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Friday, December 31, 2010


Twas the night before new year
and all through the house
the sundogs were thinking
no way will we be quiet as a mouse!

Come on new year, come on down here!
we've stories to tell, been silenced so long
Mom says she has figured out how to get those internets
And says this time she isn't singing that same old song!

So all of you have a very good new year
we are wishing for a kind and gentle one that has
jobs for those who need them, health &happiness too
just a year to be a good one for all the masses.

okokok  No more attempt at poor rhyming.  Within a week or so (depends on work schedule of the company.  Kinda when they can get to us.  Oh and TV too.  Scooter misses his Animal Planet.  Seriously) the sundogs will be getting internet at home, so we can post on our blog and visit our friends too.
We do want to show you our place-and the assorted livestock around us. Like this guy who came to visit and hung out on the back porch.........



Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to All!

As we await Santa over at our human sister's house, our girl is waiting for Santa to make his way around the globe.  She knows she has to be asleep before he can come to Texas and it is still too early for him.
Before we go to bed, we will read, as we do every year, the wonderful story of the very first Christmas when angels appeared before a babe in a manger. 
We send you joy, peace, and good will toward others no matter what your faith is.. 
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a very GOOD NIGHT!!
(Dang Blogger won't let us to a picture......just imagine us all spiffy and stuff :-)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

OPY, Run Free

I could not believe the news of Opy's trip to the Rainbow Bridge when I got a chance to get on the computer. 
My heart breaks.  The Queen of DWB has joined the King, Charlie- where the sun always shines, where they are young painfree and can have all theMc nuggets and full happy meals-fries, all the cheeseburgers they want.  Heck Filet mignon if they so wish.
Opy was not so Gruff really.  That is why I love this picture of her smiling. She and her King of DWB, Charlie, leave a legacy that few if any dogs can claim.  (With the help of Brooke and Gregg), they began a family, a community with a kinship I've never seen among people from all over the globe.  A family that shores oneanother up when needed-giving comfort(which I have been the recipient of when my mom died.  and for reasons I cannot explain, it helps.) and when needed pulls together to help folks out in other ways.
The Texas Sundogs bow in respect and will howl to the Heavens tonight and many nights. 
I, Jamie, the human, will send prayers and hold Brooke and Gregg very tightly in my heart. God Bless y'all my Aussie friends.  You are being sent hugs from around the world and I only wish that there was something, anything that I/we could do.
so much joy, so much pain "when you give your heart to a DOG to tear".
Bye for now dear OPY.  Just for now.  BJP, try to do all you can to help out your mom and dad.  I know you will miss her too.
Sad, sad licks and hugs
Jamie and the Texas Sundogs