 me mes to do. Have a great Wednesday, ok?

Sunny,Scooter&Jamie(just a shadow of her former self......)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008


The guru is gone, we are having trouble with our connection and making everything work. (Not to mention, that while he was kind enough to change the A/C filter-which is in the ATTIC*?*, it stopped working. Hmmm-Seems -like I TRIED to tell him- that unless you make sure the door thingy the filter goes in shuts just right, it cannot make the proper connection and won't work. I have an extremely hard time-well I can't-change it myself, cause the unit is way in the back and one has to crawl on hands and knees to get to it. *sigh* the A/C man came out today and was kind enough to take pity on me-fixed the door properly, A/c works again and my charge? Diet Dr. Pepper ;) WOOTHow nice was that) I still say, there are some of the nicest folks in Texas.

Aaaaannddd-I can't find my pictures........I will not panic. Will wait to call the guru to get from him what the FUZZ or WHERE the fuzz he put them. Bless his heart.......

My connection is coming and going, so I, me, moi, the puter idiot is trying to figure itall out. Probably behind some double firewall or something. All this to say GEEZ!!!!!! Hope I can blog regularly soon, And visit everyone. (And have to find the pics.) HE-guru said I was amiss in having them in the puter instead of picasso or picassa, sorry-never heard of it...

How is everyone else's Monday?!?!?! LOL I may be in the corner rocking and sucking my thumb before this is all over.

The up side-and there always is one-I think Scooter is feeling a little better. An x-ray at the vet showed something wierd, but we are putting it off to maybe he moved. Iwill not go there with that. Also, he had his teeth cleaned and 1 pulled about a week before this started. I think his positioning may have done the deed.

So I should just put up a test pattern on here til I get this all worked out I guess(yeah, I know, some of you were not around for test patterns on the TV. Ask your parents!)

Have a great evening, y'all know what I will be doing....


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Boring? you decide!

Mom says the puter guru is leaving to go home tomorrow and she hopes when he leaves, we can still work the puter. He keeps doing different things. She has no idea what. Everything about the same. Nothing to post about really, and apparently now we have to get off for the guru to do something. Again. No idea what.

Hopefully the Specialist can be avoided for Scooter. Mom decided to use some moist heat therapy(just a bit) for comfort. Scooter liked it alot. But he won't tolerate the ice therapy....anyhow, Mom is hoping he is getting better.(Guess she can't tell yet...)

Sooooo-this blog continues to remain BORING........hopefully things will pick up.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, October 10, 2008

More than one pain in the neck

Firstly, Scooter is not "bouncing back" as quickly as he normally does. We made a visit to his doc, and switched around some meds. If this continues, a specialist may be in the cards next week. He normally is better within 3-4 days. So, we will see what happens. He is getting older, but Mom is not happy with the course it is taking this time. Paws crossed here. We will ask for some paw power from y'all. Specifically, we hope a specialist does not get involved due to his age.

Another pain in the neck is Mom says the way to explain her puter problem is this. Asking the puter guru a question, for her, is like a first grader asking simply what is 2 plus 2 and having a chem professor from college giving her a long, convoluted answer. aacck. Hopefully by the time he leaves, she will be able to just USE the dang thing....(and it can be difficult when the guru is getting all exasperated because she isn't getting his "simple" explanations. AHEM) Fun times....

We did find out that one of our friends went to the bridge. Gretta, who just had 12 babies, deveoped complications and had to leave for the bidge at We are so sorry. Please let them know you are thinking of them. It is a very hard time. We send our heartfelt condolences and huge cyber hugs to them and also Willow at Willow's human mom is Gretta's human mom's daughter. They are very sad too. Gretta was Mr. T-Bone Beasley's mom. Gretta's 12 babies are about 10 days old we think. Very, very sad.


Sunny, Scooter & Jamie

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just a quicky

Scooter is about the same I think. Computers are being reformatted and such by my mom's bro-in-law,Jim, who knows all about them. So no pics. We got the Cole Valley Treats from Moco!! And Mom says we can't open til Scooter feels better. WHAT?!?
Dang-it smells good and is up on a shelf. No fair..... Thanks Moco-hopefully we will get to actually EAT some soon!
Hope to catch up to y'all tomorrow. We are sure going to take advantage of the puter expert while we can. He likes to get paid in diet cokes! Mom says that is cool.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Scooter takes a trip without leaving home...

