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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Put the blog on hold til I have pictures? Yes or no? Please vote

Still no pictures. I got an email that said if I was gonna do this blog I should wait til I can put up pics. Now I know this needs visuals. The question is, should I just put up a "Gone Fishin" sign and resume when I am photocapable? I hope to get some feedback on this and then decide.

I want to tell you about Sunny. She was born 7/8/01 so she is 7 now. (I know-I'm a math whiz).
I've done 2 jobs in my life-dog grooming and nursing. I tell you this because I fell in love with a Standard Poodle by the name of Claude that I used to groom. After my Bernese Mtn Dog died in the spring of 01, I decided to get Standard Poodle. Ta da- Sunny. When she begins to write her own self, you'll probably notice she is very intelligent. VERY. She helps me out alot. More about that later-she wants to tell you about mostly everything herself (she thinks she knows best) She is an amazing dog and has saved my bacon a time or 2.
HOWEVER. I've been house/dog sitting for my daughter this week. They have a whippet. Said whippet would like to eat scooter(in all fairness, I suppose she thinks he is a barking squirrel ?)
Said whippet is also allowed on furniture. Sunny is not. I'll explain another time why not, but I've got good reasons. Last night, I'm lying on the couch and with no glance at me, NUTHIN, she hops up on a chair. ????? OOOOOH Bad whippet influence. All I did was say, "Sunny, WHAT are you thinking?" The look on the face was like-uh,geez,I forgot. Or, she will probably tell you she "NEVER gets to do ANYTHING!!!"

My good friend Gussie has to have Rodney removed. (I know. Funny name for a tumor I thought. But Gussie likes it so it's cool) This will be on Tuesday,so everyone keep paws crossed for Gussie and Muzzer too. Gussie sent me an email that said Muzzer was more worried than him. So I'm goin up to keep her plied with mean comforted.

If it wasn't for Gussie and Muzzer, this blog wouldn't be here. Muzzer even sent me a book on blogging, How sweet is that?! Thanks Barb

Brooke,Opy's mom, encouraged me. Thanks to you
Asta and her mom have helped me too. and lacylulu's mom encouraged me. Gracias&
Salud to y'all.

Sunny just poked me in the arm .."This isn't an Academy Awards speech! Please don't be such a dweeb..." Ok Sunny. But I did want to thank my friends.

Well, I'm fixin to go get busy. (Yes, we say "fixin to " here. Guess "fixing to" would be more proper ;)

Oh, if you're the praying kind, pray for me tonight-gotta go to DFW Airport to pick up the kids.

Have a great weekend.


the 4 Bs said...

yippee! yippee! you're here! we're so happy to see you. (we can "see" without pictures - hee hee). it sounds like you have lots of help with your blog. we offer to help too. our mom's not too smart, but as you know, we poodles are geniuses, so we have a lot of brain power going on here.

we're gonna set you up on our blog list so we can come and see you all the time. it's so exciting. you can be our BFF poodle. no one wanted to be our BFF ever before.

if you need any help or have any questions, you know how to email us. we're so glad you got here. this is gonna be great!


Lacy said...

w00f's Kids, heehee, me votes blog anyway..several blogs dont haff any picksurs...fur me dont know how long mama had to take picksurs wiff a disposable camera...then she finally got the her wont quit chasing me and bear around to take picksurs...we glad we cood encourage u to hurry and start bloggie...and U DID IT!!!!!! like me saidid b4, need any help, just ask...

b safe,

wally said...

Hey guys! Nice to meet ya! I hope you enjoy the bloggin'. I say--blog however YOU want. I mean, it's your blog, right? You DID mark it, right?

wally t.

Clover said...

Hi! Welcome to DWB and blogging. :) You will have fun and meet lots of great people and dogs!
Love Clover xo
P.S. I agree with Wally.

MJ's doghouse said...

hey.i dont have picture right now and i still blog...i think..anyhow who is still fun to is all about thoughts anythow

Willow the Black Dale said...

Oh just blog without pictures. We 4 paws are patient, besides we just like to sniff butts anyway. It is the hoomans that are not patient. We at the Compound say Blog on with the Adventures!!! We are ready to enjoy!!!

Dale Smooches,

Gus said...

Blog ON! We are enjoying getting to know you without the distraction of pictures. Like Willow said..Dogs sniff butts, they don't need pictures. (anyway, color photography is wasted on them!)

We're glad you're here!

gussie, teka and muzzer

Tenkiller Airedales said...

Please blog on!!!! We don't need pictures to well, you know, get the picture!!!! And all my dog blog friends are right, we don't really look at pictures we sniff butts!!!! I'm enjoying getting to know all about you. That is what these blogs are all about. Looking forward to reading about your adventures...

Apache and her tribe

The Girl said...

Hey, Sunny, Scooter & Jamie! You left a comment on our blog earlier, so we came over to check yours out. We like it a lot! And The Girl says she likes to see pictures, but she also wants to know stuff that pictures can't say. And IMHO, she really can't be the one to talk about pictures... she's really not very good at it, and shows no signs of getting better! So do it your way, and we'll love you no matter which way you decide to go!

Brown dog kisses,
Dannan and The Girl