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Monday, August 25, 2008


Ok. I read the post yesterday and was appalled. (Sunny here) Apparently y'all were told quite the tale. I hate to have to say it, but "she" is either lying or just does not understand my motives.

See, until 2 weeks ago there were 2 whippets. Sammy and Cricket. Well, Sammy had to go to the bridge and everybody has been sad. He had lived there 10 years. Cricket is 9, so she did not know life without her brother. And the little human is 8 so she always had him too..

My actions were simply to turn into as much of a whippet as I could to comfort Cricket and the humans. I THOUGHT if I acted like Sammy it would cheer everybody up. I forgot I was substantially taller and heavier. And that my paws are much bigger. I'm all trying to help everyone and look what happens! (Course I think it was partly EGD like Patience said)

I hope this has cleared this up. Mom heard me out and has forgiven me. (But she says next time I have such a bright idea to at least remember to LISTEN to her. OKOKOKOK)

Sunny (the thoughtful poodle)

PS We gotta load up the car and head off for Memphis. Gussie and Muzzer need help since Gussie has to part with Rodney tomorrow. I offred to carry out the rubbing alcohol for mom, but she just shook her head. She's got some glass bottles instead.

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Gus said...

Poor sunny. It is such a shame that our communication with the beans is mostly one way, if they understood better what we are trying to say, there would be a lot more joy in the world.