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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Take time to notice small things

I've been looking at this fence nearly 2 years now. And only a couple of days ago noticed this. I had been praying, my faith was feeling shaken. I happened to look at the fence, and for the first time, noticed this. A sign to me? I took it as one and felt my faith begin to strengthen. We go through life not noticing details. Maybe we notice them when we need them. Just wanted to share.

And this sunset taken from Mom's room. Beautiful.

Have a wonderful weekend.



"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it" Helen Keller

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

When you believe in Miracles

Here are two people we know that need a miracle.

Klaus. Bogart's Dad, Lulu's husband.

Anna.Our gramma & Jamie's mom

Aren't they beautiful people? I heard this song on the radio, and looked up the lyrics. I DO believe in miracles.
"Many nights we prayed
With no proof anyone could hear
In our hearts a hope for a song
We barely understood

Now we are not afraid
Although we know theres much to fear
We were moving mountains
Long before we knew we could,
yesThere can be miracles
When you believe
Though hope is frail
Its hard to kill
Who knows what miracles

You can achieve

When you believe somehow you will
You will when you believe
In this time of fear
When prayer so often seems in vain
Hope seems like the summer bird
Too swiftly flown away

Yet now Im standing here
My hearts so full, I cant explain
Seeking faith and speakin wordsI never thought Id say
There can be miracles
When you believe
Though hope is frail
Its hard to kill
Who knows what miracles
You can achieve
When you believe somehow you will
You will when you believe
They dont always happen when you ask
And its easy to give in to your fears

But when youre blinded by your pain
Cant see the way, get through the rain
A small but still, resilient voice
Says hope is very near,
Oh,There can be miracles

When you believe
Though hope is frail
Its hard to kill
Who knows what miracles

You can achieve
When you believe somehow you will (somehow)
Somehow you will (I know)
You will when you believe
You will when you believe
Just believe"
(A song Whitney Houston sang-do not know who wrote it)

I loved the pic Lulu took of Klaus and her hand intertwined, and though I did not have a dog in mine, I wanted to copy it. Thanks Lulu. I'm glad I took it. As things look more poorly for mom, it is hard to keep believing. But I do. For Klaus and for Anna.

Hugs to all of you, prayers for all who need them, howling to the heavens for a miracle.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hay. I iz stil heer tu &shout owt to bogee

hay,hay efurbody. ok anok. i iz stil heer tu. today mom sez it iz time fur sum laffin. so, hoo duz she call? rite. the Scootoober, the Scootmiistur. MEE! I duz tri all ov the time tu cheerz up mom and ofer peepolz needz cheerin up tu. like bogeez daddee an mom. we been howlin tu heven fur lotz ov peepolz an my gramma an bogeez daddee reely needz em.

ok anok. hay LOOK!! i did git sum friez!! so did sunny. i sededed tu mom. pleez takez a picshur of those friez so i kin show mi frenz that i reely did git sum! ok anok. an so she did. purdy aren't they? i do luf them. neerly az much az cornee dogz.
ok anok.

Heer iz a picshur ov that coat mom did git. See the problum? ok anok. it iz just that i am such a buff dude that mom kin not find one tu fitz my manly chest!
Purdee impre, uh,mprez, uh, purdee studlee chest, hu??
ok anok. an mi neck iz purdee big tu, so ack-doan choke me mom!

mom did make sum redd arrowz tu sho eferbudy that i iz not fat. that part for my tummy does fitz jus grate. ok anok. so i got sum 6 pak abs goin on. whutefer that meenz mom. pleez let me rite wifowt helpin me, k? geeeeez.

ok anok.

heer iz anover won that duz show arrowz agin.(mom jus did find that thing tu du that wif. an thay say i iz not so smarterer..hmmmm) ok anok
wonce agin, heer is mi chest abowt tu bustez owt ov that jacket like that hulk dude. an also mom did tri to rite whut i waz finkin in that liddol whit spot. it says-bruvver. plees leef me alone. least i fink it duz. maybe u kin do that bigering fing to it an read it, i dunno. ok anok.
i hope we duz start bein abel tu visit mor. mom iz in an owt, in an owt. makez a studly dude dizzee!!
A shout out to Bogie. hay dude. rite now it confusin. i no how u duz feel. an when ur mom leekz on ya, those salty wet fings r called teerz. i haf lerneded sum stuf bowt thoz teerz.. sumtimz thay make ur mom feel bedderer. sometimez they do not. but u bein ther while she leekz alwaz makez hur feel bedderer . we wil keep howlin to heven fur ur daddee an our gramma an hooefer elz needz us.
ok anok. eferybudee haf a grat day. we iz gonna wurk on findin fings to smil an laff abowt this day. you guyz, owr frenz, r the first fing! now we r gonna go lookin fur som mor.
Hi 5s

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Working for a living and about gramma

Hi friends. Firstly, gramma is still not doing well. (Still on the vent with the trach) She was transferred to the rehab hospital in Corinth, TX last Weds night(oh, a week ago). It is about 6 miles from here. Mom's sisters went home to CA last Sat. morning. And our human sister has to be at her home with our kid(her daughter). So it is back to Mom and us. Oh, yeah, and our 2 cousins next door, gramma's 2 chihuahuas. Scooter and I are not allowed to see gramma, so it has been about 6 weeks we figure. We have been working overtime trying to comfort and cheer our mom up.
Also, Mom has been very absent minded, so over the weekend, I had to remind her of some important things.

