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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Huh. Who knew I was actually a computer genius?!? the other day I took digital pics, got them on the computer,then on the blog. Today-JUST today alone, I figured out blog roll, inserted a link(!) and got an award actually put on the blog. (ALL things I'd never done before) Hmmm-I think I may be the next Bill Gates...

MOM! these blogging friends don't know your twisted sense of humor! It isn't bad enough Scooter is hitting on all the girls, you have to act like a doofus,dweeb,(insert any word that comes to mind that means dummy)!! Watch it Mom, don't make me prove who really has the brainpower here... Say goodbye,Mom.

bye everydoggy

Sunny (the mortified poodle)


Wow, our new friend Mango, gave us the daily blogger award!!! Can you believe it? Thanks so much. (It will take me a little time to figure how to do that)So if you don't have it, I present it to you! Thanks again,Mango. Our first award!
Had to sneak up and take this without his knowledge through the window! Sittin outside with grandma.
Sunny, Scooter & Jamie (ahem-who figured out inserting a link!)


Our prayers are going out to all who are being affected by Gustav. To those who have expressed concern for us, we are not on the coast. We are in the DFW area. We are geared up for evacuees.

I am very happy to see on FOX news that the pets are being taken care of this time. Those getting on buses are being allowed to take their pets in crates and extra crates are being provided.

We'll be praying for Alabama,Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas coasts. We know Peanut and his family live at Fort Polk. We are praying for their safety. Any other doggies out there we don't know about, we're praying for y'all too.

Let's hope and pray Gustav will not cause the sort of damage they think it might.

God Bless you all

Sunny,Scooter & Jamie

Sleepin in

I'm sleeping in. Mom has kept me awake far too much with all this late night computer stuff. I'm in my condo on my lovely bed(pay no attention to the food/water bowl in the pic. I eat in my condo and no one has removed my breakfast dishes. Sheesh) Hopefully, as time goes on, Mom will get better
with this stuff. Including picture taking...c'mon Mom, REALLY, seriously...Let's try for some better photos, k?
Have a wonderful Sunday and Happy Labor Day tomorrow!
Sunny, the tired poodle

Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's a miracle

That's what I say..a miracle that I actually got pics on here. I need a drink now....... heh

Hugs to all,
Jamie(the tired one)


Yet another miracle! Mom actually got my picture on here too. It is not one of my better photos, but considering the cursing and screaming at the computer, I decided not to bug her about it today. Grandma is getting better and Mom says we can resume soon. She's still pretty busy, and figuring this out took into the wee hours. *sigh* If only I had opposable thumbs this could have gone much faster and easier. She does the best she can,poor thing.


Sunny (the smart one in this pack)


Amazing, I know! Here I am. Mom took this when I was bored. (This is the best one she got--heehee.) I took A04's class in photo 101!


Scooter (the handsome chihuahua)

Monday, August 25, 2008


Mom doesn't have alot of time, but I MADE her let me do my first post-finally!!! Guess what,guess what,guesswhat?!?!?!?! We're gettin the dogmobile ready to go to maymphs.

Sunny and Mom are takin Muzzer some stuff to drink that makes you chill. I'll give her a lick or 2 myself. BUT, know what!?!?!? I get to see some of the hot bitc- I mean babes I been seein on this thing. Mom says I just get to LOOK. And I gotta stay outa the way and b quiet. BUT, besides the babes are gona be some of the guys I been sein too! BUDS!!!!!!. YEEHAW!

Gussie is gona have soo many nurses that he can't help but get all better in a hurry! HOORAY! I told Mom this post doesn' really count as a real one cuz it is so short. I may not be Einstein, but I'm smarter than they think I am!!!! And guys, I mite only weigh 7 pounds, but I'm really a BIG dog. (About th size of Mango I figure. )

we have to go now Scooter, or we'll be late getting into Memphis.


See you guys soon!!!!!!!

Scooter (the BIG dog)


Jamie here. Thanks to all of you who have come by. I really appreciate it.

I want to come by all y'all's places too. And I will. I just have a personal deal right now that may take up most of my time. Please forgive me and I will be visiting soon.

Hugs all around,

Sunny, Scooter and Jamie


Ok. I read the post yesterday and was appalled. (Sunny here) Apparently y'all were told quite the tale. I hate to have to say it, but "she" is either lying or just does not understand my motives.

See, until 2 weeks ago there were 2 whippets. Sammy and Cricket. Well, Sammy had to go to the bridge and everybody has been sad. He had lived there 10 years. Cricket is 9, so she did not know life without her brother. And the little human is 8 so she always had him too..

My actions were simply to turn into as much of a whippet as I could to comfort Cricket and the humans. I THOUGHT if I acted like Sammy it would cheer everybody up. I forgot I was substantially taller and heavier. And that my paws are much bigger. I'm all trying to help everyone and look what happens! (Course I think it was partly EGD like Patience said)

I hope this has cleared this up. Mom heard me out and has forgiven me. (But she says next time I have such a bright idea to at least remember to LISTEN to her. OKOKOKOK)

Sunny (the thoughtful poodle)

PS We gotta load up the car and head off for Memphis. Gussie and Muzzer need help since Gussie has to part with Rodney tomorrow. I offred to carry out the rubbing alcohol for mom, but she just shook her head. She's got some glass bottles instead.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Still Jamie here. The kids made it back from Alaska late last night. (Thank Dog the neighbor volunteered to go to the airport! woot!) I'll go home later today, but had a minute to use their fast computer. (I want one too.)

