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Thursday, April 30, 2009



finlee i duz git tu tawk on heer!!! ok an ok. oboyoboyoboy lissenlissen guesswatguesswatguesswat (Sunny bops Scooter in the head.) ok anok. Sunny sez wen i git so citerated i duz kinna studder or somfing like it. i haf not got to tawk in furefer. an i gotz so much fings to tell u all abowt mom sez it wil tak mee mor then won post.

u all no gramuvver left fur that bridge. we iz stil helpin mom wif that an owr cuzins r purdy sad tu. BUT. me an sunny haf seen hur at hur howse an owtside rite heer. she duz look a liddol different(bedder) but we did. so we no she iz waitin wif grandadee up at that bridge.(i did see him tu-sunny did not no him, but i shur did) Mom iz gonna bee ok anok cuz we noz theez fings.
ok anok. so we git tu go on that airrubee not this day but the next won. ok anok. i wuz already soo citered an then guesswatguesswatguesswat(another Sunny thump) HAY ow. whut i wuz tryin tu say wuz PETRAPOTPIE iz goin!!!!!!!!!! An she did call me scooter the cuter on that las post. i kin not beeleef it. kin i sit wif u petra? i wil bring sum mor cornee dogs! (I tol rubee if she needz a brake frum flyin, i wil bee happee to halp. -u du member i am a speerinced pilot, rite? (mom here-those pics are on the nonfunctioning puter now..sigh)

ok anok. furst i wanna show u owr prezentsz frum wen my antz wuz heer-mom'z sissees. LOOK!

ok anok that glas won sez gud dog baddog treetz. mom sez no bad dogs heer! sunny's duz go in that won.holdezez 4 pownd box ov hur milk bonz.
ok anok then iz that clok whut sez treet time on efery time of all day an nite!!!! COOOOOL
ok anok. mi treet jar wen u open up hiz hed to get a treet duz sing hoo let the dogz owt! I luff that song now!(mom again-pavlov had it right - you should see dogs come arunnin :) purdy cool presenz doncha fink so?

ok anok. looky whut i did find owt in that yawrd. Mom sez it iz jus a leef but i fink it mita been a liddol green ufo. i am lotz smarterer than efereewon finks! i noz all bowt areea 51 an efereefing....

Thay wuz startin to tawk tu mee, i finkeded it mite be a trick!

so i did wawk awaa reel slow an then they did leef! mom haz no ideeya i did saf hur lif.

thas mee. heeero in liddol dawg clothz! ok anok hahahahahahahahaha scooter joke (maabee..)
u jus nefer no.
ok anok mom se we godda go. an she sed tu sho u sunny's shirt ov the day. big deal.king tut.
Showt owt tu mi twinnerer, tannerer. we wil haf a venture won day soon! WHHHAAAASSSUUUPPP tanmeister??
Hi 5's to efereewon!
pee ess that sunny tawks lik that dogter is jus hurz. he belongz tu me tu!!! U kin vizit him rite heer

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Somebody slipped me a mickey!

Here's where it happened....

I'm all done with my surgery. Here's a picture of the hospital and it's sign. If you live near Denton, you should go here! It went very well according to my doc. I had full panel bloodwork-all perfect.(ahem, of course..) And besides fixing the cyst that "sploded" all over ,I had 2 more starting that he lasered. I even got micro chipped. AND he even lasered my nails which made them nice and short (that was a freebie-my Doc is the best.) His name is Dr. Randy Wuensche and he is a Texas A&M grad. We feel like Aggies are the best vets! So here is a picture of me and my Doc:

Uh, doc, wake up!!!

There ya go! He kept asking Mom if he needed to comb his hair for the pic. He makes Mom laugh.
There's just one thing. Somebody at the hospital DRUGGED me up! Can you believe it?! I was kinda woozy and bam:next thing I know I wake up woozy again. When I got home I went outside, ate then slept until 10:30 when Mom woke me up to go outside and shove a pill down my throat. Then I slept til 10 this morning! woohoo. Mom gave me another different kind of pill and it makes me feel kinda tired too. (Either that or I'm still coming down from my "trip" yesterday. Geez.)

