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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Wow, our new friend Mango, gave us the daily blogger award!!! Can you believe it? Thanks so much. (It will take me a little time to figure how to do that)So if you don't have it, I present it to you! Thanks again,Mango. Our first award!
Had to sneak up and take this without his knowledge through the window! Sittin outside with grandma.
Sunny, Scooter & Jamie (ahem-who figured out inserting a link!)


wally said...

Rock on guys!

wally t.

Stanley said...

Yo, Sunny, Scooter & Jamie!

Thanks for coming by and for letting me know that Scooter is as hopeless as I am with the ladies. I've got NO GAME... just say whatever comes into my head. (At least Asta is willing to overlook this & love me anyway!)

I'm going to link to you guys and try to keep in touch. My hooman girl is a little lazy, but we do what we can without her.

Congratulations on the award. That Mango knows what he's talkin' about!

Goober love,