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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lots of stuff

Ok, well Mom did find a new puter. She found a deal on a Toshiba. Problem is there hasn't been time to learn it. Martha, my sister from CA. drove in yesterday and tomorrow we leave for San Antonio for Mom's interment at Fort Sam Houston National cemetary,where we will have our service and the urn will be burried with Daddy,(just think bunkbed style. That is how spouses have one plot.) So lots of things to be done to get ready to head out in the morning. Guess my normal attire of jeans won't fly. About 5 hour drive and we neet the Air Force Chaplain at 1:30 on Friday. The service to be at 2 (1400 hours in military time)
=She was sooo happy to see Martha. She is her big sister and best friend. She just had to hug her and cry some.
Before Martha got here yesterday Mom had to take her Mom and Daddy's dog Molly to Randy-the Doc. Without going into detail, we helped Molly cross the bridge and she is with Mom and Daddy now. She was 16, but every since Mom went to the hospital and particularly after she died, Molly has gone down hill quickly. There was nothing he could do for her, so Mom just held her and talked to her as she left. She has a pictue(phone pic) of her while she was holding her waiting for Doc.

Goodbye sweet Molly. Say hi to Gramma and Granddaddy for all of us.

This is Speedy, our other cousin (he is Tess's brother) He will go back to CA with Martha. She is staying here for six weeks so Mom and she can take care of Gramma's things. We will all move in the next couple of months. We just don't know exactly when though or where. (But we will be staying in Texas, and find a place closer to Mom's daughter Jody, and our kid.

We have to go. Mom has bazillion things to do. And just so you know we are alive and well here are pics of us!



Asta said...

Deaw Sunny and Scootew
I'm glad to see you and so happy that youw auntie Mawtha is thewe to hug youw Mom. We'll be thinking of you as you lay youw Gwama to west. I'm glad Molly could go and be wif them.West in peasce little molly
smoochie kisses

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Tank woo fur the update!

I'm sure woo two khan help your mom learn the Toshiba!

Tank woo fur sharing Molly and fur letting her go be with her pawrents...another gift of love passed along!

We'll be thinking of woo over the khoming day...


Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

We know Molly will be much happier now that she is back with her pawents! And they will all be happy and healthy together! Have a safe trip! We'll keep our paws crossed as you lay your grandma to rest.

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Gus said...

We are sorry to hear about Molly, but we are sure she met your Grandma and G-Papa at the Bridge. We hope things go smoothly for your mom and Aunt Martha today, and that all the necessary stuff gets sorted out with the least possible amount of pain.

And thank you for the pictures, We can tell that Sunny has been beautifully groomed, and Scooter is still his handsome self

gussie n Teka

Deetz said...

Goodbye, sweet sweet Molly....please tell Gizmo hello from us, and that we never will forget him, k? I am so glad your mum took pictures of you are always in our thoughts and prayers....

Lady Kaos said...

Glad to hear you got a new computer!! Hope it works awesome! Give BIG hugs to your Mom from Mom and I. I wish we could come help you move. Take it easy!
Kaos & Hilary

Joe Stains said...

Good news on the computer! We are sorry to hear about Molly but you did what you could for her and now she is free and happy. I sure hope that the service is beautiful and you have some quality time with your family.

Mango said...

It is good to hear from you. So many things happening in your lives. Hope some good stuff comes your way soon.


Dennis the Vizsla said...

Have a safe trip to San Antonio. I'm sure it will be a lovely service.

Moco said...

Come back when you can. We will be happy to hear from you whenever it shall be.

Peanut said...

We hope everything goes well.