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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Christmas Story, Part 2

Soon, Mommy, Daddy and Rose began walking to church. It was so cold! They flapped their arms, Rose skipped along and laughed as they had fun trying to keep warm.
They arrived at the small church and admired the nativity scene in front. Rose thought she saw something move in the manger straw, but decided her shivering from the cold was making other things look like they moved. "How funny", she thought.
Mommy, Daddy and Rose quickly entered the church, gave thanks for all they had, prayed for those less fortunate and sang all their favorite Christmas carols. It was a wonderful service, just as Rose had known it would be.
Soon, the hour had passed and everyone began leaving. Daddy, Mommy and Rose put on their coats and gloves and went down the church steps. They all stopped to admire the Manger scene. They murmered to each other how lovely it was and what it meant to them to celebrate that night so many years ago.
Suddenly, all 3 of them heard a very small quivering voice say
"uh. hey. can you hear me???"
All 3 looked around to see who was talking to them. Daddy was the one to say,
"Yes, we can hear you, but who and where are you??"
Digger was so cold, so weak and so very frightened of these humans. But what his Mama had said had been true. The humans had heard and understood him. He mustered up all the courage he could find, and popped his head up out of the straw.
"Uh, it's me. Right here in the manger. And I am Digger."
Mommy's eyes widened in wonder. Rose clapped her hands together hardly believing her own eyes. Daddy looked at him very strangely. Three strides took him to Digger. He scooped him up, looking at him without speaking a word. And stared and stared...
Digger had never been picked up, held or touched by a human except in anger. His little heart beat so fast in his little chest, he thought he might die of fear.
"Uh, well, sir. I knew I should not talk. Mama told me I would get my Christmas Miracle if I did. So I did what she told me before she died. Please don't hurt me. Please"
Rose looked at Daddy, knowing he loved animals and would never harm the little bag of bones he now held. She saw a single tear running down his cheek.
"Daddy!! What is it??!!"
Daddy spoke to the little, shivering orange speckled puppy called Digger, oblivious to all else for that moment. He cleared his throat, wiped his eyes and said "I would never hurt you little one. You said your Mama died?"
"Uh, yessir." Digger held his breath, wondering if he was truly not to be hurt.
Daddy had turned him this way, that way, every way he could, as if inspecting Digger, well, for what?? Digger (and Rose) had no idea why.
Daddy now tucked the poor little shivering pup into his coat and kissed Digger's head. "Digger, you look just like your Mama. You are coming home with us where we will feed you and keep you warm. You have a home from now on."
Rose was so thrilled. Her Christmas gift!! But she was very puzzled and wanted to know how her daddy knew that Digger looked just like his Mama.
Daddy must have read her mind because he turned back to Rose and her Mommy. Both noticed his face was wet. Rose had heard of tears of joy before. Daddy glanced at Mommy as if she shared a secret with him about all of this.
"Rose, I had a dog. Her name was Tippy, after her white tipped tail. She had an orange speckled body with a brown patch around her right eye. Just like this pup. Tippy was so loyal, so sweet, I loved her so."
Mommy gasped and her eyes got even wider. Rose saw Daddy nod his head at Mommy as if to say "yes".
He continued, "When I had to leave so suddenly, she tried to follow me. I never knew what became of her. Your Mommy never saw her again either. We thought maybe she had been killed when she tried to come with me, but now I know that didn't happen. I at least know now that while she must have had a very hard life, she left part of herself here for me. She was so wise to tell her boy to come here. To send her son to us. And now she has gone on to wait for me in heaven-what dogs call the Rainbow Bridge-where they wait for their people and all those they have loved."
Digger listened intently because he knew soon he would not be able to understand the human words, nor talk to them. Until NEXT Christmas Eve he thought. Quickly, before it was too late, little Digger had one more thing to say.
"My mama was right. I don't know how she knew it would be you, but I know she did. Your's is the first kind hand I ever felt and I am not afraid anymore. I will always love all of you and be your faithful friend. Just like Mama was. I promise."
Daddy kissed Digger's sweet head again, as did Mommy and Rose. Digger shyly licked each of them and felt his heart might burst with happiness.

