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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Circle of Life

Jan 10 was the last time i blogged and i turned off my aircard to save a buck or 2 for a bit. See, the last couple of months have been harder than normal. (And too dang cold and snowy I might add. GEEZ)

Surgery was ok, couple complications and possibly one more "little"surgery...aaaggghhhhhh But my daughter came and stayed with me 4 or 5 days til I was able to get around better and cooked me lots of wonderful homemade soup.

The time of year has been a problem for me-Jan 12 mom went to hosp. I never thought she would never come home or that nearly 2 months to the day she would leave to be with daddy. To be stupidly honest, probably, my mind has been reliving each day. I can push it away during the day to an extent but at night.The night. When sleep finally comes it brings the technicolor dreams. Kinda like seeing the damnable movie everynight. I am looking forward to March 11, 2010. THEN I think the daily documentary of watching my mother lie there and waste away and then pass, well I think it will be done. I imagine I will get in the swing of things after March 11.

The DWB losses> OMD As I would speak on the phone to a couple of friends there were losses.then another, and on............The circle of life seems to have been spinning at warp speed in 2010.

I send condolences to all. I will attempt to get around to show my respects at each site very soon OMD there was even youngster of a dear friend of mine. Deetzy's bro Sharkey. In a crazy accident. Dammit. An older friend than he ever knew. Wally Tamale. I had been reading his blog long before I blogged. How do you actually love those you have never seen in person?? This DWB family is something hard to figure out. I reckon the joy brung is the only thing to think of when these losses come about. I am still not sure if I know all the losses. Just know I will get to paying our respects.

Give your heart to a dog to tear.......

And losing people. The price of love is high. Very high.

We send love to all of you. Hope we will not be as disappointing soon.


Jamie and the sun dogs
ps James got over 73 cards at last count! And I thank you all. He wanted me to say THANK YOU more later