Howdy y'all. Jamie here. Our road trip is going to hav to wait-maybe next week. I am not sure. Scooter has a bad disc in his neck. Normally it is ok, but sometimes he tweaks it. It doesn't have to be anything big. I do not know what he did but we made a trip to the vet this morning to get some meds for him. The treatment is simply that he gets crated so he has to be quiet. Meds to help reduce swelling and keep him more comfortable. Unless he is outside alone to do his business(with me there), or in my lap, he is in the crate. He knows the drill and apparently does not mind it when he feels bad. Guess he has done it enough times to know it works better this way. I won't leave him til he is better, so Sunny and I will go after he does.
These pics were taken late yesterday, he was starting to feel bad. Oh lord, he wants to dictate a few words.....
HAY! hi eferbody. Boy. Mi neck wuz reely hurtin,but now-wooooohooooo. i haf sumthin mom giveded to me an i feel reeeely gooood. ok anok. thas all. i am floatin......coooool
hi 5's
Uh, his meds have kicked in.... We will keep folks posted. He will probably feel all better in 3-4 days. Meanwhile, he is resting and enjoying his pills!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hmmm-Someone needs to read a manual

Well now. I ask you. Do these pics look like some fancy new camera took them?? Not so much. Also, Mom says no more pics of me until I get my haircut!

Scooter was busy hiding from the camera yesterday. And it is all rainy and grey today, company is coming and mom isn't going to play with that new black box today.

Y'all have a great Monday.

Hugs & Hi 5s

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mostly Silent, Sleepy Sunday

Mom is doing ok at catching up on cleaning, but needs to step it up a bit! Poor mom, she tries, bless her heart,but she is your basic slob. Any of you that have seen the "Odd Couple", think Oscar(the slob of the 2).

So that is pretty much it for today-mom and gramma are going to see my beansister and her family for awhile later. Scooter and I will hang out here.

Y'all may be waiting awhile on pics from that fancy camera!!! Mom is sorta scared of it til she reads all about it. She doesn't want to break it or something!

Have a great Sunday!


Sunny&Scooter&Jamie(not really scared of the camera, just cautious! :)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mom has an announcement

Ever since I got back from SA.(1 week now) I have been chasing my tail.(if I had one) I have been feeling like I am trying to get certain things done and doing a poor job at them all.

Part of it is that for me to leave on this roadtrip I want to go on, takes a ridiculous amount of preparation. For Mom, and other things. I wasn't very bothered by it the first few days I was home cause I had to stay off my leg more than usual(alot of walking and driving is hard on it) Now it is a week later and I need to do a better job around here.

All of this is to let you know, if I do not come around to comment, it is not because y'all are not my friends. My computer is very hard to get along with at times and I spend a great deal of time fixing the strange things it does! This all sounds like excuses, but I have to get some ducks in a row or I won't be going anywhere. And it is not a "poor me" post either.

Hope y'all understand.

Have a great weekend, Sunny may post today or tomorrow. I don't know.

HUGS to all of you

Jamie (the faster I go the behinder I get human :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

I have everything under control-of course!

(it rained a little this morning. I really get curly when it rains. But I love water and rain) Now on to the business at hand. Ok. I have spoken with Scooter. I cannot go into details at this time. Suffice to say there are a few things to be ironed out. One of my jobs is to keep mom not only safe, but I like her to be as stress free as possible when I can. I know what is going on. I think this "situation" can wait until Mom and I get back from our road trip. (Now . I can't guarantee the stress free part then....)

I found one of Mom's other camera cards. Until recently(when she started the blog) She just bought another card when one got full. Then the other camera brokeyada,yada. ANYWAY...
I sorta helped her notice the card. No problem, no stress. She has her mind on our road trip and is not worried about the card reader. There will be time for full disclosure when we get back.
Scooter feels better now(though he has to worry about certain things that apparently went down in San Antonio-well he and some other dog.) Since we have had no calls from San Antonio so far, well, that is a good thing.

