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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Doesn't look like a straw to me

Well, we are still alive. Mom said this was the last straw. Oh, and she says "Just. Don't. Ask." (She's a little on the testy side....) Crazier than ever, and she told me to let all of you know , she feels we have to take a hiatus. Too much to do, we have not found a place to move yet, we are not packed, and Gramma's stuff still not all taken care of. AAAaaaaand her other sister Katie came Sunday. But Aunty Martha and Aunty Katie have to go back to CA one week from today. Which also makes Mom bummed.
Typing with one hand made her decide we have to just get our stuff done, and come back when we can be consistant. Once again, I wish for opposable thumbs!!!!!
We all hope it won't be really long. So I guess all our stories and adventures will kinda be like waiting for a new TV season or something.
So you know we are actually still alive, here is a pic of myself and my kid(on way back from San Antonio)

Here's goofy Scooter....hahaha. Ooops, hang on, he wants to "tawk"
ok anok. wel i fink not beeein abel tu tawk fer awile reeely iz not faarerer, uh faarer, uh not rite. But noobudee lisenz tu scooter. hmmmpphh.
ok anok i hope wee duz git tu cum bak sooonerererst.
i fink i wil jus go haf a snak an a nap. acuz sunnee sez i godda go. bruvver. soo not rite.
ok anok. bye fer now.
okokok sunnee i am fru. geeeeez

We will be back as soon as we can. We miss visiting all of you. Don't forget us!!!



Monday, June 8, 2009

Wait for it, wait for it....

Hey guys, Sunny here. Mom is going to let Scooter tell his venshurs. Some of the trouble was not so much that Scooter was to be punished the rest of his natural life, but that he needs help with Mom and days go by without her even turning the puter on.

She has alot of work to do. But she is going to start on Scooter's venshurs(he does need help with the" typerering" and pics.)

Soooooooo, looks like "wait for it, wait for it..."

And one pic-an air show Scooter??????????? That boy has told me all and he got around!!!
pee ess I guess never mind me! the Brains of this outfit-hmmmpphhh...guess eventually I will get to show my road trip to San Antonio.(I wasn't allowed at Gramma's memorial service. Can you even BELIEVE IT????)

Sunday, June 7, 2009


This is Buster's Grramma. She is so pretty isn't she? She is having a special bithday today and is 90 which if you do the math, carry the 7 , uh, well let's just say she is hundreds of dog years old!

We, Scooter and I, wrote her an e-mail to ask her if she could sorta be our adopted gramma since ours left for heaven. Guess what? She said yes! And Buster said he'd share with us, even though he didn't really like to share that much. Thanks Buster, and thanks Grandi for being our adopted grramma!

We hope you have the bestest and goodest and happiest birthday ever!!! We hope you got our card we put in the big blue mailbox. We wish we could come and have cake with you, Grandi!

Big ol' Texas size hugs Grandi!


pee ess hay,hay grandi, it iz mee. scooter. fanks fur beeein owr nu gramuvver. happeee burpday!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Can you help me with Mom?

Sunny here. I'm afraid Scooter won't be telling his tale for at least a week, unless Mom relents.

During his talkin to, he was banished from the puter for all time. Hard to tell if he is actually considering remorse , ticked off or just thinking on his "venshurs". (hmm do I see a little sneer there? or is it just his lip caught on his tooth...) Then she told him after she calmed down(which no tellin when that would be) she'd reconsider the amount of time.
He's been telling me the things he's done and I'm quite surprised myself. I really didn't know he was so reasourceful. I guess he really is "smaterer than efereewon finks".

I'm going to work on Mom to let up alittle on him so he can tell his adventures. Apparently a little dude like Scooter can talk strangers into most anything and they always end up being his friend for life.

But I'll let Scooter tell the rest. He picked a bad time when Mom was already on edge anyhow with all that is going on.
(For those that don't know since our gramma died and has now had her memorial service-Mom and her sister are having to do the stuff you do with gramma's things. Very emotional time for them. People are strange. I've seen Mom and Aunty Martha go from laughing their heads off to sobbing and crying. I get it, but I don't know if Scooter does. And Mom and us sundogs are trying to also pack up and find a place to move at the same time.) I'm trying to explain all this to Scooter so he might understand why the timing of his adventure was not great.
I'll work on Mom so Scooter can tell his stories. He has told me, that he and Tanner, his twin overat , have what lots of twins have. Telepathic communication....I dunno about that. But he claims that is how he kept in touch with Tanner.

Mom decided I could put up ONE picture for Scooter. In a huge rodeo. That Scooter....

I will try my hardest to get Mom to relent. Because I've actually been enjoying the stories. uh, what Mom? Uh,ok,don't encourage him?? OK We will talk later Scooter ;)

Maybe it will help if y'all help me with Mom and ask for some leniency. I'm feelin a little sorry for the little dude now. Can you believe that??

Monday, June 1, 2009


ok anok. so this is scooter. i haf ben hafing the besterest times. u wood not beleef all i haf ben dooing or whar i am now. frum an undiscloseded loca, uh luca, uh plaas i am typeringing this.
so ok anok. i am reddee tu go home an i wil bee gitting there not this day but the nex day. hahahahahahaha i haf dun so manee cool fings an i haf makeded soo manee frenz. sum u will be feree surprizeded at.
so ok anok. i will show all of u picshurs of my ventures an acashun. acors my twinnerer Tannerer haf knoweded ware i wuz mos ov this time. but like a gud twinnerer he haf kep his mouf shut. Fanks Tannerer. nex time we will go togever.
so ok anok. i will tell u alll abowt it next day from this day-i fink that is calleded tumorow. i fink.
Jus wate til u heer. hahahahahaha uh oh-godda go stealth fur now.
high 5s