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Friday, February 18, 2011

An Airedale and TV

I'm watchin a dvd called gone with the wind.  not bad. that rhett butler has some smooth moves.  gotta jet, leavin for the pawty at astas  the other 2 sundogs didnt want me to go but size has advantages so this mom lady says.  she is typin for me. been on the phone allll mornin while the weather is so nice.  how crazy is she??
Do you HAVE to get right in front of the TV?????  The GOOD part is coming on!!!!!!!

(Note from "the Mom lady"  Don't let this pic fool you.  He may be bigger, but one certain growl from Sunny and he ceases and desists.  He knows who is boss and if she tires of playing of playing bitey out.  you will see that big ole dale's belly and jugular exposed forth with. )

PS will give update on what I have found out, who I have spoken to etc.  RPOA of Texas (see below) can use donations.  Whatever you can give.  But I do have some tentative good news.  Just not out of the woods.  Now I need to get hold of all the vets in my town, see who belongs to VMA and try to get hold of it's president.  I liken it to Obama stating the AMA was behind his healthcare plan.  Very low percent of docs belong to the AMA anymore.  So we shall see.  I smell a rat in the VMA, so need to have Texas vets come together and see what this is all about.  Not paying attention is a lot easier, but...some things are worth fighting. Lots of things actually)
Give what you can and watch in your own states and communities.  There are resources for us to use. AKC, kennel clubs, and organizations like rpoa of TX.  We WILL win.  By fighting.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Recent experiences with local legislation to stop all breeding and sales of

pets (no matter what the species) in Texas had given us fair warning of what

to expect. RPOA has taken a beating with local "animal rights" city

ordinances because of the Texas "axis of evil" -- Texas Humane Legislation

Network (THLN), HSUS, PETA, Animal Legal Defense Fund, and ASPCA.

These are all national "animal rights" organizations (except for THLN, the

HSUS lapdog) promoting legislation

to end all use of animals for any reason - including food, clothing,

research, entertainment and pet ownership. The extremists accuse all of us

of being "exploiters" when the true animal exploiter is the Animal Rights

Industry itself that spins animal cruelty and dog/cock fighting for

fundraising purposes. HSUS is a "Fundraising Mill."

When asked if he envisioned a future without pets, "If I had my personal

view, perhaps that might take hold. In fact, I don't want to see another

dog or cat born." Wayne Pacelle, vegan HSUS president (Bloodties: Nature,

Culture and the Hunt by Ted Kerasote, 1993, p. 266).

The 1993 FBI Report to Congress states that all extremist "animal rights"

groups are believed to be associated with each other by leadership,

membership, or both. Texas has an abundance of these extremist sub-groups

deliberately calculated to make the movement appear to be larger than it

actually is. They are mostly the same people!

Today-they are at the Texas State Capital.  Yes we will be on the steps soon.  If you want to be able to have dogs/cats/birds, rescue or not...READ what the Pres of Humane Society of the US says"In fact, I don't want to see another dog or cat born"  HU?????????Over my flippin dead body.

Follows a bill that is being brought up-


>From RPOA Texas Outreach and

Responsible Pet Owners Alliance

"Animal welfare, not animal 'rights'

and, yes, there is a difference."

Permission granted to crosspost.

February 17, 2011

Texas HB 1451 Rep. Thompson's Anti-Breeder Bill Filed Today!

Rep. Senfronia Thompson has filed HB 1451, the long awaited anti-breeder

bill and has a Press Conference scheduled at 2:30 PM today.

To view the press conference go to

PLEASE???  No more Airedales? No more WFT, GSD. Oh I could cry!
at 2:30. cst

RPOA has just received a copy of the bill and will publish an analysis



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PLEASE>  IMPORTANT>>>>  And they can weasel all kinds of things in breed bans,  Like fees by wt,  There is a bill being looked at that requires no dogs over 20 lbs?!?!?!?!  Look, Wheter you adopt, whether you want to buy a specific breed., whether you are a RESPONSIBLE breeder that loves a breed has litters rarely and considers it a sort of art(and believe me, I know lots of folks don't get that part of it.  I do.  Had very few litters over the years and studied and studied.  I di pretty good.  Bred healthy, beautiful babies.  And if ever they could not keep their dog, the contract stated-bring it home to me.  RESPONSIBLE breeders. ) PLEASE GET INVOLVED!  Ticks me right off being told what to do-and in Texas too.  send what you can to help and PLEASE CROSS POST!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Such Cold In The Aire