Uh, Mom, remember when you ran out of this last time?

And you made us this? Well, mom, we don't have any of our food and when I looked, you just had some spaghettios and some bread....

And mom, we are out of these. I know you don't want to forget these.

So, Mom, here is your wallet. We gotta go to some stores.

What? It's empty? Your wallet is empty? OK. Here's your checkbook.

And, to help out, here's some cash from my piggy bank. I have heard all about the economy, so let me help you out.

Here you go. You have to remember my leash!!

Oh yeah. Here's your phone. In case the hospital calls you'll have it.

All in a day's work for a service dog!
(See my hair? The top is pulled back with a rubber band. And I am just about a corded poodle now. This is what happens to my hair when about 6 weeks goes by without a brush, comb, scissors or clippers touches me.)

ps Jamie here. I am thinking of starting a seperate blog just so I can blow off my feelings about this horrible situation with mom somewhere. If I do, I'll post it and anyone who wants to read about it, can. Love to all of you.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Plan B

Jamie here. Ok-weaning-fail. Extubation-pulling the breathing tube-fail.(not surprising to me at all.) Sooo Mom had a tracheotomy put in yesterday. Yes-she is still on the vent that breathes for her. But, this is a good chance for strengthening and getting off that you can't do with the mouth tube. (3 docs concur) I have seen it too. You can do alot of physical therapy and better trials with a trach. Just sitting up will help. This is now going to be up to her to work to get stronger. Since it was just done yesterday at 5 pm CST, they will let her rest and recuperate from the tube being pulled and the trach being done.
I believe every experience is supoosed to teach a lesson. I think I have figured out 2 from all this, but I may not know until I leave this earth what it all is.
I am more hopeful now. Also, the human body can only stay in a "oh sh*t" state for a limited time. It is amazing what your normal becomes whether you like it or not. AND, as some rehab time goes on, if Mom does not want it, she can let us know.
So, I do not plan to blog much more about this so much as I have been. And Sunny & Scooter would like a turn. Again, thank you for all your support. Again I find words inadequate for the amount of support. God Bless all of you.
We'll try to blog soon. At the moment, I am , as Scooter would say, exahaustamated.
Hugs to all of you,
Jamie & the kids

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Here is a picture of my Mom, Anna. The vent weaning is not going so well. I imagine y'all must be tired of me asking, but one more time, I ask for all the prayers, zen,vibes,purrs-just whatever. I know y'all have been doing just that, thank you. I still believe in the power of numbers and in miracles. I have been praying for one more. Mom has to get off the vent, or...well,I don't want to write it. I have to remain positive.
Thanks for all of you hanging with me. This has become an outlet for one of my most difficult times so far.
Hugs to all of you and thanks for keeping Mom in your thoughts and prayers.
Much love

Monday, February 2, 2009

Finally!! update 4 on gramma

Mom finally got her permanent pacemaker today!! I know all y'all prayers and vibes have been helping. So she is now bionic just like Charlie!
We still have a huge hurdle to overcome. They will begin to try to wean her from the vent tomorrow. Since she has bad lungs due to many, many years of smoking, she has COPD(chronic obstuctive pulmonary disease). Sometimes these kinds of lungs become accustomed to the vent doing the work and it can be hard-sometimes, impossible-to get these folks off the vent. HOWEVER. With all the prayers and positive vibes and aire zens and terrier tenacities and everydoggie's concern coming her way, we are very hopeful she will come off it. When she does, it will be a matter of stabilizing, and getting into rehab.
One day at a time and we have a victory today with the pacemaker being put in. Thanks to all of you for your wonderful support. Truly, y'all really have no idea how very much each and every one of you means to me. This hasn't been a dog blog much lately, yet all of y'all still come by and leave us encouraging and loving words.
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I wish I could hug each of you. Mack, I believe in miracles too. I keep praying we will be getting one.
Off to bed. Thanks and BIG HUGS. God Bless all of you.
Jamie & Sunny & Scooter

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Update 3 on Gramma. Still waiting....

Jamie posting again. Mom has still not had her surgery. Now they say for sure tomorrow. I have heard that all week. I feel like I am on a roller coaster ride, and I'd sure like to get off.
Mom still on vent, and temporary pacer wire. Life support. They have kept her more heavily sedated as she gets upset when she tries to communicate. Believe me, if I was on a vent, I'd want to be out too.
I have wished I was not a nurse since this all started. Knowing so much makes things harder. I forget which Doc told me "Your problem is that you know too much". But as much as this looks like a major train wreck, I have seen miraculous things over the years. Folks I wouldn't have bet a nickle on that made it. It is all in someone else's hands, so I am trying to stay patient and positive. I will post again whenever she gets her surgery. Once again, thanks for all the prayers, vibes and thoughts.
I am mentally and emotionally fried I think. But this too shall pass. I hope soon.
Hugs and thanks from me and Sunny and Scooter.