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Friday, May 29, 2009

Breaking News

Holy guacamoley, Scooter is still not here. Tanner, ,(Mom can't make a name a link-duh Mom) Anyhow, Tanner dropped Scooter off here. We got a call from Scooter this morning.

Turns out it was not Snoop Dog's place where the mansion and big cars were. It was this guy. Mark Cuban, a billionare here in TX. He owns the Dallas b ball team. Some rich dude alright.!!
Scooter swears he wasn't asked to leave because he was peeing on everything.......

hmmmm. sure....

The pub Tanner found turned out to be in Waco! About 2 hours south of here. According to Scooter's call, he "finks he shood haf a kayshun too". He said he was having a nice time and had met lots of nice drunks, I mean folks at the pub.

Mom told him we would come get him, but he said Nope,he wasn't "froo wif his kayshun", he was going to try to get hold of a plane(You do remember our grandaddy, the Air Force pilot taught him to fly, right? Why is beyond me!) You may remember seeing him in his flight sunglasses last October.

Mom is hollaring "SCOOTER!!" He then goes on to say if that doesn't work out he's going to grab himself a horse. Just a good ol Texas cowboy who loves to ride. (Our saddle is here at home, so...)

Then he said something abowt just being a child of the wind and that he was born to be wild?!?!? And hung up.

Mom is calling in the TEXAS RANGERS!! They always get their man. Or in this case, Chihuahua. They even got Bonnie & Clyde. (They have cars and helicopters too, but we feel like Scooter has a better chance at snagging a horse than a plane. We HOPE)

To be continued........

Boy I hope he gets in the biggest trouble EVER!!
Pee Ess. Mom hopes he doesn't go the wrong way and hit the border. Those Beagle Border Guards are real stict and of course Scooter doesn't have his papers with him....
(this is just a cute pics of dogs, not any statement on immigration ,k? Jamie)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where in the world is Scooter???

Well, sheesh, when last we saw him Scooter was dragged kicking and whining to "the big howse, the lock up, etc,etc" In reality he was going to board at Doc Randy's for 3 days. And here are pics of the last time we saw him...
Doc was trying to tell him the theatrics were not necessary, he wasn't a "warden" and for Scooter to put on his "big boy pants"! (And please stop raking the bars with his bowl, and stop with the "free Scooter" stuff)
So, he gave it up and tried the pitiful look........

But, we had to go, so it didn't work. So we were shocked to find him gone when we returned. Doc was puzzled. (and worried) He had never had a jail break before!

Then, we put two and two together and thought TANNER!!! yep, he answered Scooter's call for "halp". (Following awesome photos by Rhonda, mom at Joey and Tanner's place.

Apparently they had a great time...parades, dropped in on random BBQs here and there....

Uh, then this. Didn't look good.......
Oh yeah,it was all fun and games and sure enough, suddenly the festive holiday turned a bit ugly. They burned down someone's garage! Sheesh. Those twins...the "DOOFI boys"(doofi=plural of doofus) Tanner wanted a picture of the firemen.....

Now Tanner is grounded,(again), and he told his pawrents he had dropped Scooter off at home. Uh, well, we haven't found him yet. No doubt he is hiding....
Mom says we'll keep you posted.
Hugs, Sunny

Monday, May 25, 2009

We Remember

On this Memorial day, we remember all who served our country who are no longer with us. Some fell in battle, some retired and lived out their natural lives,some in accidents,some due to illnesses. All served and sacrificed for this great nation. Thank you to all of you who now rest in peace. "They also serve who stand and wait" Service spouses are one of a kind.

This circle of flags had every state flag, every branch of the service flags, many,many others.

Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio TX is an old and very big National cemetary. The pictures are from Ft. Sam. (As you know, Mom 's remains were interred with Daddy's Friday, May 22.)

My grandaughtr, Maddy, with a pink carnation she wanted to put on the gravesite herself.

My son and daughter after our service for Mom.
Yes WE REMEMBER ALL OF YOU AT REST. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. And if you will , take a little time out from your barbecues to remember all of the men and women who haved allowed us to live in this great nation.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

well bruvver

ok anok. gess whut? i am goin to the slammer. member that dogtur? i iz goin tu stay in his jail today til Sat nite or mon mornin.
ok anok an just wheer will Sunny be????? Wif Mom in san antonyo, in a motel?!?! this is abuz plane an simpel. yessiree bobtale kiten. not that i doan like dogtur wenshe. BUT. howz cum i doan git tu go. hu HU?!?!BRUVVER this heer iz no farez. ok anok
OK anOK So i wil prof uh pervri uh, show u picshurz lader ov PRUFF!
So, uh, well tannerer, kin u fly ofer an spring mee frum this heer jail, slammer, this heer big howse, the lockup? halp. I needz u twinnerer. wee cood haf sum funz of owr own.
OOOOOPZ her cumz mom. i risk mi life postin this. i alreddee heerz thoz keys raddlin ov the wardon. anok. i needz u tannerer. PLEEZ!!!!
ok anok godda go. noz tellin wat wud hapen if mom cawt me. SIGH
goin into stealth mode now. ok anok. FREE SCOOTER!!!!
sad hi 5Scooters