"Oh, Mama," he thought, "I miss you so, but now I know I will see you and my brothers at the Rainbow Bridge one day. How did you know your person, the one you told me about, would be the one to find me? Thank you Mama, thank you for sending me to the church's manger."
As they walked home, Rose thought this had been the most wonderful night of her life. As her parents talked about the miracle of finding little Digger, who they knew was Tippy's son, just had to be, Rose could not imagine a more perfect end to their Christmas. She had longed for a puppy, but had never asked for one because she figured she should not ask for another mouth to feed. It was the perfect gift for her!
As they approached their house, Rose saw a bright glow through the glass panes of the double doors. Daddy unlocked the door and as they entered , Rose gasped.
There was the most beautiful Christmas tree she had ever seen in the parlor. A TREE!!!! It shone as brightly as the star in the east must have the very first Chritmas Eve! It was covered with candles and sparklers! Rose could not think of the words to describe such brilliant, shining beauty.
"Mommy! Daddy! How?? Who??""
Her parents just shrugged their shoulders while grinning from ear to ear.
"It looks like we got two Christmas Miracles" Mommy and Daddy said in unison.
Digger, still in Daddy's coat was looking around the house as he had never been in one. He was rather confused about a tree growing in there, but then aren't all dogs..... He was just happy to have a home. A real home with his own humans.
As the brightly lit tree shone all around the parlor, Daddy finally took little Digger out of his coat and set him down. Rose sat down by her tree,( by her Christmas tree!) and coaxed Digger to her lap. His scrawny little tail started to wag, and he reached up to give Rose a lick on her chin.
After Mommy had heated up the last bit of soup from supper, Digger ate and ate. For the first time that he could remember he was full. Now, he was having a very hard time keeping his eyes open. Rose was too, so she lay down on the couch and pulled Digger up with her. In no time, both of them had gone to sleep in the glow of the wonderful Christmas Tree.
Her parents looked down on the two, bathed in the brilliant glow of the tree. Neither of them could stop smiling.
Post Script
Rose truly understood from that Christmas on, the true meaning of Christmas and that the Spirit of Christmas lives in your heart everyday if you let it. She never felt "poor" or lacking in anything again. And knowing that Love is the greatest gift, the greatest wealth one can posess, and possessing that wealth, well.....that's pretty wonderful and very special.
I wish all of that for all of you.

Monday, December 28, 2009

For all of you, a Christmas Story Part 1

We are late with this. And since I type so slowly, and it is a long one we will post it in 2 parts. We didn't have the $ to mail cards. 1 vs 3 dogs, we did not get a picture for an email, so we wrote a story instead. It is VERY loosely based on a story told to me by a very good friend that is a brave and rich person. She knows who she is. Hope you like it, as it totally went a different way than I thought it would go.

A Christmas Miracle

The casual observer would not have noticed a very small, speckled, skinny pup shivering in the straw of the manger in front of the small church It was Christmas Eve in a small European town about 5 years after the end of WWII.
The pup had lost his mom and 2 brothers to starvation. He was described by most as a mongrel, mutt, curdog. And others. The best he got was nondescript. In a town trying to recover from physical and emotional damage from the war, people were not inclined to share the food they could get their hands on. Not with some old curdog.

He had been kicked, cuffed about the head, had rocks thrown at him and been shot. (All before he was 8 weeks old) He was left with a limp, and cowered from any people he saw. He was very weak and getting into the straw of the church's manger had just about taken the last of his strength.
His mother had told him that normally, most people were kind. He had not seen evidence of that, but tried to believe. She had told him just before she had died, about the Miracles of Christmas.
"Son, there is one night each year when all the animals can speak and be understood."
"Mama, what do you mean? You and I understand each other just fine!"