Sure "nuff.  Texas had *shudder* lots of snow(with the lovely 2 in. of ice underneatThis birdbath is under a tree, didn't see any crazy birds trying to take a snow bath....h)
Sooo glad I froze myself to shovel you a path/area so you wouldn't freeze off what you are now freezing off.(Note Scooter is wearing his turtleneck sweater with his "parka")

Thought Sunny was in trouble.  Did my best attempt at running in my "snow"boots.(We don't have snow boots in Texas by Gawd)  Upon arrival Sunny just looked at me as if to say"Dadburn it woman.  I am trying to get the snowballs off my pads.  Could you get a grip and help me out?! "
Can you see the trouble with this pic??  Cactus-snow.  these do NOT go together.  Period
The back forty.  Deeper down there than in front yard.  Just ain't fittin for this to happen.
OK.  Knowing a couple of inches of ice lies under this white, cold mess, who wants to take bets that someone nearly broke their neck???HMMMM
Having been visited by various and sundry animals, domesticated and non, is this a bear, a calf out in the dadburn blizzard?????  Well, I am NOT going out to see what it is because.......

I KNOW what it is......................scroll down and I will show you

the 3rd Texas Sundog

Introducing Bentley George(he has many other names)  He came to us Nov. 21 at 7 months old(nearly)  He was Born May 2, 2010 at the Ten Killer Airedales and is in training to become my service dog. (Thank you Sherry for letting me have him)  Smart dude and Sunny set him straight right quick who the alpa dog was.
He was in the last post.   Who saw him?  (BTW, he loves the snow and would freeze into a statue if i let him stay out in it long enough.)  Thank God and Greyhound it is in the lower and mid 70's this week during the day and that is how it SHOULD be!!!  After this week, who knows.  All you Sibes(Khyra and all) you may have allllll we have gotten and *shudder* whatever more we do get.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Looking back before the artic came to us

Howdy from Siberia(formerly known as Texas)y'all!
All of us are colder than-well-sh*t-which isn't really cold I guess.  Last week we were housebound for 5 days.   This second round may only be 2 days. Last week, Lost power, lost water.....I mean more fun than one human being should have. Poor little scooter had to have a path dug so he could do all his business. (that was fun with my little shovel and ice underthe snow......) Now I laugh when I was cold at 68F.  HAHAHAHAHA! I will take that anytime!  I do miss global warming..........It just ain't fittin to have below zero temps(with wind chill) here.  I mean 17,15, tonite we may break the 12 degree record from years ago. (Yes, I know all over the country has had lots of snow and cold...but to be the same temp as Green,flippin,Bay, Wisc. one day last week???!!!!) Scooter hates it.  

BTW, This is Scooter's little yard area.  Was in the 40'sF when he was out in his sweater.  I have newer pics, but am having trouble loading them.

  Finally, we are going to get our reg internet, and T V (and landline phone)!!!!  If it ever stops with the ice and snow and crap that is!!

As soon as that happens we will be back visiting and blogging.(I know...y'all wait with baited breath)  Y'all who know me know I am a nut for taking sunrise and sunset pics.  This is the beginning of sunset in early Dec.. I must have 50gazillion of them by now.  Lots.

All the Sundogs say Howdy too.
Posted by a frozen Jamie (Did you know that very old farmhouses do NOT have alot of insulation????? When the wind blows one must stay under the covers.  When the elec went off I had every blanket and dayum they were heavy.  I nearly killed Scooter with just the weight I think...)

PS  Sunny here.  Way back in Oct I heard Mom on the phone talking about getting a Bentley?!?!
Does this look like a car she should have???  I think NOT!  But then, she does visit crazytown more than she really should.  For the record, a little snow is fun, 6-8 inches...getting a bit much. And then it burns your feet and little balls of snow bug you.  And I do NOT like ice....
Hugs, Sunny