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Sunday, November 30, 2008

ansers tu bellee band qwestshuns

ok anok. so i hadeded sum qwestshuns bowt this bellee band. i likez tu mark fings. alot. parently, mom sez i kin sqweez owt drop after drop after drop. she sez i am mazing. duh. we noes that. i dunno why this iz sum kinda ishoo, but parently fur hur it iz. so i warez this an i doan tri tu mark. ok anok. corse i doan. i am smarterer than eferywon finks.. i keepz tellin hur that. i kin git owt ov this fing fery eezee an do alotz. wich also drivez mi mom crazee. duh agin. she alreddy iz!! hahahaha won of mi scooter jokez!!!
uh, Marvin. mi band duz not play any moosic. maybe it iz brokeded?? i tol mom tu get me won that duz. we'll see. ok anok.
Khyra, i duzent needz it tu hold fudz in mi tummee.
Dannan, it iz reely not so bad. #1 it iz bedder than beein gateded off in the kitchen. #2 u reely kin git it off if u tri. mom haz nefer fownd won that i kin not git off. hahaha
Dennis, nop it iz nuffing lik a jellee been. tu bad, hu?
ok anok. i fink i ansereded eferywon. o yeh. mom sez az i getz olderer i getz wurserer bowt this marking. whutefer mom. i gotta let eferybudy no i am heer!! an markin iz how u du that. duh mom.
ok anok. i fink i needz a snak.
hi 5s
pee ess fankz fur not makin fun ov me. an i lik the boxer shorts ideea.
pee ess #2 i sleepz in mi bed on the big bed cuz i fallz off the bed lotz if i doan haf this won liddol place tu stay... mom sez that iz whi she wuz callin me a doofus befor we efer meeteded Tannerer
agin i say whutefer mom

Friday, November 28, 2008


hay eferybudy! ok anok. so u guyz no hoo this is. yup, mi liddol gurl. we haddeded turkee an sum cornbred dressin an sum cranbereez an sum rollz an sum liddol green fings whut luk like a cabbag but iz liddol. sum kinda sprowtz mom sez. ok anok. so we r gonna take a nap an eet sum mor later.
matter of fact, i fink i need a snak now!
ok anok.
haf a reel nice weekend.
hi 5s
pee ess yeh. i haf mi belly band on. do not mak fun ov me!! ok anok.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

We hope all of our friends find things in their lives to give thanks for today. AND, that everydoggie, kittie, and hammie gets some people food!
Sunny, Scooter & Jamie

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Welcome Home Marvin! and the answer to the chew

Happy day before Thanksgiving everyone. Well, in the US, so to our friends not in the US, Happy Wednesday!
As for the guesses, we have a couple of y'all who were close, a couple were spot on. From the start to the nub of the bone was 7 minutes. Joe Stains guessed 7 minutes and he was right! From start to the end was 10 minutes. Dewy guessed 10 and Lorenza guessed 10. Lots of ya'll were close.
Mom still wants to know Pedigree's definition of "long lasting!"
We don't know how many of you knew Marvin, the hollow hound from Scotland before he stopped blogging last March. If you didn't you must go meet him now. Marvin and his human Jeannie live in Scotland. Marvin is an excellent poet and takes his handsome self all over the beautiful Scottish countryside.
When his folks go on vacation, they bring lovely pictures home for Marvin. They went to Spain last year and the pictures they brought home to Marvin were gorgeous.
What we are trying to say is if you don't already have Marvin in your list of friends to visit, you should do it now! .
Marvin is funny.
Marvin is handsome.
Marvin is a fantastic poet.

Isn't he a gorgeous hunk of dog?! Love his scottish accent too.
Why Aire Ruby's very first flight was to Marvin's house in Scotland for his birthday!
And let us not forget educational.
Marvin & Jeannie very often have educational posts.
Like the one in which they answered the age old question,

What does a Scotsman wear under his kilt?


(Bet you don't know)
Marvin provided evidence..

