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Friday, July 10, 2009

Look at this birthday card!

This is me smiling. I love my card! (Yes, I know, not too flattering and the cell pic is not that good, but sometimes I do smile-not just panting but I pull both my lips up in a smile that wrinkles my nose!)

Wow! Look at the card Asta made for me! Her mommi and her are sooo talented and soo sweet! Thank you so much Aunty Ami and Astarooni!!! I love it and so does Mom! Tye dye, the tropics, ahhhhh....



pee ess ahem, yep, they were right on time too, unlike Mom's posting!!! hahahahaha

Sunnypalooza, who would have thought I would get a palooza???? WOW

We love u all and miss seeing u. Mom is really doing stuff from when she gets up to when she goes to bed. Between packing our house, trying to take care of gramma's stuff, finding a place to live, and an occassional meltdown, well, she's tired and wants a do over of the past 6 months. Tomorrow marks 4 months since gramma left us. But we try not to think about it right now.

We miss our friends and love you all.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Yesterday in the yard with Scooter. Poor Mom is losin it. My birthday was yesterday-not in Aug.(She knew it was July 8th, but somehow her mind conjured up that to be the eighth month.
I got hugs and kisses and some extra peanutbutter on my bone. Mom says we are on a tight budget. I liked it just fine. Just Mom, Scooter and moi. I miss all of you. Hope we get settled SOMEDAY......
Scooter HAS to talk. You knew he would...Hugs. Sunny
ok anok. so here iz wot did happener. mom wuz sayin ,cool, sunny gonna be 8 on 8-8...DUH mom. Sunnee's burfday is in this month now!! Julie 8. So Mom is nutz. ok anok. I did makeded hur a card an i did gif hur a milkbone. we iz out of cornee dogs. This wuz all yesterday since that wuz hur burfday...sheesh..
an lissen to this, ok an ok I fink I may be gettin smartererer than mom acuz she keepeses losin fings, an fergittin fings. She says it is stress, I say I will be a eyenstine of a dog too compardeded to mom!
ahem. Sccoter that's enough. thanks for the card and milkbone. It was a good brithday.
okokokok geeeeez. i godda go tu sez miss i am 8 yeerses ol an yur boss or sumpfink. ok anok i will go haf a snak.
Hi 5's Scootoober

Monday, July 6, 2009

ok anok shhhh doan tell sunnybowt hur burfday sirpriz

mom iz leddin me haf won minit tu post. wooo-thnx for all the time mom....

it is mi sissys birfdayin july on the 8 day- i fink that iz not this day or the next day but the won aftur that. i fink. i do no it iz on 8-8 sez mom. so i am gonna try tu makededed hur a card or sumfink. prolly a cornee dog tu. it wil bee a sirpriz so doan tell hur. mom sez she will put hur pic up on her burfday. ok anok. mom sez godda go. wee iz finererest but mom soo buzy an stil loookin fur owr nu home . she sez thair iz so much changeses all toogevver.

ok anok godda go. all of us shur duz miss owr frenz.

hi 5s


pee ess sunny iz gonna be 8 on 8-8 . hmmm lotseses ov 8s doan u fink?