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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yes, We Are Still Around

We have a chance to make a quick post.  As some of you know, we do not have internet at our new place yet. We now live out in the country (still Denton county) on about 2 acres in a small old farmhouse.  when we can, we will show you pictures.  We hear the cyotes sing their haunting tunes.  the crickets, singing frogs, and the buzz of the locusts.  we hear all manner of bird calls and watch the buzzards loop their lazy circles.  we also have hawks big enough to carry little Scooter dude off, so he is under close supervision!
Not only do we have tree lobsters (squirrells), but rabbits everywhere. (And yep, some snakes, but it was right off the freeway where we lived before that I killed a snake in the bathroom in the house)
In short, we now live on a nice quiet peaceful piece of country.
Scooter is doing well.  He turned 13 on 9/13.  Sunny turned 9 on July 8. Nevermind how old I was on my bday 9/29.........;)
Hope we will be back soon with pics.  We miss all of you.
God Bless and Hugs