"My boy, I mean everyone. Even the humans will understand you, and you will understand their words. This happens at midnight on Christmas Eve and lasts for only one hour, so use your time wisely."
"Hmmphh", he replied. "I can't imagine why I would want to talk to any of them. They have always treated us badly."
"It wasn't always this way, Digger." (She had begun to call him Digger since he had always tried to dig up food for them from old forgotton gardens. He had found an old shriveled potato once, and brought it straight to Mama. They feasted that night and ever after he was Digger.) "Before all the big booms and metal birds that dropped exploding eggs, before all the people began carrying fire sticks, almost all people were nice and kind. I had my own person, but he disappeared very suddenly. I tried to follow him, but I was not allowed."
Mama dog's eyes seemed to cloud over a bit, and she gave a very heavy sigh.
"Mama! Mama!" cried Digger. "Please don't leave me all alone!"
His mother gathered the last of her strength to tell him that he should go to the small church, find warmth in the manger straw, and since Christmas Eve was very close, wait there for his Miracle to happen.
"Mama, are you sure? I am so afraid to be alone. Without you. I am so scared of the people."
"Digger, I know if you will do as I say, someone will come to church Christmas Eve, will hear what you say and take you where you will be warm and full. A home for you, Digger. I know that will be your Christmas Miracle."
"But Mama" Digger suddenly stopped. He nudged his mama. She had quietly slipped away. He raised his little head and howled his grief to the Heavens. Then he snuggled up as close as he could to his Mama. Anyone passing by, had they looked, would have noticed the distinct similarity between Digger and his Mama. The speckled orange coat, the brown patch around the right eye and the white tipped tail left no doubt that Digger belonged to the Mama dog, now growing colder and colder.
Finally, Digger gave his Mama one last lick of goodbye. Then, because he always did as Mama said, he slowly began his journey to the church. He limped along slowly. Head and tail hung down. Of course, as he had expected every human he passed yelled at him to "GO AWAY!" A couple of rocks bounced off his skinny frame. But on he went as Mama had told him.

A few blocks away was a modest house that somehow had survived the war. A family of 3 happily lived there. Happily, because the soldier had come home from the war. He and his wife had a daughter about 9 months after he came home.
Even after going through many horrors of that war, including imprisonment, he felt very blessed. Blessed to have survived, blessed that he had a wife still alive when he made it home.
The little girl, around 5 years old at this time, was the apple of her parents' eye. They had named her Rose after her Mommy's favorite flower. They were not rich in the monetary sense, but they were very rich in the ways that really matter. At least that is what Daddy always told Rose.
"Daddy, why can't we have meat for dinner tonight?"
"Rose, I've explained to you before. The Good Lord has blessed us in so many ways. Just being here together is such a blessing. And your Mommy has made some wonderful soup tonight. We are not hungry."
"But Daddy, my friend, Hannah, has meat everyday, and they have cakes, and..."
"Rose. Don't you remember what I have always told you?"
Rose averted her eyes. She would never talk back because she had too much respect for her Daddy. But in her mind she was saying "blah,blah,blah. Who cares. I want meat everyday. I want cakes. I want toys. I want, I want."
What she actually said was, "Yes Daddy. I remember. You have always said the greatest treasure is love. Things are just things, but love is something money can't buy."
"Yes, Rose. I know you are young and you see some people that have much more than we do, yes?"
Rose replied, "Yes, Daddy. I do see them. Why not us? Why can't we have it all??"
Rose's Daddy chuckled. Rose loved hearing her Daddy laugh. It made her feel full of joy.
"Rose , honey, no one has it all. There are a few that seem to have it all, but no one knows how their lives are behind closed doors."
"Daddy. I don't understand what you mean."
Daddy pulled Rose up on his lap and she snuggled in close. Her Mommy had come into the parlor which was sparsely furnished, but felt very much like HOME to all 3 of them.
Daddy said, "Rose, sometimes things appear one way and may be another way altogether."
Rose's forehead furrowed, not understanding any more now than she had before. She saw her Mommy and Daddy look at each other and smile. Rose felt so safe with them.
"What I mean Rose, is while we do not have lots of money, lots of things and we live simply, we still have our needs met. A roof over our heads, enough food that we are not starving and most of all each other. The Lord has blessed us more than you know."
Rose smiled and waited for Daddy to continue. Mommy had put one hand on Daddy's shoulder and one on Rose's. Rose felt the love they all shared.
Daddy continued. "What I meant by we don't know what goes on behind closed doors is this. Some people do not have love in their hearts for mankind in general. Some do not think loving their families matters as much as what they can buy. Some have no faith at all, Rose. They are the poorest of all because they believe in nothing but things. Faith and love are much more important. Understand?"

Rose had listened and she did understand. She thought what it would be like not to have her love and faith. "Oh, Daddy, yes-I get it. I feel sorry for those poor people. We never know except for ourselves, right Daddy?"
Mommy and Daddy both laughed out loud. "To think some people don't have this" thought Rose.
Suddenly Mommy noticed the time. "Oh my! We must hurry! It is nearly time to start out for church. Have you forgotton, Rose? It's Christmas Eve!"