See?????? Where else would you find out such interesting and important facts?!?
An example of his poetry from comments yesterday:
"Especially and only for your Mum
My blog now has the picture of the Scotsman and his bum"

Really, you must go meet Marvin if you haven't already. And if you are like us and already know him, heee's baack!!
Welcome Back Marvin & Jeannie!!!!!
Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving
Sunny&Scooter &Jamie(the mom who better do some actual cooking. aacckk)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Go Ahead, Guess

Joe Stains said Freda would want us to continue to have 1,2 1,2 lots of laughs, so we are......

Firstly, Mom shaved that "beard". (MUCH better, don't you think?) Here I am in a real silk scarf from Paris that was given to Mom by a male nurse friend several years ago. She has never worn it, bet he didn't know a Poodle would wear it! (Or maybe he did-my mom is known as the K9 Nut. hah)

Since I cannot have rawhides, Mom is always looking for something I can chew on that might last a while.

This "Pedigree Super Chew" is for dogs weighing 50 to 120 pounds. (At my last vet visit I was about 56-58 pounds) AND. it states it is "a long lasting chew".

(Mom says don't look at my nails. I give her a hard time about them and she will soon"hogtie" me to get them done..She also says I am not finished being groomed. So I guess I will be one of these days when she gets done playing around. Would somebody get her a life please?)

After the "let's show off how well Sunny minds, give her the leave it command and make her look at it without touching it" show we have to go through,

I am at last allowed to begin...

Would anyone like to guess the amount of time elapsed from the start to this???

Go ahead, guess. There are not any prizes for this, maybe next time.

I did finish it all, but Mom had to answer the phone, and couldn't take pictures of the end. She does know how long it took to finish it off though. So guess how long it took to get to the last pic. I'll tell you after the guessing how long it took to get to this state and how long it took to polish it off from start to finish.

Here is what Scooter did most of the weekend. Most of the time all you could see was the throw covering him up. Mom has quite a few of those pics. We should play "where's Scooter" like they used to play "where's Waldo" with those pictures. hah

(BTW, I was sneezing in that last pic of me with all my big teeth showing in the post before last)


Sunday, November 23, 2008

RIP Dear Freda

Dear, sweet Freda, Delta Bunny has gone to the bridge. We loved reading her blog (hers was one of our very favorites and one of the first we began to read way before we ever had our own blog.)

We know her people are heartbroken. She brought 1,2 1,2 , thousands of smiles to us.
Have fun at the bridge dear Freda , where you are once again young and healthy.
Very Sad Hugs,

Friday, November 21, 2008

What do YOU think???

You would think this is the Scooter blog. I am getting a bit miffed about it. While I am mature and all that I do have feelings. Hear that Mom?!

Ok. Now that's off my chest. I have something else bugging me. Mom has been "playing" with my hair. She does that sometimes. (Shows just what an exciting life she leads, don't you think????)

She says I look like somebody called Don King with my big hair...
She also jumped in and told Stan of Gooberstan I'd be in the beard contest that goes til January.
Personally, I think I look ridiculous and so does Mom. She thinks we should go ahead and cut this "beard" off. Especially since she wants to take some Christmas photos.(Yep. You read right. Not even CLOSE to having any cards ready. OMDOG!)
These last 2 pics tell you how I am feeling about all this playing with my hair and this beard thing.....
please,please, knock it off, Mom. please
What do y'all think. Shave the beard, right? And tell Mom to stop playing with my hair!!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

me an mi liddol gurl

I played "bitey hand" wif mi liddol gurl..(not reel biting)

I kisseded hur in the eer..

i kisseded hur in the mouf...
i giveded hur a "spit baf".....

An tuday i halpeded mom wif puter ishuz...uh issuez

it takeded bout 30 minits to git 161 picshurs frum the reeder tu this puter......(whew, mom wuz shootin picshurs like a machin gun!)