Do not ask me why Sunny, age 7, well behaved K-9,good head on her shoulders...has been morphing into a wacko. I have seen it slowly coming on over the past week, but holy cow. When the weary travelers came in at about 11 or 11:30 PM, not only were they greeted exuberantly by the whippet(this she does by jumping all over everybody),but oh my lord. Sunny turned into a 58 pound whirling dervish. Said Whippet is smaller than Sunny. She doesn't TACKLE people. There was tackling, zooming,washing of faces-vigorously-,pawing. I did not know who this dog was. She became deaf(apparently) to my commands,cajoling,pleadings.

Normal excited doggy behavior you are saying. Not for Sunny. She has been trained to show her affection in safe ways. So she doesn't "kill" my 82 yr old mother. So she doesn't knock me down. Oh, she gets to act crazy dog-usually outside and with permission. She just knows (knew) not to tackle people!!

Finally, her hearing returned enough to hear my "Sunny come" (which she did at warp speed, hoping to tackle me) I got her outside,slammed the door and began my apologies. I'm hoping it's something in the water. Otherwise, I'm thinking excorcism (sp?)

Hugs to all

Sunny, Scooter and Jamie (speechless)

Saturday, August 23, 2008


It will probably be Monday before I have computer access again. Y'all have a good one.
Sunny and Scooter are miffed at all my talking and have told me their turn better be coming SOON.
Later, guys.

Put the blog on hold til I have pictures? Yes or no? Please vote

Still no pictures. I got an email that said if I was gonna do this blog I should wait til I can put up pics. Now I know this needs visuals. The question is, should I just put up a "Gone Fishin" sign and resume when I am photocapable? I hope to get some feedback on this and then decide.

I want to tell you about Sunny. She was born 7/8/01 so she is 7 now. (I know-I'm a math whiz).
I've done 2 jobs in my life-dog grooming and nursing. I tell you this because I fell in love with a Standard Poodle by the name of Claude that I used to groom. After my Bernese Mtn Dog died in the spring of 01, I decided to get Standard Poodle. Ta da- Sunny. When she begins to write her own self, you'll probably notice she is very intelligent. VERY. She helps me out alot. More about that later-she wants to tell you about mostly everything herself (she thinks she knows best) She is an amazing dog and has saved my bacon a time or 2.
HOWEVER. I've been house/dog sitting for my daughter this week. They have a whippet. Said whippet would like to eat scooter(in all fairness, I suppose she thinks he is a barking squirrel ?)
Said whippet is also allowed on furniture. Sunny is not. I'll explain another time why not, but I've got good reasons. Last night, I'm lying on the couch and with no glance at me, NUTHIN, she hops up on a chair. ????? OOOOOH Bad whippet influence. All I did was say, "Sunny, WHAT are you thinking?" The look on the face was like-uh,geez,I forgot. Or, she will probably tell you she "NEVER gets to do ANYTHING!!!"

My good friend Gussie has to have Rodney removed. (I know. Funny name for a tumor I thought. But Gussie likes it so it's cool) This will be on Tuesday,so everyone keep paws crossed for Gussie and Muzzer too. Gussie sent me an email that said Muzzer was more worried than him. So I'm goin up to keep her plied with mean comforted.

If it wasn't for Gussie and Muzzer, this blog wouldn't be here. Muzzer even sent me a book on blogging, How sweet is that?! Thanks Barb

Brooke,Opy's mom, encouraged me. Thanks to you
Asta and her mom have helped me too. and lacylulu's mom encouraged me. Gracias&
Salud to y'all.

Sunny just poked me in the arm .."This isn't an Academy Awards speech! Please don't be such a dweeb..." Ok Sunny. But I did want to thank my friends.

Well, I'm fixin to go get busy. (Yes, we say "fixin to " here. Guess "fixing to" would be more proper ;)

Oh, if you're the praying kind, pray for me tonight-gotta go to DFW Airport to pick up the kids.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Introductions begin

I gotta say(the frazzled biped, Jamie here), that this has been a long day made longer by the fact that I'm trying to figure out too much technical stuff. ARGH. Since I have no pictures right now, let me begin introductions

Scooter will be 11 on September 13. He is a 7 lb Chihuahua with a Napoleon complex. He also thinks he is quite the ladie's man. (I love him dearly, but I have to confess..He isn't the brightest crayon in the box...) Noone has ever explained to him that he isn't the size of,oh, let's say Mango. He is looking forward to making friends on DWB. He also thinks there are many "hot chicks" around here! Kinda a male Lacie I think. Time will tell. He was raised to be a gentleman,let's hope he remembers that.

There are more intros to be made. I will continue tomorrow.

Nite, y'all

Oh My Dog!

Well, here we are. Still no camera or pics, but Gussie's Muzzer told us we'd best get at it before they euthanized our blog. AACCKK! This is a short test. More to come as we are still under construction.