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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow,frigid temps and Mom's splurgery is tomorrow

We did gitses free ov thees. ok anok i duz sayses thay is wunnnerful, wunnerful fings. Sins that hows heeter did nots werk, we duz haf wun in mom's bedroom, wun in that kichen, an wun down in anover batroomses. so we duz close bof dorses to that kichens, that dorses to moms bedroom, an so it iz like the colderest runnin froo the roomses wifowt wun. ok anok i duz stays in that kichen or moms bedroom. an that is acuz i am smarterest!

duz i lookses colderest? ok anok i IZ!!!

ok anok. Heer is whut i finkses of alll this colderest wever.

ok &ok see that crazee dawg shamus?? he duz likeses this colderest stuff. I fink he mus be crazeerest.

i jus runs owt when i has to an thos sillee pooodelses playses like colderst iz sum kinda fun or sumfink. i iz the smarterest wun. I duz keepses tellin efereewun bowt that. Brrrrrrrrrrr ok anok i fink they is bof crazee. i godda go acuz i needses tu git unner mi blankees. ok anok. sunnee kin telses u y mom is nutierer van wun of vos froot kakeses. seroslee u guyses. i fink i is smarterest ov efereewun heer!!

Sunny here. Tomorrow is Mom's big splurgery day and she is a wreck. The woman is such a nervous nellie. She is having a big oral splurgery and is scared to death. So I figured I'd go ahead and post for her, since she hasn't fired up the puter since the 1st day of the new year. Good secretaries are hard to find!

The snow is from our 7 inches at Christmas(it has snowed 3 times from Dec 1 to Dec 31, 09! eeek) Our frigid weather now has been dry, thank dog mom says as when it rains, or snow melts the yard becomes a big mud patch!

Shamus loves his "jolly ball" but Scooter shows what he thinks of all this cold weather! Uh, Shamus, did you know he was liftin on your ball??

It has been cold,cold,cold here and Scooter&Mom hate the cold. I will admit with windchills in the single digits, even Shamus and I aren't that keen on hanging out in the yard.

Above are some snow pics. And this is Texas, dang it!(I can't move these pics around to where I want them to be... So they are all at the top.)

Mom says if you are the praying sort, to pray she does not have a heart attack from her nerves before they even get started on her. (Uh, are a big ol chicken. You DO realize that, right?)

Jody, our human sissy is coming over tonight to stay with us and take Mom to the oral splurgeon. (They do not allow folks to take a cab.) I am hoping Jody can ratchet her craziness factor down a little. Thank Dog for Jody!

Jamie here,

We are sorry we haven't been visiting y'all. Hopefully we will do better after, gulp, the splugery. GULP.....


Sunny,Scooter,Shamus and chicken Jamie

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Happy 2010. May it be a kinder year to all. I will be eating THESE!!!!!! Luck for the year!!! Don't forget for gosh sake! Hugs
Sunny,Scooter,Shamus & Jamie
oh yeah, all 3 of the "kids will have a couple of peas too!! Can't be too careful now, can you?!
ps the tree pics have to stay up til Jan 2 or later or it is bad luck!! That's what I was always told.