I am exzaustimated....

hi 5s


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

eferywun is aok cept i am cold

ok anok. um itz scooter. mom sez she will haf pics tomorow she finks. parently she wuz buzy yestererday an today. but she sez everyfing an everywon iz aok now. cluding owr gramma. so she shood haf the time tu figger owt the camra slowness in the mornin. (she sed we wood ketch up wif owr frenz tu) she sed fanks tu eferywun fer askin bowt gramma..
tannererer iz bak hom now wif hiz mom an dad. thay cumed home frum that "dam" plac. that sownds lik a hbo wurd but it iz not-whut? oh. sunny sez it iz that "amsturdam" place. whutefer. mi twinerer iz hom!!! yay!
it iz the colderest here!! only in the 60s mom sed. i no mi eerz git all cold when i go owtsid!! an at nite an erlee in the mornin it iz reely cold. brrrr.
i haf tu go cover up. mom iz tryin tu save muneez so she duz not turn on much heet. cheep!! pore me may freez!!
gudnite eferywon. haf a grate nite. ok anok.
Hi 5s
pee ess owr liddol gurl giveded me lotz of cool treetz lik alwaz!! an she iz prolly cumin agin nex weekend tu!!

Monday, November 17, 2008


Happy Monday. Mom says this is a quick post. She hopes we can do one with actual pics of us dogs later(HELLOOO mom-it is all about us....)

Petra gave us 2 (these are from a week or more ago. sorry petra!! And actually not us..Scooter. hay hay petrapotie!!!!)

The sharing the love award has it's link when we showed it the first time. We's like to pass it to Eduardo and Dennis the Vizsla and Khyra and Lorenza and Dannan and Deetzy.

The friendship award-also from Petra-(FANKS Petra!! muuah) Is very special too!!. We want to give it to Asta, Rocky and Gus. Our friends before we started blogging that helped us. We love you guys! Also to Eduardo, Gus and his sissies-those cattle dogs and A04.

Asta gave us the butterfly award! We would like to give this to JB our kitty friend and the Meezers, also kitties. And to Euardo the dog and Coco the princess chihuahua and Maggie &Mtch and airedale heaven-Penny, Poppy&Patches and PETRA.

Rusty gave us the I Love your Blog award. We think everyone has this. But if you are our friend and don't have it, please take it from us to you!! Petra, du u haf it?? if not pleez take it,ok anok.

Last, but not least is a very special award from EDUARDO the Snuggle Puggle!! We are proud to be his friend!!! Our little girl saw him and thinks he is soooo cute!!!

Thank you to EVERYBODY for thinking of us!! We love you all. If you are one of our friends and would like one of these and we did not mention you, please take what you would like!!!
pee ess Mom says downloading the pics fromthe Rebel takes FOREVER. She wants to know if y'all know why. Is it because the pixels/resolution is more/better???

Friday, November 14, 2008


Mom made it to the store! So we won't starve after all. Thanks for the offers of sharing your foodables!! (hmmm-mom got a picture of the moon falling out of the sky.....:)

Mom said our human cousin-our sis's daughter-is coming to spend the weekend with us!!(Mom thought about this and says it is our niece she thinks. Is that right?) We LOVE, LOVE her and haven't seen her for the longest time. I think over a month. So Mom says since we will be playing with our little girl, we probably will take this weekend away from the puter and relax and have FUN!!! Mom is going to try to start using her new camera more. So maybe she'll actually learn how to use it!!
Mom also said we have a meme to do from our kitty friends the Meezers and we'll do that after the weeknd.
Deetzy's Mom is having surgery today, so keep your paws crossed for her. We know she will be getting better the soonest!
Y'all have a great weekend!
pee ess
hay eferbudy!!! itz me. scooter. ok anok. i madeded it bak home wifowt anywon findin owt i wuz gone. i fink so anyway. sunny sez that iz the lastest time she wil cover up fur me. she sez she bowt had hart attax an mom trustes hur so she can not do that agin. well. ok anok sunny. hmmpphh. i jus had a liddol fun iz all. jeez. sunny sez i haf to ask mom purmisshun to go sumware in the fuchur. ok anok sunny. u doan haf tu keep on an on bowt it!!
ok anok. thaz all. i am happy owr liddol gurl iz cumin to spend the weekend wif us!! she gives us all kindz of cool treetz!! hope y'all get cool treetz too! bye
hi 5s

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Send food.....