Rose had not forgotton. She had wanted a Christmas tree and had hoped for a gift. But now she scurried about to get ready to go. Rose never got to stay up this late. The service began at 11 PM and lasted one hour. She loved going, seeing the creche outside the church and singing all the carols.
To be continued...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

frum a undiscloseded locashun

ok anok. i iz at a plas i kin nots tells u. i will jus say shamus an sunny an meee is halpin owt sum dude u guyseses dueses noseses. (didya gits mi fowts tannererer, hurree if u iz cumin heer!)
wee is fereee buzy so godda go. wo i nefer did noses thar wuz so much snowses in that wurld.
pee es
sunny here good gosh scooter why don't you just take out an ad? this is top secret.
Everybody move along, nothing to talk about here except Mom is with our human sissy and her kid-our kid.
Really, we have to go.
Merry Christmas and please go to bed early!!
and is shamus-wooooooooooo flyin is sooo much fun *shut Up shamus!!!!* geeeez so hard trying to be the only responsible one, sigh sunny out

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Need any flyin poodles, Santa?

Sandy Paws it iz mee scooter. ok anok it duz bee tu colderest fur whut thay is doin.
I wil beez rite heer stayin warmerest.

Up, Sunny, Up, Shamus.... Apparrently Shamus is teaching Sunny to fly.

I is Shamus an I kin fly. Calls me if u needs halp Sandy Paws!

Watch, Sunny. Bet you kin flys tooo!

*note from Sunny. Notice the "bracelets" they gave me when I had my surgery....kinda a fashion faux paw if you ask me. * Could you possibly DO something about that Mom?? Just sayin...
pee ess we are all going outside to enjoy the sun!!!! Catch y'all later

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Korean Jindu Dog

Who knew? If you go to the link, you will learn about the Korean Jindu Dog. Thanks for helping me with sending cards to James. I am overwhelmed. Thank you, thank you.
Big Hugs
Jamie and the kids
just in case you do not know what I am talking about, the post before this one has James' address for cards. Boy is he going to be surprised!!!
Just in case you don't want to scroll down, here is James' address:
SSG David, James E
B CO 304th ITSB
We thank you so much.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

PLEASE HELP ME (Address no longer good, so has been removed)

Here are some pics of my son. SSG James David. scroll through please to see what I am asking. (I cannot believe the response. THANK YOU ALL. The address is CORRECT. I have talked to the postal service and the address I gave you is the only one there is. Also talked to main post office and made sure it was valid APO #. They were kind enough to look it up and it IS. She also informed me that NOONE should ask you where it is going. These are security measures. Max's mom in South Africa was sent home from her post office because they told her it was not a good address and they needed a country. I am so sorry. I can think of 2 things. Explain the the post office it is a US Military address.(they should know this) If they just won't do it you can send it to me and I will send it on. OORRRRRRR just forget it because I am so thankful for this amazing happening, I know you tried and I do not want to put you out any further. 1. This is myself and my boy. Getting ready to go back to Iraq after his 2 week R&R.(Rest & Relaxation) around 3 yrs ago

2, My mom, myself and James at the airport. Taken about 3 yrs ago. (I have to start making sure the date/time is correct on my camera)
My boy,(yes, I know he is a man, but to me he will always be "my boy") has been in 2 wars. The first gulf war Desert Storm, and of course, Operation Enduring Freedom. I have had a husband gone to war, a Daddy gone to war (and uncles, brothers in law) I can say there is not a feeling like having a son go to war. It is very different than the feelings of husband or Daddy. I don't care for it at all BUT I could not be prouder of my boy. Course I would be proud of him if he chose to flip burgers, but I am extremely proud of my soldier boy.
He happens to have a very high IQ (hmm, bet he got it from his mom ;) Can talk about anything and everything. He has many credits towards his degree. In law. BUT, he loves being a soldier. He may finish the requirements one day. I imagine he will. The soldiering always pulls him back to doing what he loves.

