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Monday, September 7, 2009

happee labur daze

hay hay!!ok anok. so mom did sez i cood tawk fur jus a liddol. no faarz mom. i shood be abel tu tawk a bunch. hmmmpph. ennywaaz, mom cannot git picshurs on this heer pooter whut shee dideded takz this day . she sez shee iz sic ov it. but i doan see hur barfin..duznt mak sensez tu mee. o wel.

so ok anok. i dunno whut this heer labur daze is abowt. i doan fink aneewun duz efereebuddee iz not at that werk plas,whutefer that iz. mom sez shee will be goin to werk somtimez purtee soon. i amember wen she useded tu go thar an i doan like it. but ok anok, we wil jus see.

Whut???? i godda stop nowz?????? Moooom. i iz not happee wif u abowt this.

ok anok . jus bee lik that then. but heer is whut u will seez ov mee this day! jus tawk tu mi taal uh tale, uh tawk tu that butt! hmphh. ok ano0k, i reelee godda goz now!!!!!

happee labur daze!!!!!!

hi 5s frum scooter butt hahahahahahahahahaha manoman nuther scooter jokez! am i the funneererest or whut???


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Yay! you are back, although I may have to get my Scooter Language Translation Bookeroonie out, you have got more Scooooooterish since your enforced absence!

Pleased to see youse back!

Looking forward to the pic of the Piper.........(oh that's from my kilt obsessed Jeannie!)

lotaluv, Marvin xxxxxxxxxxxx

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Oh how my brain has missed translating the Skhooterese into Khyraese!

Happy Labour Day to ALL of woo!


Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello scooter butt its dennis the vizsla dog!!! hay yore tale is luking pretty fluffy if i do say so myself not as fluffy as trixies or khyras mind yoo but definitly fluffier then mine!!! ok bye

Peanut said...

It's nice to have to translate your posts again. :)

Gus said...

you are at least as funny as your twin, Tan Torkelson


Lorenza said...

Hi, Scooter!
Glad to see (your butt) again!
I hope you all had a nice and lazy Labor Day!
Kisses and hugs

Joe Stains said...

TWINNERERERERER no fair for SURE that you dont get to say some stuff when you really clearly NEED TO. you are the besterest twinnerer EVER !!


Mango said...

You are looking foxy there (and I don't mean like hubba hubba, OK).


Asta said...


I am soo happy to see you, (even if it's just youw bootiful butt, hehehehe)
I think youw Mom should let you talk nonstop..we need to heaw mowe scootew talk!!!
maybe we should stwike ow something, hm, I guess I'd have to be wowking to stwike,(is that what labow is all about??)anyway Scootew..thanks fow the hubba hubbas, (Asta blushes furiously)
Stanny hasn't even witten me ow visited me in so long that i don't think he'll notice
smoochie kisses
Give my bootiful giwlfwiend Sunny a big smoochie fow me

Lacy said...

w00fssss yeaaaa u back, me missed u's...tell ur mom u need to post more...

b safe,