See this?? I bet you are wondering what on earth is going on. OUR Mom actually cooking. And for US! How sweet you say.

Though the eggs (7 of them) with vegetable soup stirred in was very tasty, the bag tells the story. It is EMPTY!!!

Brother, Mom's thinker isn't working so well. We could starve. She SAYS she has to get to the store today or none of us will eat. Sheesh...
pee ess Thanks for getting Scooter back in time Asta!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Better get your tail home Scooter...

Asta assures me she will have Scooter home tomorrow from the big party. I still think Lacie's mumsie knows......

We hope that we can have a somewhat interesting, or at least regular, blog for y'all to look at soon. Life sure can get crazy-Mom says anyhow.

pee ess HU? What Mom??? NO. I have been doing what I do all the time. See? Just watching for those squirrels. Why, no, I have not been gone. I really do NOT know what yo are talking about. You were so tired that night, you let me out and forgot to bring me back in til the next day... Let me get you a nice soothing bath drawn. You are imagining things..

HUH? Well, of course Scooter is here. He's in the igloo taking a nap. C'mon, I'll use bubble bath and everything. (whew)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008





Thank you to:
My 2 favorite veterans. L. Staff SGT James David, USMC (my son) currently overseas

R. L/Col James A. Quillin, USAF (my Dad) RIP My Hero

Sorry about the quality of this photo. (Before 13:45 my time-1:45 pm, I had a pic of Daddy and James from the old camera. DUH. I tried and tried with the new one and tho it is not great you can see my son and Dad's face. Made me cry....)

Monday, November 10, 2008


I haven't gotten to talk to y'all in the longest time. (ahem-Sunny here-but I bet you knew that from proper spelling and grammer....) Mom wanted to talk about hospitals, nurses and staying with loved ones in the hospital.
Mom has worked just about every floor in the hospital.(Not here) ED-better known as ER and ICU were specialties but she also "floated" when needed. (The one she could not take was NICU or OB. She says the highest of highs and lowest of lows are there. She tips her hat to those that can take it. Just an aside and not germaine to this post at all...)
Ok, bear with me-Mom thinks this is really IMPORTANT for folks to know. The point of my filling you in on the above is ,that while Mom loved her job and most do, there are two reasons she stays with a hospitalized loved one. One is nurses, except in very few instances, are overburdened. To cut costs, fewer RNs are on the floor. (I am in no way knocking LPNs) It is just that by most state laws, LPNs are not allowed to do certain things-ie IV meds, etc. Sooo-the one or maybe two RNs on the floor are resposible for more than the patients assigned directly to them for total care. They are ultimately responsible for all the patients their LPNs are assigned to. This makes for not only burn out, but it can be near impossible to get to your patient in a timely manner no matter how hard you try. Some hospitals have gone to different sorts of "techs". Don't get Mom started on that. She loved her good NAs(nurse's aides) that helped. She disagrees with giving more and more over to techs. MED techs (dispense medicine and are becoming abundant) are a sore spot. Oh, and guess where the buck stops again? Yep, the RN. All to save money.
The second is that unfortunately, like any other profession, there are lousy nurses. Some are lousy because they never really had what it takes to be a nurse. Some because of burnout have just given up except on what they absolutely must do to stay employed. (It doesn't help they don't get paid enough. Ask just about any nurse this. Do you have mandatory overtime? If you do not, and even if you do, do you request overtime, volunteer when someone is needed to help your income? She doesn't have national statistics, but where she has worked the answer to both is YES in the majority. They do have a law that you cannot work 2 12's back to back and Mom has seen that broken in one of the hospitals. You want someone that has been up for over 24 hrs?? And they do not get naps like interns. They shut their eyes and they are fired.)
She always says folks don't realize how well RNs are trained. They used to be the doc's handmaidens. Now, that is not the case. More than one doc used to talk to Mom about cases. After all, she spent 12 hours with them. But of course, some did not. The newer docs are better about this.
Good grief, I have heard Mom talk about this so many times she has got me on her soapbox. So she stays to advocate and make sure everything gets done right. She is not frequently very popular!! LOL LOL
By the way, you thought I was longwinded on the above subject, you should see how long MOM can go on....Sorry, (if you read this far), for boring you. I have been listening to Mom go on and on about it lately!
pee ess Mom said to say that there are LPNs out there who have been nurses a long time and she would trust more than some of the RN's she has seen. Whew. I nearly missed that!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