3. James in "civvies"
(civilian clothes) He is a good man. (taken fairly recently)

4. James and myself "awhile back" not sure
exactly when

4. In San Antonio Memorial Day 09 after Mom's interrment at Ft Sam Houston. Hard on all of us. James and my mom(as well as Daddy) had a very close relationship. I come from a family that enoys "debating" James and my mom could go far, far into the night. Long after I had fallen out! :) He loved my folks very much. He loves me too. (Long story about my son the Marines and the Army) He has been in both branches and there's no bad reason he switched from the Marines to the Army, but too long to explain here.
Right now, my boy is stationed in Korea. On the DMZ. At the border of North and South Korea.
I can't explain his job there, because he can't tell me. That happens. Some things are just classified. This has happened with my Dad before and happens with my son. Sometimes you don't know where he is, what he's doing.
I know that it is a mountainous area. I know it is quite a goodly piece to get to somewhere nice like Seoul, S Korea. It ain't a vacation area we'll say.
My favor is this. Will you mail a Christmas/Happy New year card or note to my boy? I can't give out an email addy. I can tell you it takes 1 US stamp to mail to his address. Not sure about other countries.
If my son could get bunches of mail during mail call it would 100% make this my best Christmas ever. This will be the first without Mom. Can you make it happy for me and James??? I will never know who did or didn't, he doesn't know about this blog, so I am just about begging for you to mail a card if you have one, or a note if you don't. (It won't get there right on Christmas but that is ok) If you have friends that do not blog and they would send one, wonderful.
I just want his socks knocked off getting alot of mail. I have used every heartstring I can think of to pull.
Pen or pencil ready??? Here is my boy James' address (*NOTE When American military are stationed outside the states, they have an APO plus number address. The APO designates US Military and the number is an assigned number to the base/post in the country. So the post ofice knows to send this by number recognition to the area of South Korea. See? So no usa, no korea is to be added.) Man, thanks to every one of you. Y'all are awesome and I can't tell you what it means to me. Thank you so much and God Bless)

Address has been removed.  James will be leaving late June and returning to Conus

If you noticed how awful I look in that last pic, eyes all puffy, no makeup, you MUST know how badly I want this for James. I just wish I could be a fly on the wall when it happens.
We didn't sign up for cards this year, and as you know last year everything went south and we never got any out. I know I was so thankful and overwhelmed to get all those cards. For James, it will be multiplied. Please,please, if you can send a card or note, PLEASE do. Please ask all your friends if they will mail one. Would be my best Christmas gift EVER. Post it on your blog too please.
Thanks in advance. Did I mention I am SO proud of my firstborn and only son!???
God Bless you all
PS He is single, and his birthday is March 1. He will still be in Korea, God willing.
I don't get to talk to him often, but it would be great if on some call in the future I were to hear "MOM! You will not believe this......)

Monday, December 7, 2009

News Flash State of Texas Freezes over

Pics of SNOW next time. On Dec 1st. In Texas for cryin out loud.
Poor little mingo kept landing on ice.........(That was the last day we saw the sun, Dec. 2. Anyone seen it anwhere????!!)
Sunny,Scooter,Shamus and disgusted Jamie (the puter came home and has to go back again! Does ANYONE do their jobs right anymore?!?!?)
God Bless Us All, Everyone.
We will try to visit as much as we can. Surely this next visit to the geeks will wrap all this up...)RIGHT???? ;)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

200th Post

Yep. 200th post and it is being done on the dinasaur puter. Just does not seem fittin. TheGeeks on Wheels made a right mess of things so the good puter is at the Best Buy Geeks. Where alot of our pics are too..
News updates are that Sunny was finally spayed 2weeks ago and acted like it was nuthin. I have been kinda scared to do it after the ginormous surgry she had to have when she had gastric torsion 6 years ago, but all went fine. She sulked because she could not play with Shamus for a week.
Today Scooter had several teeth pulled and those left cleaned. He hasn't felt great, but hopefully this will do the trick. He says he had a very nice time on his visit to Miss Lily. He keeps raving about her cooking, but was not crazy about her beverage of choice "ta kill ya". For some reason he has been looking at his map again. Guess he'll tll me what that is about when he gets good and ready.
Shamus is such a brat and Sunny lets him get away with murder! i keep telling her to bite the sucker. Teach him some manners! It will all get sorted out I reckon.
We are keeping our dear friend Claudette in our prayers. She and I talked the other night and we are going to keep her thinking POSITIVE!!
Time to shut the dinasaur down before it does it for me. They say this time by the 4th the new putr will be ready. I hope so.
Hugs to all,
Jamie and the kids