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Friday, August 22, 2008

Introductions begin

I gotta say(the frazzled biped, Jamie here), that this has been a long day made longer by the fact that I'm trying to figure out too much technical stuff. ARGH. Since I have no pictures right now, let me begin introductions

Scooter will be 11 on September 13. He is a 7 lb Chihuahua with a Napoleon complex. He also thinks he is quite the ladie's man. (I love him dearly, but I have to confess..He isn't the brightest crayon in the box...) Noone has ever explained to him that he isn't the size of,oh, let's say Mango. He is looking forward to making friends on DWB. He also thinks there are many "hot chicks" around here! Kinda a male Lacie I think. Time will tell. He was raised to be a gentleman,let's hope he remembers that.

There are more intros to be made. I will continue tomorrow.

Nite, y'all

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