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lots of stuff

Ok, well Mom did find a new puter. She found a deal on a Toshiba. Problem is there hasn't been time to learn it. Martha, my sister from CA. drove in yesterday and tomorrow we leave for San Antonio for Mom's interment at Fort Sam Houston National cemetary,where we will have our service and the urn will be burried with Daddy,(just think bunkbed style. That is how spouses have one plot.) So lots of things to be done to get ready to head out in the morning. Guess my normal attire of jeans won't fly. About 5 hour drive and we neet the Air Force Chaplain at 1:30 on Friday. The service to be at 2 (1400 hours in military time)
=She was sooo happy to see Martha. She is her big sister and best friend. She just had to hug her and cry some.
Before Martha got here yesterday Mom had to take her Mom and Daddy's dog Molly to Randy-the Doc. Without going into detail, we helped Molly cross the bridge and she is with Mom and Daddy now. She was 16, but every since Mom went to the hospital and particularly after she died, Molly has gone down hill quickly. There was nothing he could do for her, so Mom just held her and talked to her as she left. She has a pictue(phone pic) of her while she was holding her waiting for Doc.

Goodbye sweet Molly. Say hi to Gramma and Granddaddy for all of us.

This is Speedy, our other cousin (he is Tess's brother) He will go back to CA with Martha. She is staying here for six weeks so Mom and she can take care of Gramma's things. We will all move in the next couple of months. We just don't know exactly when though or where. (But we will be staying in Texas, and find a place closer to Mom's daughter Jody, and our kid.

We have to go. Mom has bazillion things to do. And just so you know we are alive and well here are pics of us!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Good Grief

Well, Since mom is tired of cussing out this computer(tried 2 times to post and stupid puter shut itself off and we lost them.) Soooooo, it looks like Mom is about to go ahead and go to the Dell sale on now. She says there is enough to be frustrated about without this. She's been trying to save up and when the sale book came in the mail the other day, she thinks maybe she needs to take a look. No pictures this time because This thing is already starting to blink! ARRRGGHH.
Have a great weekend and keep your fingers crossed Mom finds one she can actually afford.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Dandelions From Heaven

Mother's Day is coming... and I wanted to send you a sign...Something you can tell others .. "Is from an angel of mine."So I searched the Heavens high and low for that perfect thing...And low and behold I found it... and a smile I hope it will bring.So when you look to the Heavens .. and see the yellow stars in the sky...Just think of me ... your angel .. in the Heavens way up high...And just imagine those stars ... are dandelions above...Yes!! Dandelions are also in Heaven... which you know how much I love.

So on this Mothers Day... when you awake and feel blue...You will notice those yellow stars ... are no longer in view ...So just look to the meadows and the dandelions you see...Are the ones I've tossed down again this Mother's Day from me!!And when you find a dandelion that has turned from yellow to white...You're supposed to make a wish... and then blow with all your might.For you will be blowing me in Heaven above...And I will be catching them and blowing them back... sent with all my love.

Please know that I am with you... on this Mothers Day...And also in the days ahead...God and I will never stray...We will be with you in the morning...when you wake and see the sun...We will be with you when you say your prayers...when the day is done.For God and I will never be...very far from your side...For I can now be everywhere...and God will be your guide...

So...remember when you see dandelions...its your guarantee...That I am always close to you...For dandelions are free to just like me

Happy Mother's Day Mom.
And to all of you who are moms have a wonderful day. To those of you with Moms, tell them how much you love them. To those of you with moms in heaven, I share this poem with you. I know this day will get easier with time, right? God Bless

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Let the sun shine, let the sunshine in.......

Does anyone hear "Age of Aquarius"? Is she stuck in the seventies with this tie dye stuff? (Hey-Jamie here-I just like tie dye-I even tie dye on occasion myself...sorry. I love the colors and different patterns.)

OK, I like it too.....

Also, she does have some tank tops for when it gets hot. This one is so pastel, It's hard to see.
Scooter mentioned something about alien pods in the yard and to watch out. Where does he get this stuff??
Pods,shmods, I'm bored. I'll watch them later.
I think it is treat time probably...
(Thanks to all involved in the wheelie wedding. It was awesome. Stannybaby was really handsome in his tux. And Asta hooked me with a great up and coming designer.WOO. Beautiful dress. Thanks to Ruby as always. )
Mom says to let you know this-uh, MOM-did you say what I thought you said?! Well, I'll edit for you, miss pottymouth!
Ahem, she says this "silly" computer is driving her "HBO words-lots" nuts. So we still hold our breath and hope we get the post done before it does something "crazy" . Visiting? We try, and will keep trying. We try to get some quick reading of y'alls blogs in. Rarely leave comments so far because of the "HBO blankety blanking" puter. Really Mom, just let it out now. I won't write any of it down-got your 6 Mom.