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Friday, May 29, 2009

Breaking News

Holy guacamoley, Scooter is still not here. Tanner, ,(Mom can't make a name a link-duh Mom) Anyhow, Tanner dropped Scooter off here. We got a call from Scooter this morning.

Turns out it was not Snoop Dog's place where the mansion and big cars were. It was this guy. Mark Cuban, a billionare here in TX. He owns the Dallas b ball team. Some rich dude alright.!!
Scooter swears he wasn't asked to leave because he was peeing on everything.......

hmmmm. sure....

The pub Tanner found turned out to be in Waco! About 2 hours south of here. According to Scooter's call, he "finks he shood haf a kayshun too". He said he was having a nice time and had met lots of nice drunks, I mean folks at the pub.

Mom told him we would come get him, but he said Nope,he wasn't "froo wif his kayshun", he was going to try to get hold of a plane(You do remember our grandaddy, the Air Force pilot taught him to fly, right? Why is beyond me!) You may remember seeing him in his flight sunglasses last October.

Mom is hollaring "SCOOTER!!" He then goes on to say if that doesn't work out he's going to grab himself a horse. Just a good ol Texas cowboy who loves to ride. (Our saddle is here at home, so...)

Then he said something abowt just being a child of the wind and that he was born to be wild?!?!? And hung up.

Mom is calling in the TEXAS RANGERS!! They always get their man. Or in this case, Chihuahua. They even got Bonnie & Clyde. (They have cars and helicopters too, but we feel like Scooter has a better chance at snagging a horse than a plane. We HOPE)

To be continued........

Boy I hope he gets in the biggest trouble EVER!!
Pee Ess. Mom hopes he doesn't go the wrong way and hit the border. Those Beagle Border Guards are real stict and of course Scooter doesn't have his papers with him....
(this is just a cute pics of dogs, not any statement on immigration ,k? Jamie)


Gus said...

ya know - he and Teka would make quite a pair.

gussie d

Agatha and Archie said...

OMG!!! We just saw the post with Joey and Scooter and thought gee we haven't read about them in awhile and realized when we redid that dashboard YOU WERE NOT ON IT!!!!!!!!!! Well here we are!!(can't get rid of us that fast!!) Amillion kisses A+A

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello sunny its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm i am confyoozd i thawt the teksas raynjers wer baysball players but hmmmm ok i gess that mayks sense that they wood hav cars and helicopters on akkownt of they git payd millyuns of dollers to smak a ball arownd but why wood they be enny help finding scooter??? ok bye


Sounds like a good place for a vacation. We all know most humans love a little hair of the dog.


Essex & Deacon

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Gussie d is SOOOOO khorrekht!


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

oh this looks a very interesting post, as we are worried about Scooter, but my Jeannie found it really hard to read because of the dark background..........

mind you she is getting on a bit now, what with having a 30yr old daughter and coping with a Major Dysonning Incident, perhaps it is just her!

take care, and have a grrrrrreat weekend,

lotsaluv, Marvin xxxxx

oh and Jeannie xxxxxxxx

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Thank you so much for changing the background, we can read it now!

Wow, what an adventure that Scooter is having, he is getting way too much fun!!

Beagles are very good guards!

lotsaluv from sunny and hot Scotland xxxxxx

Marvin and Jeannie xxxxx

Lacy said...

w000000000fies puppers, iz Scooter home yet? me seed he went to that bar...No tellim where he gonna end up next, he mite comed to visit me in NC..

b safe,

Asta said...

Don't you wowwy about Scootew, he's a smawt cookie and vewy wesouceful..being a pilot and a cowboy and all, I bet he can even do all that aftew spending the whole day at the baw..I'm suwe he wasn't the only one who peed in thewe, hehehehe
Those bowdew guawd guys look sewious, but I bet Scootew could chawm them too.

sunny, now don't jump to concloosions..we'we NOT getting mawwied..(if we did , you would make a bootiful bwidesmaid, and of couwse I would be honowed to have you), but the wing is just a sign of ouw fuwwevew love..sowwy to have misled you.
Mommi goes and puts ice on hew knee evewy few houws and is eating a lot of those M&M looking medcins.
Love to all of you
smoochie kisses
ASTA and Mommi and Daddi too

Peanut said...

That scooter is something else. What that something is I have yet to figure out

Joe Stains said...

Holy crap he is STILL not back??? We are so sorry! Tanner does not seem worried AT ALL so I am sure they are talking and keeping in touch somehow. argh.