Here's only 0ne pic of my surgery sites. Mom says some of y'all get queasy. But it looks real good.

Mom would have put this up earlier but she left the camera at the vet's office! (Truly, they should never drug me because Mom is so absent minded, she needs a keeper, and that's my job!)

Ok, ya know when last Mom let me post I couldn't get the tegaderm off? HA! I did. Now, I never wear clothes. But Mom put me in one of her t-shirts!!!! (mom here-well I did let her wear my Earth, Wind and Fire shirt...)

Scooter has been laughing his a, uh butt off. Brothers are so annoying.
Gee whiz, I sure am tired today. Thanks for the pink shirt Mom. Nice of you to share so Idon'tchew out my stiches.(can't help myself-really)
Guess I'll just take a nap. Kinda sore too. Scooter is hollaring no fair again, but he will get to post next time. Geez Scooter, grow up already. I'm the one that had the surgery and was drugged and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
shhhhhhh Sunny's back off to sleep. She sends hugs

Friday, April 24, 2009

Splugery Monday-ugh

Hi guys!!! Long time no blog. Scooter nd I were going to flip a coin, but Mom said I could go first cause I am having surgry Monday! I have an epidermal occlusion cyst-fancy way of saying sebacious cyst. And it exploded! Mom has some pictures and is trying to keep a dressing on it so it doesn't get all infected .I have a couple more tiny ones that he will laser. This one started out tiny too and Mom thought maybe I had something in there festering. Then it got really big and sshe could feel the big old sac. Then, the night before my vet appt, it 'sploded sebum everywhere! Mom had to shave me a bald spot where it is. So now I get those antibiotics and Mom is pulling her hair out trying to keep me from messing with it and keep it covered.
So far, vet wrap with gauze dressing under. She even tried to put it across my chest so it wouldn't roll back. Then the vet wrap got all wound on itself, so, ace badage with tape-HA! Then she shaved even more hair to tape the gauze. HA. She went to tagaderm by itself. So far, it is winning. (I can reach it with my huge teeth) But it is very hard to get off.)
I know you are thinking. Sunny, you are such a good girl and mom is haing a hard time. EXACTLY!!! I am keeping her so busy with this, she is really thinking on fixing the dressing problem. TA-DA.
Yesterday was a bad ear hair day. don't care but Mom thought it was funny. And, in my last pic, you can see I did too. We poodles have a great sense of humor.
Scooter, however, evn tho there is proof of Mom loving him up, shows what he thinks about not being able to blog today......
Mom says she has the old laptop hobbling along, but it has letters that stick(you hit hem and they do not type) and will sometimes just shut itself down. or freeze up. Mom says probably because it overheats, she thinks. So She turns it off every (depending on how it is actng) 15 to 45 min. Makes for slow going.
We are going to try to visit all our wonderful friends. In between puter shutdowns, Mom's errands, Mom's packing(uh-she hasn't really started but needs to),and her meltdowns.
Oh so good to talk to my friends!!!!!!!! (Uh, special hi to StannyBaby. Hope he hasn't found a new girlfriend :(

Hope the above don't make you quesy. Burst cyst after being cleaning(mostly)

Pitiful attempt(pink vet wrap across chest)

Tegaderm. Foiled so far

SOOO Funny!!!! Gotta laugh. It's good for ya!

bruvver. no fair. ok anok-scooter

Hugs, we've missed all of you. I know everything will be fine-gramma will wait for us like us dogs do at the bridge.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Quick update

