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Thursday, April 30, 2009



finlee i duz git tu tawk on heer!!! ok an ok. oboyoboyoboy lissenlissen guesswatguesswatguesswat (Sunny bops Scooter in the head.) ok anok. Sunny sez wen i git so citerated i duz kinna studder or somfing like it. i haf not got to tawk in furefer. an i gotz so much fings to tell u all abowt mom sez it wil tak mee mor then won post.

u all no gramuvver left fur that bridge. we iz stil helpin mom wif that an owr cuzins r purdy sad tu. BUT. me an sunny haf seen hur at hur howse an owtside rite heer. she duz look a liddol different(bedder) but we did. so we no she iz waitin wif grandadee up at that bridge.(i did see him tu-sunny did not no him, but i shur did) Mom iz gonna bee ok anok cuz we noz theez fings.
ok anok. so we git tu go on that airrubee not this day but the next won. ok anok. i wuz already soo citered an then guesswatguesswatguesswat(another Sunny thump) HAY ow. whut i wuz tryin tu say wuz PETRAPOTPIE iz goin!!!!!!!!!! An she did call me scooter the cuter on that las post. i kin not beeleef it. kin i sit wif u petra? i wil bring sum mor cornee dogs! (I tol rubee if she needz a brake frum flyin, i wil bee happee to halp. -u du member i am a speerinced pilot, rite? (mom here-those pics are on the nonfunctioning puter now..sigh)

ok anok. furst i wanna show u owr prezentsz frum wen my antz wuz heer-mom'z sissees. LOOK!

ok anok that glas won sez gud dog baddog treetz. mom sez no bad dogs heer! sunny's duz go in that won.holdezez 4 pownd box ov hur milk bonz.
ok anok then iz that clok whut sez treet time on efery time of all day an nite!!!! COOOOOL
ok anok. mi treet jar wen u open up hiz hed to get a treet duz sing hoo let the dogz owt! I luff that song now!(mom again-pavlov had it right - you should see dogs come arunnin :) purdy cool presenz doncha fink so?

ok anok. looky whut i did find owt in that yawrd. Mom sez it iz jus a leef but i fink it mita been a liddol green ufo. i am lotz smarterer than efereewon finks! i noz all bowt areea 51 an efereefing....

Thay wuz startin to tawk tu mee, i finkeded it mite be a trick!

so i did wawk awaa reel slow an then they did leef! mom haz no ideeya i did saf hur lif.

thas mee. heeero in liddol dawg clothz! ok anok hahahahahahahahaha scooter joke (maabee..)
u jus nefer no.
ok anok mom se we godda go. an she sed tu sho u sunny's shirt ov the day. big deal.king tut.
Showt owt tu mi twinnerer, tannerer. we wil haf a venture won day soon! WHHHAAAASSSUUUPPP tanmeister??
Hi 5's to efereewon!
pee ess that sunny tawks lik that dogter is jus hurz. he belongz tu me tu!!! U kin vizit him rite heer


Coco - The Princess said...

Your back!!! You & your mom are going to flip when you come by my page & see all that has happened!!!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Ya you are back. We have missed you all. We know you have been taking really good care of mom and we are sure she is really glad to have you with her..
We love your cute little t-shirt.. You are really stylin..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Oh no!

It is Skhooter!

I must retrain my khlever khanine brain to be able to follow his pawings!

Nice to see woo!


Gus said...

OK, we love the shirt, and we think the leaf thingy is a UFO boat, not a flying machine. Try it in your mom's bathtub. Then we will know

gusssie d

Lorenza said...

Hi, Scooter!
Glad to see you! I am sure you are taking good care of your mom and Sunny!
A leaf-ufo-thing?? Interesting!
Kisses and hugs

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello scooter its dennis the vizsla dog hay that green thing is definitly a ufo i hav a lot of ekspeeryense with them so trust me on this wun!!! ok bye

Abby said...

Hi, Scooter...

So glad to see you back...

I have alot of those green UFO's in my yard, too...They are everywhere...

I'm glad you & Sunny are taking good care of your Mom...Give her lots of extra snuggles...

Abby xxxooo

Moco said...

Scooter, it is good to hear from you again.

Butchy and Snickers said...

Hey Scooter,
Glad you are back pal. We have lots of those green UFOs in our yard toos. Hmmmmm, wonder what planet they are from?? Don't let them bite you kay??
Sunny's shirt is very nice. Hope you have a great weekend.
Luv & Wirey Hugs,
Butchy, Snickers, Ruby, Sylvester & Scuby

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

hey, we missed you too!

If your Ma wants some Hubba Hubba Hubba Men In Kilts, my Jeannie "caught" some today, especially for her!

My J says they are a fine catch!

lotsaluv, Marvin xx oh and Jeannie xxxxxx

Mack said...

Born in Arizona, got a condo made a stona....

We've really missed you guys! I know you've been super busy taking care of your mom (always good!)

Watch out for UFO's!! Me and mom just saw the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still and they can be baaaad!

Pee(S): Scooter, Lilly wants me to ask you if you have any plans for Cinco de Mayo....

Joe Stains said...

Tanner says WHATSSUUPPP?!?!! he is glad to hear from you and somehow had no problem reading your post?? You two need to go to English class together. Anyway, we had lots of fun with you at the wedding, I am sure Tanner is planning an adventure for you guys.

Petra said...

Oh Scooter, it's so GOOOOOOOOOOD that you're back! I missed you so much! You are cuter than ever Mr. Scooter!

I love that singing treat jar. Do you dance when it sings?