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Monday, March 14, 2011

URGENT ALERT for TEXANS and all who love love dogs or cats!!!!!

Good news is that our appointment is set for this Wednesday for internet and TV (Scooter will enjoy his Animal Planet and Ceaser's Way show even though he does NOT follow Ceaser's way!)

Bad news is somehow the state rep, Sefronia Thompson, that introduced HB1451-has gotten it on the fast track.  I know some do not agree with me that this is a bad bill, but you won't know what is truly in the bill until it is passed(heard that before).

We already have laws for puppy mills, for cruelty.  This is simply HSUS and it's partner's flexing their muscles, with the ultimate goal being no more puppys or kittens born.  He is quoted in a book I can't recall the title of, saying so (Bloodties, p. 266. Was in the post before this). If you do not believe me, research it.  Unfortunately, it may come to pass.  I have called everyone at my Texas Capitol opposing this.  I know many of you do not like dog shows.  But for them, we would not have the breeds we love. It is very conceivable that a good handler would have many breedable dogs(because you may not show a dog that is not intact. What would be the point? Folks trying to breed healthy, to the standard of what the breed should be...Aaaand, when I still showed dogs, and bred very few litters, it would have been entirely possible that I would let a dog or dogs get past 6 months to see attitude, conformation. So I would be a commercial breeder?!?!?)  Not to mention that if you have ever read Dr. Jean Dodd's research, we OVERVACCINATE.  Titers tell us so.  Look up her reasearch. Not that anyone will read this
  And if you want a mixed breed, fine. They will go too.

I hope and pray they will not succeed, but HSUS has soooo much money and Texas will be a feather in their cap.  (I would not be surprised at all if certain people were paid well for pushing this through, as with budget problems in Texas too, this was not supposed to be on the fast track........)
Here is today's email.....(I was responded to after an email to the Chairman in Austin,, that he appreciated it, but due to the volume it might be 2 weeks before read....) So I called and called. Here is the email from RPOA:.

RPOA representatives are meeting privately with Licensing & Administrative

Committee members today who say they are being bombarded with emails from

the animal "rights" extremists supporting HB 1451.

We must have more emails, phone calls, faxes OPPOSING 1451!

When you email, please put "OPPOSE HB 1451" in the Subject Line. Keep it


The Public Hearing on HB 1451 is scheduled for 8:00 AM (tomorrow) Tuesday,

March 15th, by

the Licensing & Administrative Committee. Room E2-012 in the Capitol

Building. Bill sponsor is Rep. Senfronia Thompson who also serves on the


You can attend the Hearing and fill out a card (available in the room) with

your position to "Oppose" or "Support." You do not have to speak to the

committee nor even stay for the Hearing. There's no set time for the bill

so be prepared for all day.

This card is very important and will be on the record. Look for Martin

Kralik and Martine Huslig who are representing RPOA. There will be many

others there who oppose the bill from their perspective which may be

different from ours. This bill has taken on national significance.

For a copy of HB 1451 and RPOA Talking Points, go to Tiny URL: or

However there will be a committee substitute which isn't available until the

Hearing. If you can attend this committee hearing, please let us know at .

RPOA OPPOSES this bill. It is basically flawed and cannot be amended

satisfactorily. HSUS and Texas Humane Legislation Network both say "Get

anything passed and come back later!" American Kennel Club opposes HB 1451

as do the other national registries.

No Breeding = No Pets = No Vets = No Pet Supplies. Pet ownership has a

major economic impact in this state.

Contact committee members below with phone calls, letters, faxes. Again on

emails, don't forget to place "OPPOSE HB 1451" in your subject line. When

calling personally, register with the receptionist as "OPPOSING HB 1451."

Texas Licensing & Administrative Committee

Committee Clerk: Jeff Madden (512) 463-0798

Chairman Rep. Mike Hamilton

Phone: 512-463-0412

Fax: 512-463-1915

Vice Chair Rep. Chente Quintanilla

Phone: 512-463-0613

Fax: 512-463-1237


Rep. Joe Driver

Phone: 512-463-0574

Fax: 512-463-1481

Rep. Charlie Geren

Phone: 512-463-0610

Fax: 512-463-8310

Rep. Roland Gutierrez

Phone: 512-463-0452

Fax: 512-463-1447

Rep. Patricia Harless

Phone: 512-463-0496

Fax: 512-463-1507

Rep. John Kuempel

Phone: 512-463-0602

Fax: 512-480-0391

Rep. Jose Menendez

Phone: 512-463-0634

Fax: 512-463-7668

Rep. Senfronia Thompson

Phone: 512-463-0720

Fax: 512-463-6306

Also contact your own representative and senator with your opposition. If

you don't know who they are yet, go to the Texas Legislature website: , type in your name and address. They all

have their own web page to email directly.

Subscribe to this announcement only email list to stay informed regarding

all Texas animal issues by emailing:

A sad day for Texas if this is passed.  A sad day for the whole country....
Jamie and her Texas Sun Dogs


giantspeckledchihuahua said...

HSUS and Peta are one and the same. There are so many other ways to control breeding and make it not so profitable for the ones that are doing it badly and without thought for the animals.

I don't know when we got so stupid that we need the government to approve or disapprove every single thing we do.

One day, people will wake up and see that we have are living ina fuedal system.

Kudos to you for fighting the good fight!

Frankie Furter said...

Excellent Post

Angus said...

Good luck. We've sent a link to all our friends at Baylor and A&M.

Moco said...

What happened to common sense?

Service Lapel Pins said...

Nice Dogs!
I really enjoy your website.

john milton said...

One day, people will wake up and see that we have are living ina fuedal system.Challenge coins

john milton said...

One day, people will wake up and see that we have are living ina fuedal system.
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