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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our Farewell

Hi guys, Sunny here.  Mom has asked me to write this. She seems to have decided and I quote...the mountains keep getting higher, the holes deeper, the fights harder... Being the wise Einstein that I am, I have tried to reason with her, but she can't seem to get there.
I turned 10 in July, Scooter will be 14 in Sept. and Bentley has been gone 2 weeks. He is back with his breeder. He is a special needs dog and Mom knows she couldn't afford the specialists he needs. Her fervent hope is he is given  those specialists.  Mom feels it is neurological based on her nursing experience.  She says he took a big piece of her heart.  I even thought she was hiding him for about a week, then moved on.

$$$$$  keep worrying her.  I am smart enough to know that is a valid worry.  Many other things seem to be piling up and I do all I can to make her feel better. She also feels like DWB has become like a broken family.This saddens her alot that most folks are all Facebooking and not blogging anymore. Not that we have been any example since grama went to the bridge in Mar of 09.

It is the 3rd yr since we started this blog, but have not done alot in the last 2. Mom says a thousand little cuts can cause a bleed out and that is how she seems to feel now. That stupid bill she worked so hard on passed...........I know no one reads this anymore or much cares but it is bad news for all. At the end of our goodbye, I am posting the numbers fo0r Tx Gov. Rick Perry to veto.  Also out of state is listed since we believe he will be throwing his hat in the ring for the Presidential Elec. (c'mon, even if u are a dem. Do it for us PLEASE .

Maybe one day mom will relent. she says if that ever happens it will be Texas Sundogs II. a fresh start. I miss all my friends out there in the ethers. I miss those who have crossed the bridge, but know I will see them all again. I have loved my adventures with Asta and Stanny baby as well as the girl who tried to teach me to flirt...Lacy. Thanks to all of y'all who gave us so much support when grama was helped us. Gussie..very special friend. so many friends...too many to mention.

hayhayhay. ok anok. so i gots too saaz mi goodbiizez. i iz the sadererst cuz we iz leevin. an ccuz my twinnererer did loooz hiz brufferer an me an tannererer wont haf mor venshurerers. corse i wil awaz luff that mosterest bootiful gurl, asta. mom duz make thoz roolz so nufink i kin duz bowt it. i duz hope she duz do that noo blog fore i duz go to that bridge, but efen  if she duznt it will beez okanok acuz i wood be seeein mi peepuls an dawg frenz. i duz luff all of u. speshally u asta. ok anok. if u duz see a koolerest plane doin dives an trix thatz meeee. I stil duz haf mi waze of gettin thoz koolerest planes. ok an ok. godda go.

Quick bye from me, Jamie. We were a real close family, tho many of us never met. Love to y'all. And God Bless

(couldn't copy and paste the email so here are numbers for Gov Perry-i plan to all daily, and state he loses my vote if he does not repeal.  TX phone number 800-843-5789.  out of state 512-463-1782. They have also hired an attorney..many organizations getting involved. If you want to give a tax deductable donation via paypal go to If alot of folks just gave a dollar...)