Sooooo. All will wait until after the road trip. If you are curious, you will find out later. The 3 of us,myself, Scooter and the "other" dog will have to keep it quiet until later(post roadtrip).

Having addressed that, my mom has a pic of my beard for the Gooberstan contest. She actually needed 3 hands, but.....(from the new card, borrowed reader,the other card is kinda put away for now-no stress, remember??)
Mom was not sure where to measure from. She used the bottom of the lip.(Ahem-guess you can see I haven't had my grooming yet.) We think it is either 1/2 or 3/4 inch, She wanted it to be closer to the end of my jaw, but was lucky to get anything. She wants to keep it fairly a small area.(A Poodle all nice and groomed with gotee! Girl too!)
*sigh* oh well, if it makes her happy...... guess I can play along. I wonder if a Poodle can beat a dale or kerry blue or wire. My hair does grow fast. Probably can take most improved since the terriers haven't had thiers shaved with a 30 blade about 7 weeks ago. Stan, we need to decide where to measure from. Some pics were from the top of the teeth, some from the chin, lip etc.
Seems we should decide where to measure from. I'm just sayin.
ok-Hope everybody has a great weekend. Mom is happy, getting ready for the roadtrip.(Not sure which day we will leave yet.) And Mom needs to do some housework, which she hates, but sooner or later she has to dig us a path. lol
Hugs to you all, and Don't worry, be happy!!

quik update

ok anok. First sum dog said i cood not typers. well, it is hard, but cuz i haf small foots i can.

second. mi post did not destruc lik i planed.

thurd. twinster may haf helped me. i wont say cuz these wont self detruc an i doan want joey tu reed this.

forth. i am keepin a low profil now. Sunny is sus, uh suci uh thinks sumpthin iz goin on. Hu UH sunny!

fiveth. mom needs glasses tu reed. i thot abowt hidin thos, but prolly not a gud idea. U guyz mite haf ben rite but u do not no the hole story. I bet it is all gonna turn owt jus fine! Prolly.

ok an ok. i am gonna b reel sweet an gud an wen i need to, hide. i hide gud cuz i am liddol.
bsides no budy frum SA has called mom or anyfing. so i fink everyfing wil b fine. also mom loves me alot. she woodnt git mad at me. i doan fink so anyway.

Hi 5's and doan tell anyfing eferywon!
Scooter(an doan i luk o so inn-uh like an angel!)
pee ess doz eferywon haf a hard time unnerstanin me wen i tawk? i wood reely like tu no. sum dogs do i guess. do i haf tu take sum lesons frum sunny? (i hope not!)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

yo tannerer hurry


Mom is in the bed -ok Tanner-here is the hiding place. It iz the bull bell by the saddle. This post will self destruct by 0300 oct. 3. we shud b ok. i gotta go-countin on you twinster. Member, don't say nufing!!!

Scooter,running to my bed QUIK!!

ps-i cood not reach the door lock-cum down the chimney

pleez ignore this-it iz not reely a post

hay tannererer. we need to tawk soon. on the down low. i needs help soon. she iz gittin close an well,wat shud i do now. can u fly heer reel quick? soon. i am doin all i kin to distrac hur.
ok-theer is nuthin heer tu see(cept for mi twinny) move on along plz.
scooter (hopin i heer frum tannererer soon or i mit be in big trubbls)


hay guyz, i am sneekin on this pooter. doan tell mom. ok anok. see, i hided that camra but she fownd it. i haf seeed hur uze this thingy that puts picshurs frum that camra tu that pooter. i reely doan no whut happenz after that. ok anok. so i hided that thingy. she did not find it yet.

u may ask yerself why scooter? why u hidin that stuff. uh ok anok. um see,wel,thare mite be sum picshurs on thair that are incrim uh inkermi uh mite git me an sumwonelse in sum trubbles. frum SA. if shefines it,mayb she woan notice. wif the plans fer hur trip,maybe not. she is buzy so maybe not.

i wuz hidin behind that ole metal coke cooler outside. I fink i will go back now. SHHHHHH

twinsterer doan say nufing

Hi 5's