update bi scooter

ok anok. hay eferybudy. so i sneekeded owt ov mi prizon tu let u no how fings r. I doan git tu vizit anybudy. not efen mi petrapotpie. hi petra!!!! an i no mi twinnererer iz in lockdown now tu! bruvver. it stinx.
i wood gif u a meseg-uh-messige-iz that it? i wood tel u sumpfink from mom but i am sneekin.
ok anok. hope eferbudy iz ok. i fink i am beein buzed-uh abuzed. sunny sez no but i fink she mite be rong this time!!
ok anok. this haz takededed me a long time tu rite. so i gotta go bak tu mi jail. the kitchen. hmmph. whut good iz that when u can not reech nufing! hope fings will git mor bettererer soonerest. hope i git tu vizit u guyz soonereset tu. mmmuuaahh petra pot pie.
hi 5s
pee ess hoo noze when i git tu update agin!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

We'll be back soon

First of all, Everyone remember to vote (in the US tomorrow). Big day.

Second, we have to be gone a bit. So we will see y'all when we see you. Don't forget us! We love you all.
Hugs & Hi 5s
Sunny & Scooter

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jet lagged

Scooter & I are home from England. I can't believe what a huge party we had. And so very much fun!!

We want to thank Asta, Lacie and Eric for having such a fantastic party and for all the great photography!! Thank you guys!!! And thank you for our goodie bag!!
Also thanks to Ms Ruby of Aire Ruby. What a luxurious plane ride. To quote her, WOOT!!

Neither one of us has ever really been to an all dog(and kitty and hammy) party. I learned alot during the party. One thing was learning that sipping on a smoothie slowly gives one a pleasant buzz!!! And that I need to work on my flirting skills. I think I learned quite a bit from various girls there! I will be working on my image in the upcoming weeks. One can be a hard working girl AND have fun and enjoy the fellas!, after all!!

Scooter and I both have jet lag at this point. Later all!! I'll be having pleasant dreams about our wonderful weekend.



pee ess hay hay eferbudy!!! guss wat?! mi liddol petra pot pie winneded awsomest blog fur octobererer!!! congradulashuns petra!!! mmmuuuaahhh i haddeded fun sittin wif u on that plane. i hope u enjoyeded owr corney dog we shared!!! ok anok

hi 5s


Saturday, November 1, 2008

The best party in the history of the world!!

Sunny and Scooter are having the best time ever!!! You can see it in this picture Asta took over in England. I do wonder if they will ultimately be asked to leave London, as in getting kicked out!! These DWB dogs and their kitty and hammie friends are having a crazy good time!!!

Be sure to look at all the pictures at Asta's blog, Lacie's blog and Eric's blog.

(I tried to make the links and for some reason I can't today. But all 3 are on our friend's list)

photo by Asta

Asta, Lacie and Eric's mom's have done an incredible job! Thanks you guys!! And, please don't drink anything while looking and reading about this party. You'll have it come out of your nose from laughing!!

Hope everyone had a happy "howl"oween.


Jamie (still chuckling)