Right now I am in my Mom's side of the duplex. My computer is not working-where all my pics are. Anyhow I have an old laptop I am trying to get to work(it does-sorta on and off) Anyhoo-it is surreal to come here. Til we take the ashes to San Antonio on May 22, everything stays the same over here. Just no one here. My sisters from CA are not coming until a couple of days before May 22. I can't see sitting in here for long, so I'll try to see what I can do about my computer and getting my pictures.
I am better physically. Mentally I have some days that are ok and some that are not. Time. That is all that helps I guess. 6 weeks today since Mom died and 11 years tomorrow since Daddy died.
Sunny and Scooter say hey!!
Hope you are all doing ok.
I'm off to my side of the duplex. Hope I get my computer issue solved soon.
Hugs and love,

Friday, April 10, 2009

Rockin pneumonia & the boogie woogie flu..

Yep that is the title of a real old song(even before my time). Finally went to the doc and found out I have the "walkin pneumonia" & UTI. So now maybe after starting the antibiotics, I may be able to actually function. Sure can't hurt. The body is an amazing thing. When I took Anatomy & Physiology in nursing school, it amazed me what just ONE cell does 24/7. Stress, not eating and sleeping & grief depletes some hormones, releases some others and bam. Your body will tell you to take care of yourself better. I was chastized somewhat for the wt. loss, but my doc understood. So... give me a couple of days to get stronger and we will do better.
Stories are waiting to be told. By sunny and scooter here, and lord I really need to have another blog for the insanity going on. (Hint-try to make sure the lawyer you go to got his degree somewhere other than a box of Cheerios.....OMD)
Thankfully the fevers are beginning to lessen so I hope to feel somewhat human after a couple more days.
Happy Easter to all-and Happy Passover. I love you all. You have been such a support for me for 4 months now. WOW. God Bless y'all, cause you have blessed me. Thank you
pee ess I never told you if anyone was right on the pic of mom and her 3 girls. Most of you were wrong-2 were right-and uh, well, you're the prettiest one is sorta not a guess? ;) I am the one on the left as you look at it-in the blue shirt Khyra got it right 1st. And the Goobmeister himself got it right 2nd. Sorry no priszes......

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I want to apologize. I thought Sunny& Scooter would be blogging way sooner than now. My numbness left shortly after I blogged last. Right now I have some kind of crud(not unusual for stress to manifest physically) I do what I must do and just collapse. My sisters are not coming til May 22. So, all the CRAP that one has to do when someone passes is me. I guess When I picked up Mom's "cremains" must be when I just realized everything. Lawyer to probate(tho Mom does not have much-not inheritance tax in TX unless a million dollar estate. Mostly this dam duplex she bought 2 years ago in Aug which is a money pit and is going to someday be torn down for freeway expansion. Too bad it is not now) Anyhow, even if I could afford it, I can't stay here. Too hard. She will be interred in Ft Sam Houston National Cem with my Daddy.(San Antonio) on May 22 at 2. Meanwhile, the urn is on the mantle on her side besides Daddy's folded flag. I have to go take care of her 2 dogs several times a day, (my sister will take them when she comes) I don't bring them over here, because I would never sleep, which is hard enough now. Since it has been nearly 2 years since we all lived in the same house the barking howling, etc. Besides, I want to try to keep things as normal as I can for them(I hate it-they were looking for mom starting in Jan, since she died, well, they just know something)
Mom's taxes, can't find the title to her car(she hasn't driven due to her sight for about 4 yrs, but wouldn't sell the car...
Whoa. sorry again. just carried on & on. I guess there is something about not havin parents anymore. (Yep-I know lots of people do not-but it is new to me)
I want to post about the dog show I went to on the 21st. I will try to get the umph tomorrow.
Sunny&Scooter are good. tired of the salty baths.. ha Irony for you-my son got orders for Korea right before Mom died. If you watch the news, you will see the dam irony. I gotta keep looking at that arrow on my fence... ha
I said about my Daddy. You never get over it, but you learn to live with it. I am trying to learn to live with it and moving, and seeing if I can get some sort of case manager nursing job with the problems I have.
Thanks for listenin...